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Will Second Amendment Supporters Make The Difference?

by | Aug 12, 2014 5:30am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Civil Liberties, Election 2014, Fairfield, West Hartford

Christine Stuart photo A Quinnipiac University poll in May found that 69 percent of Republicans surveyed opposed stricter gun control laws passed following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. But it’s unknown how many of them will show up Tuesday to vote in the Republican gubernatorial primary between Sen. John McKinney and Tom Foley.

McKinney, who represents Newtown, voted in favor of the bipartisan legislation and as a result received criticism from Second Amendment supporters. Meanwhile, Foley — who hasn’t said he would repeal the legislation or whether he supports restrictions on assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines — is poised to benefit from McKinney’s support of that one bill.

Scott Wilson, president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, said he’s hoping today’s primary is McKinney’s “political swan song.”

Wilson said his group didn’t endorse Foley. But by not supporting McKinney, Foley will be getting their vote.

“A number of our members along with other interested parties have been phone banking in opposition to McKinney,” Wilson said Monday.

Voters who believe in the Second Amendment and the rest of the constitution will help Foley win, he said.

Courtesy of the McKinney campaign However, Foley doesn’t believe his position on the Second Amendment will lead him to victory.

“I’m very grateful for their support, but . . . I think that support for my candidacy both in November and here in the primary is very broad,” Foley said Monday during a stop in West Hartford. “We’ve seen no movement from our supporters in 2010 or more recently in this primary away from me.”

He said his support includes the “Second Amendment people, but is much broader than that.”

Foley claims his campaign has telephoned 50,000 voters since last Friday who said they plan to vote for him today. If voter turnout remains low, around 100,000, Foley said he feels good about his chances based on the math.

In the absence of any public polling, Ron Schurin, a professor at the University of Connecticut, opined last week that McKinney has a chance to beat Foley if he can capitalize on low statewide voter turnout, strong support in Fairfield County, and the perception among some in the party that he would make a stronger candidate against the incumbent Democrat.

“It would be a very significant upset,” Schurin said.

McKinney spent all of his time Monday in Fairfield County reaching out to senior citizens and commuters.

During their last televised debate on Sunday, McKinney said that as governor he’s not going to focus on the gun bill or making modifications to that law.

“I’m going to focus on growing our economy and creating jobs,” McKinney said.

He said he was proud to represent his constituents in Newtown.

“At the end of the day my job was to represent my constituents,” McKinney said. “You know a lot of times in politics people stand on the sidelines and criticize what we do rather than roll up their sleeves, get in, and try to work on things. I’ve never been the type that wants to sit on the sidelines and criticize.”

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(11) Archived Comments

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 12, 2014  7:15am

I just read how former Mayor Bloomberg is spending tons of money in a Milwaukee Democrat primary to defeat a Black pro-2nd Amendment sheriff who has encouraged law abiding citizens to get properly trained, get a permit, and safely store a firearm. Why? Because fiscal issues out there have required the laying off of many police officers or furloughing them, and like Detroit its taking them much longer to respond to calls for help.

Why is Bloomberg involved in a Milwaukee primary? These elites with their private security really dont want good people to have the protection he does and heaven forbid its a Black Democrat saying these things. Can’t have this guy of all people to become someone that people in Chicago, St Louis, Detroit, Washington DC listen to.

McKinney will learn today that you can be on the side of regulations that will stop crazies and criminals from getting guns and get very strong support from gun owners, but you cant side with the lunatic left on this issue.

Watch for Bloomberg to throw money towards Malloy and a few other anti gun people when the general election starts.

posted by: Noteworthy | August 12, 2014  9:48am

McKinney’s comments are offensive. First, when you’re a state senator, the minority leader, and you spend $19 billion in taxpayer money, you represent a hell of a lot more people than the handful in Newtown.

The gun bill was the first bit of stupidity - a bill that ignored urban violence, gun running that claim by far, more lives annually than a one off horrific tragedy in Newtown. McKinney also largely ignored the role that untreated mental illness played as well. In the end, we have a gun law that cost jobs, diminished freedoms but accomplished absolutely nothing tangible. 

The Newtown silly season then went even further, wasting $50 million on a new school that could easily have been repaired and given a new facade at a fraction of the price.

And finally, McKinney has been a party to the state’s budget woes - from debt, to pilfering the transportation fund to gross spending while underfunding pensions and healthcare.

Sit on the sidelines? People are working longer, getting paid less and in many cases working multiple jobs. What time is there to attend hearings, testify before people who don’t listen and then stack the hearing so that the public is last in line while politicians give themselves priority at the microphone.

