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It’s Make Or Break Time For Major Legislation »
House Leaders Say They Don’t Have The Votes For Tribal Casino Bill »
Democratic Lawmakers Breathe Sigh of Relief At Prospect of Union Deal »
Dreamers Push, But Speaker Says He Doesn’t Have The Votes »
House Tables Debate On National Popular Vote »
Dems Look To Marijuana, Gaming & Tolls To Fill Budget Hole; GOP Wants More Labor Savings »
Malloy’s Revisions Continue To Ask Municipalities For Help Balancing The State Budget »
Toll Debate Heats Up With One Month Left In Session »
Democratic Lawmakers Defend Citizens Election Program »
Medical Marijuana Program Continues To Grow, As Debate About Legalization Continues »
Connecticut Officials Criticize Repeal of Obama-Era Retirement Rule »
Lawmakers Go Through Stages of Grief As They Try To Figure Out How To Fill Hole »
Tribes Make Push For Casino, Speaker Says It Will Be Part of Budget Deal »
Malloy Expresses Urgency In Labor Negotiations »
Malloy Will Revise Budget Proposal To Reflect Drop In Revenue »
Tax Committee Finds Support For No Tax Increases »
Budget Chief Orders Hiring Freeze As Income Tax Receipts Plummet »
Spending Committee Fails To Approve Spending Plan »
Underperforming Income Tax Receipts Complicate Budget Picture »
Finance Committee Explores Abundance of Revenue Ideas As Deadline Nears »
Tamer Pay Equity Bill Clears House »
Tribes Guarantee Revenue In Push For East Windsor Casino, Put BIA Approval At 99 Percent »
Hospitals Lobby Against Tax Structure »
Recreational Pot Snuffed Out By Judiciary Committee »
Pay Equity Bill Shelved, Name Calling Continues »
House Leader Ponders Phasing In Shift In Teacher Pension Costs To Municipalities »
House Dems Continue Push To Change Campaign Laws »
Senate Democrats Unable To Get Municipal Relief Vote Over Finish Line »
Lawmakers Look To Ease The ‘Brain Drain’ »
Democrats Embrace Tax Exemption Without A Clear Path To Pay For It »