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Working Families Party Will Hear From Gubernatorial Hopefuls

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Posted to: Election 2014, Election Policy

CTNJ file photo Two gubernatorial candidates and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will address the Working Families Party on Saturday as the party prepares to make its endorsements.

Party officials say that every year the Working Families Party looks at the records of every candidate, regardless of political party, and endorses the ones who will most effectively build political power for working and middle class families and the unemployed. In addition, the party will collect extensive questionnaires from each candidate, hold interviews, and survey the party’s membership.

Malloy, who was endorsed by the Working Families Party in 2010, received 26,308 votes on the Working Families Party ballot line that year. Those votes were added to the 540,970 he received on the Democratic ballot line and gave him the 6,404 margin of victory he needed to defeat Republican Tom Foley.

Malloy’s support of Paid Sick Days, which he was able to get passed during his first term, was a big part of why the Working Families Party supported him four years ago. But this year Malloy has some competition from a third-party candidate who leans further to the left of the political spectrum.

Jonathan Pelto, who formed the Education and Democracy Party, is trying to collect the 7,500 signatures he needs to get on the ballot.

Last week, Pelto was not allowed to speak at the AFL-CIO’s convention in New Haven.

“While I appreciate that reasonable people can disagree when it comes to politics and a number of union leaders have already committed to Malloy, the AFL-CIO leadership’s decision to refuse to allow me to speak to the delegates responsible for endorsing a candidate for governor is insulting and flies in the face of the democratic principles that are purported to be among the core values of unions,” Pelto said.

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Lori Pelletier told reporters earlier this week that she was comfortable inviting only major party candidates.

“The reality is I don’t like that we have a two-party system. I wish it was different. But the playing field is what it is. The fact is, it’s going to be a major party that wins. Until that changes — we have some change in that electorate — then I am perfectly comfortable with how we decided to invite the candidates to come to this convention,” she said.

Malloy has already snagged AFT Connecticut and the UAW’s endorsement for the 2014 campaign.

In addition to Malloy and Pelto, Sen. John McKinney, who is running for the Republican nomination, also will be speaking at the event and seeking the party’s endorsement.

In 2010, Tom Marsh, who had been a Republican candidate for governor, snagged the Independent Party endorsement. That party tends to lean to the right of the political spectrum. Marsh received 17,629 votes on the line.

In 2012, U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon sought the endorsement of the Independent Party so she could appear on the ballot twice.

The Working Families Party generally does not run its own candidates at the state level, but has thus far cross-endorsed Democratic candidates. The party’s executive board includes the heads of many of the state’s most powerful labor unions.

The forum starts at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 21 at the Carpenters Local 24 Union Hall, 500 Main St., Yalesville.

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(10) Archived Comments

posted by: art vandelay | June 20, 2014  12:34pm

art vandelay

The Working Families Party should just change its name to the COMMUNIST PARTY.  It’s exactly who they are.

posted by: art vandelay | June 20, 2014  12:36pm

art vandelay

Why McKinney would address a group of “Comrades” is beyond my comprehension.  He’s just wasting his time.

posted by: gutbomb86 | June 20, 2014  1:41pm


Thank the heavens there are people like Art Vandelay out there to keep us from sliding into the evil hands of 1950s era communism. I’ll sleep much easier knowing we’re all safe from the long-dead folks who, apparently, still haunt the Art Vandelays of the world.

posted by: art vandelay | June 20, 2014  2:12pm

art vandelay

If you took the time to read Das Kapital and events surrounding the Russian Revolution, you’d find vast similarities of what Karl Marx wrote to what the Working Family Party represents today.  Organized groups (Bulshevicks) like our present day leftist radicals & unions were aligned w/Lenin prior to the Russian Revolution to overthrew the government. What the Working Party & Progressives promote, are the seeds of destruction to the foundations of what theUnited States was founded upon.  If the Founding Fathers saw where this country is today and what the Progressive Democrat Party has done to it over the past 100 years, they would roll over in their graves.

posted by: Bulldog1 | June 20, 2014  2:35pm

He is probably addressing them because they’re registered voters Art.

Listen:  Compare the platforms of the Working Families Party and the Republican Party of Texas and see from whom you want to run.

posted by: art vandelay | June 20, 2014  3:12pm

art vandelay

I give him credit.  He’s reaching out and that’s what the system is all about.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | June 20, 2014  4:21pm

I don’t know what the working family party is, I suspect it’s name is misleading otherwise we would all be members, right? Who’s not for working families?

But I will say this, I bet Pelto comes out swinging and buries the competition. He will speak from the heart and not hide behind partisan cliches and impossible to understand political rhetoric like the other two. It’s impossible not to agree with him on education and the tax inequalities that screw small business and the middle class.

Twist one up! Better yet, score a penvape loaded up with some AK47 from Breckenridge! Sit back and enjoy the follies!


posted by: gutbomb86 | June 20, 2014  10:13pm


@Art - it’s good to keep yourself up to date on history. But that’s *ancient* history and has absolutely zero bearing on today’s politics. It’s time to let Joe McCarthy rest.

posted by: art vandelay | June 21, 2014  12:05am

art vandelay

@Gutbomb86, You honestly believe a revolution could never happen in this country?  Believe me it can. We must as a society understand the past.  If we don’t disastrous results CAN happen.  If you believe the progressives & left can transform our country into a society where everyone is equal, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Socialism never worked and never will.  Why the progressives and left believe it can is beyond my comprehension.

posted by: One and Done | June 21, 2014  7:23am

Working Families are neither families nor workers. 

Art Vandelay is spot on.  Their platform is no different than the Communist party that Malloy tried to give our money to before he got caught.

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