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Tag: “GOv. Dannel P. Malloy”

Malloy Refuses To Meet Until Legislators Give Him A Budget Document »
Compromise Budget Would Eliminate Car Tax, Increase Teacher Pension Contributions »
Legislative Leaders Reach Tentative Deal, Malloy Remains Skeptical »
Moody’s Scrutinizing 51 Towns As Budget Impasse Continues »
Malloy Releases New Budget; Lawmakers Continue To Meet »
Justice: Connecticut Is Not Violating Federal Immigration Laws »
Bipartisan Budget Negotiations Continue, Outside Optimism Fades »
CEA and Three Communities Challenge Malloy’s Executive Order »
Left Out of Discussions, Malloy Fashions Another Budget »
Close, But Large Issues Still Linger In Budget Talks »
Special Interest Funding Drops Under Clean Election Program »
Legislative Leaders Work To Resolve Budget Differences »
Blumenthal, Murphy, DeLauro Join New Haven Police Chief to Talk About Tougher Gun Laws »
NRA Opens Dialogue With Bump Stock Restrictions »
Budget Stalemate Continues As House Declines To Consider Veto Override »
Jepsen Says It’s Not Clear How Court Might Rule On Challenge to Malloy’s Executive Order »
Union, Republican Leader Question Legality of Executive Order »
Clock Is Ticking Faster On Bipartisan Budget Deal; Speaker Predicts Veto Will Be Sustained »
House To Hold Veto Override Session Tuesday »
Hartford’s Flirtation With Bankruptcy Could Impact Other Connecticut Cities »
Clock Is Ticking On Hospital Tax »
Local Elected Officials Urge Veto Override »
Malloy Makes It Official And Vetoes Budget »
Teachers Again At Odds With Malloy »
Republicans Call For Override, Malloy Calls For A Budget »
Election Regulators Call On Malloy To Save Clean Elections »
Bipartisan Talks To Begin Next Week »
Governor Continues Campaign Against Republican Budget »
200 Attend Veto Rally »
Partisan Criticism Continues In Connecticut Budget Crisis »