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Senate Sends Adoptee Access To Birth Certificates To Governor

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CTNJ file photo With less than three hours left in the legislative session, the Senate gave final passage to a bill that opens access to the original birth certificates of adoptees born after October 1983. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk for consideration.

In Connecticut and most other states, adoptees only have access to amended birth certificates that omit the birth parents’ names. Adoptees argue that the redacted birth records create health risks for them. Without knowing their family medical histories, they cannot be screened for illnesses to which they are predisposed based on family medical history and genetics.

The bill reaches back as far as 1983 when biological parents began signing a form acknowledging the child may, as an adult, access documents that could identify them. It was negotiated to ease the concerns of lawmakers who feel the change violates the trust of birth mothers who expected the state to respect their privacy.

Late in the session, advocates of the bill were concerned by a series of amendments filed by Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, which could have been used to stretch out a debate long enough to defeat the bill.

During a short Senate debate, McKinney said he opposed it but signaled he would not seek to kill it.

“We all talk about the process and the time as it ticks toward midnight, madam president, the other day I had some amendments on the bill, I talked to a number of advocates. I respect their passion, I respect their position. At the end of the day it is not my desire to use the clock to thwart the will of the majority of our body here,” McKinney said.

The bill passed 31-5.

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(2) Archived Comments

posted by: Carol Hudak | May 7, 2014  10:33pm

Thank you legislators for taking the time to really understand this legislation, and seeing the need to right a serious wrong. As a ct. Adoptee i am so proud of my state for seeing the discrimination against us and correcting it;  with not knowing our blood identities and living totally without any family medical information! Without an original birth certificate we also cannot get a passport!!
Special thanks to my state sen., anthony musto, for unwavering support and sponsorship of this bill. (as well as reps. Dave alexander and fred camillo-and many others . . .) i eagerly await the governor’s signing of this bill into law.

posted by: Carol Hudak | May 8, 2014  12:07am

I want to add a huge “Thank You” to Access President, Karen Caffrey, for her tremendous leadership. Bravo, Karen. Very well done.

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