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Spallone Steps Aside, Endorses Merrill

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Posted to: Election 2010

Rep. James Spallone of Essex ended his exploratory campaign for Secretary of the State Tuesday and immediately endorsed Majority Leader Denise Merrill.

Deciding this was not the right time to run for statewide office, Spallone said he concluded that he cannot devote his full attention to repairing the state‘s fledgling campaign finance law, his duties as co-chairman of the General Administration and Elections Committee, and his district, while running a statewide campaign.

“I also have a law practice and, most importantly, two very young children at home. This is simply not the right time for me to wage a statewide campaign,” Spallone said in an emailed statement.

In that same statement he endorsed Merrill.

“Denise’s commitment to good government and expanding our democracy predates her service in the legislature,“ Spallone said. “Denise has helped me countless times with my work on government and electoral reform, and she is committed to restoring civility to our political discourse and engaging the next generation of voters.“

Merrill’s campaign sent out a statement thanking Spallone for his support.

“Jamie Spallone has been a gracious and worthy adversary on the campaign trail and I respect his record in public office and his passion for the issues,” Merrill said.

Spallone said he will seek another term as a state representative.

The other Democratic candidates in the race for Secretary of the State include former New Haven Alderman Gerry Garcia, state Sen. Jonathan Harris of West Hartford, and Norwalk Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel. Republican candidates include Richard Abbate, Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell and Bloomfield lawyer Corey Brinson.

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(9) Archived Comments

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | March 23, 2010  2:15pm


he’ll be rewarded.


posted by: Tessa Marquis | March 23, 2010  3:21pm

Good Man.
Excellent Legislator.

posted by: res ipsa | March 23, 2010  5:01pm

It’s too bad Spallone could not find the time to give Ct. citizens a public hearing on ballot-initiative, yet he found the time to hold a public hearing on making the Polka our State Dance. Unbelievable!!

posted by: lothar | March 23, 2010  5:14pm

Might be because his constituents don’t want ballot initiatives… Zzzzzzzz

posted by: mosley | March 23, 2010  8:21pm

Hey Lothar, ever hear of the 1st ammendment, and people’s right to free speech, at public hearings? I guess you and Spallone aren’t in to that. More important to push the polka as our state dance than to let citizens speak about the shortcomings in our state govt. too vast to describe on this website. Lothar, you are coming across as one of those elitists in Washington that have been on constant public display for the last few days. Too bad, I had some thought that you were of the Libertarian bent.

posted by: lothar | March 23, 2010  9:33pm

Well I’m certainly not a Libertarian. I’m just tapped out on discussing ballot initiative. Feel free to discuss it. It’s just a nonstarter at this point with me. Myself and many thousands of others spent a lot of hours discussing the merits and pitfalls of ballot initiative only a few months ago and the voters here spoke decisively on it - mainly because it’s been a disaster in other states. Representative democracy works very well, particularly in terms of protecting the rights of the minority. Our state Constitution is a tremendous document, and our representatives and senators are, for the most part, very intelligent people. The beauty of representative democracy is that it helps filter out ridiculous ideas before they get to the point of becoming law. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice polka?

posted by: CT Jim | March 24, 2010  7:41am

Ballot initiative is a non-starter and a total waste of time and space.

posted by: Polite | March 24, 2010  10:04am

Ballot Initiative is the only way that we will be able to pass term limits and other popular ways to bring us a responsive State Government.  The majority of State Government’s give this opportunity to their citizens.  www.LetOurVoicesBeHeard.Org

posted by: CT Jim | March 24, 2010  2:12pm

It will never happen and we have term limits its called election day

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