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Tag: “martin looney”

Senate Dems Borrow Idea To Pitch Future Structural Change »
Connecticut Officials Criticize Repeal of Obama-Era Retirement Rule »
Senate Dems Call For Open Door Budget Negotiations »
Looney Continues To Be Optimistic About Revenue Package »
Spending Committee Fails To Approve Spending Plan »
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Recreational Pot Snuffed Out By Judiciary Committee »
When Push Comes To Shove, Hate Crimes Bill Wins Bipartisan Support »
Doctor’s Testimony Challenges Lawmakers Support For Legalizing Marijuana »
Democratic Lawmakers Aim To Strengthen Hate Crime Penalties, Forget To Include Republicans »
Senate Democrats Unable To Get Municipal Relief Vote Over Finish Line »
General Assembly Reconfirms Supreme Court Justice Richard Palmer »
Democrats Embrace Tax Exemption Without A Clear Path To Pay For It »
Connecticut Officials Say Congressional Action Jeopardizes Retirement Savings Law »
Democratic Lawmakers, Advocates Seek Minimum Wage Hike »
Malloy Proposes $200M In Tax Increases Per Year »
Officials Brace Themselves For Budget Cuts »
‘Dreamers’ Optimistic They Will Win College Aid Fight »
Republican Lawmakers Jockey To Save Towns From Mid-Year Budget Cuts »
Malloy Will Eliminate Property Tax Credit, But Won’t Change Income or Sales Tax »
OP-ED | Legalize Recreational Cannabis Or Become A Flyover State »
Abandoned by Republicans, Democrats Get Pension Agreement Over The Finish Line »
Malloy Offers Carrot To Municipalities Bracing For Budget Cuts »
Three Shoreline Lawmakers Express Reservations About Legalizing Marijuana »
Advocacy Group Asks Lawmakers To Consider Raising Revenue To Balance Budget »
Looney Sworn In By His Kidney Donor »
Unscripted 2017 Legislative Session Begins Today in Connecticut »
Senate Announces Power Sharing Agreement »
Still No Deal On Sharing Power In Senate »
Bye Steps Aside As Co-Chair of Appropriations Committee »