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Take The Unofficial Republican Lieutenant Governor’s Poll

by Staff Report | Aug 7, 2014 11:26am
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(6) Comments

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 7, 2014  12:07pm

When I voted Somers and Walker were tied. Somers may surprise some people. I heard her on the radio yesterday for the first time and was impressed but I really like Walker and feel we need his financial candor at this time in our states history.

posted by: GBear423 | August 8, 2014  6:10am



The Boughton Split is forgivable considering Mayor Mark being the only beneficiary of the alliance. Penny was reprehensible moments before a State Convention. Walker would make a better comptroller, why run for a ceremonial position. His talents would be wasted. square peg in round hole.

posted by: state_employee | August 8, 2014  5:01pm

Heather Bond Sommers all the way…

posted by: Statezilla | August 9, 2014  10:10pm

I sorry but I do not believe two, rich males from the same part of the state can win. As a woman I want a woman to represent me and I am going with Heather Somers.

posted by: Statezilla | August 11, 2014  9:13pm

It doesn’t matter whether it is Foley or McKinney at the top - if it is Walker in the LG spot the R’s lose the election. I will not be voting for two men who are both from the same part of the state. Try that team out in Southeastern CT or anywhere else. Someone should have convinced Walker he may cost the republicans the election.

posted by: GBear423 | August 12, 2014  5:31am


Statezilla, I think you may be putting identity politics ahead of more substantive considerations.

Character, is a benchmark for me.  Character of the candidate and the campaign.  SADLY Somers just lost my vote. I read this in one of the CTNJ’s articles his morning:

“Looking to cast doubts about Walker’s Republican DNA with primary voters, Somers turned to former state Sen. and conservative firebrand Tom Scott for an 11th-hour robo call that attempts to lump Walker in with GOP defector and former Gov. Lowell Weicker Jr.”

That is poor form. I can’t vote for that. No better than false accusations of racism. So far as I know, Walker has run a respectable campaign. I maintain he should be in a fiscal policy affecting position, but the other 2 options have disqualified themselves imho.