It’s time for McKinney to sit on the sidelines.

posted by: dano860 | August 12, 2014  10:44am

I just listened to Denise Merrill, on our local radio talk show, say she expects a lot of out of State money to flow this year. The worst part, she said, is that much of it will be anonymous and that scares to her.
People need to personally inform themselves on the issues, the candidates and ignore the tripe that will be spued about in the adds.

posted by: Noteworthy | August 12, 2014  3:10pm

Dano - I share your concerns. A lot of that money will flow to support Malloy; and a whole bunch of unaccountable money has already flowed to the “federal account” on behalf of a state election from the very people who help to make our lives the most miserable and expensive - the insurance companies, utility companies and of course, the lobbyists. That our state finance laws have been whored out is very distressing.

posted by: shinningstars122 | August 13, 2014  6:09am


Yawn…. I think once you dig into the GOP primary data town by town it will be clear that to most GOP voters this is not the big issue.

Foley has already said he will not repeal the bill and the possibility of the GOP taking over the Legislature well is not even a possibility.

The Maryland gun bill was just ruled Constitutional yesterday and I am sure when the CCDL has their day in court the very same will follow.

If Somers wins I am sure she will become the poster girl for this issue but honestly you folks are backing the wrong horse for the wrong reason.

The teaparty is receding nationwide and honestly it is becoming a fringe group, only one national teaparty candidate has ousted a RINO this primary season, the dude in Virginia and he was not even backed by the AFP or any of the big money groups.

This law will stay on the books in CT no matter IF Foley is ever elected in our state.

You folks, along with the CCDL, can not cite one legitimate example or a factual reason why this bill should be repealed.

The doomsday scenarios many of you conjure up are simply not coming to be.

It is pure fantasy, or delusion, and it will not work with the electorate of Connecticut.

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 13, 2014  2:49pm

Shiningstars, don’t think the Tea Party is becoming a fringe group. The candidates that have beaten them have won recently because they have moved closer to Tea Party beliefs thereby not allowing for that same differentiation there was before.

As for the gun laws maybe you are right and they wont be changed. I have no illusions Foley can do that but I know I cant stand someone that still thinks they are a good idea like McKinney does.

As for doomsday scenarios one never knows. I wrote a few weeks ago about that solar storm that came very close to knocking out power grids on earth for a very long time. One never knows what the next day will bring.

Now having said that let me give you some recent news. Look at what happened in Ferguson outside of St Louis with the looting, the fires, the beatings etc. Have you seen the pictures of the guys with their buildings and businesses untouched as everything around them is destroyed? Check it out. Notice the AR15’s they’re carrying. Notice the true military grade sub machine guns the riot police have. Yeah…like I’m going to listen to some judge tell me what I can and cannot own after seeing that.

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 13, 2014  7:20pm

Today’s Wall Street Journal Page A13 Shining Stars is something you want to read. Not because I want to convince you to support the 2nd amendment, but maybe you should consider what you should do to protect your family.

It’s a half page article by the former head of the CIA talking about the growing threat from an EMP attack and how much at risk we are.

One line for your reading pleasure.

“The EMP Commission estimated that within 12 months of a nationwide blackout up to 90% of the US population could possibly perish from starvation, disease, and societal breakdown.”

There is a bipartisan bill in Congress now to try to harden some of our electrical infrastructure. I guess if they are thinking doomsday scenario I would have to respectfully ask you, what do you know that they don’t know,  and if it happens how will you protect your family?

Personally I hope the day I die that I will have never fired my AR15 and other hunting rifles at another human being. That would bee because this tyope of stuff never happened but today North Korea can do this to us and of course Russia, and soon enough Iran. I don’t like those odds. I just dont have alot of trust in crazy genocidal people.

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 14, 2014  10:26am

Here is another one Shunig Stars and other antigun people.

CNBC reported on this as well and other issues. I guess a big hedge fund guy wrote about this to all of his investors who because its a hedge fund are rich. I wonder if they think he’s crazy and are pulling their money from him. I also wonder why Barack Obama has give 7 Billion dollars to help Africa with their electrical grid but nothing to protect Americas grid.


posted by: DrHunterSThompson | August 14, 2014  1:44pm

Joebj - you’re out there where the buses don’t run on this one. Careful, don’t get lost…..


posted by: Joebigjoe | August 14, 2014  1:53pm

Hunter if I’m riding that bus with the former head of the CIA, many many other people in the know, and a billionaire hedge fund owner, I guess I’m OK with that. I just hope we dont hit anyone who is trying to jump on when its too late.

posted by: Durham68 | August 14, 2014  4:01pm

Foley won by 8863 votes, or 11%. Only 6% of voters would have had to change their minds to change the outcome of the election. I’d be willing to bet the gun issue was near the top of the list for 6% of Republican primary voters.

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