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Connecticut Consumers to Begin Receiving E-Book Settlement Refunds
Mar 25, 2014 4:09 pm
Connecticut residents will start receiving refund checks or credits this week for e-books purchased between April 1,...more »
Like New Jersey, Direct Retail Sales of Tesla Automobiles Not Allowed in Connecticut
Mar 19, 2014 12:24 pm
The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection is co-sponsoring a contest for the auto dealership...more »

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Top 12 Most Read News Stories of 2013

by Staff Report | Dec 27, 2013 11:40am
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Christine Stuart file photo

State Police Detective Barbara Mattson holds up a gun for lawmakers at a public hearing in January

The Second Amendment, labeling of genetically modified food, and two tech stories drew the most readers this year, according’s Google Analytics report.

The gun legislation passed by the General Assembly following the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School received the most attention this year on the site. Followed by two CTTechJunkie stories about Apple’s iPhone 5 and a story about Roku, a new way in which people are choosing to watch television. Stories about how the legislature became the first in the nation to pass a law requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods helped round out the list. Also, two editorials about how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s money is being used in Hartford schools, and how a small town in northwestern Connecticut went broke, made the top 12.

Below is the list of 12 news stories and editorials that drew the most readers in 2013:

Law Professor Calls for Repealing 2nd Amendment Leaving Gun Rights Up To States

Deadline to Register Your Assault Weapon Is Jan. 1

Leadership, Rank-And-File Members OK Framework of Compromise On Gun Control

Lawmakers Alarmed by Firearm Backlogs

Apple Acknowledges Wifi Problem on iPhone 5

Analysis: After Satellite One Year With Roku

OP-ED | A Window Into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

CT First In the Nation to Pass GMO Labeling

Newtown Families Fight to Keep Crimes Scene Photos, Info Secret

Malloy Proposes Confiscating Guns from Owners With DUI Convictions

OP-ED | Winsted’s Misery Reads Like A Movie Script

Some State Employees Given Opportunity to Retire Under New Agreement

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(2) Comments

posted by: Jim in Mfg | December 27, 2013  2:15pm

So how many state employees took the “loophole” early retirement agreement?

posted by: Christine Stuart | December 27, 2013  3:54pm

Christine Stuart

Hi Jim in Mfg,
I don’t know the answer, but will try and get you one. The story ran back in March so presumably who ever took it is gone from state service already. It was less than 100 it was available to. I’ll ask, but can’t promise anything.