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Tag: “Themis Klarides”

Divided House Forwards Campaign Bill To Senate »
Democratic Lawmakers Breathe Sigh of Relief At Prospect of Union Deal »
Dems Look To Marijuana, Gaming & Tolls To Fill Budget Hole; GOP Wants More Labor Savings »
State Bond Commission To Meet; Malloy To Ask For More Time on Revised Budget »
With Auriemma Calling for Spending Cuts, Over 2,000 Realtors Rally For A Connecticut They Can Sell »
Democratic Lawmakers Defend Citizens Election Program »
House Forwards Bill Banning Conversion Therapy To Senate »
Drop In Income Tax Receipts Plunge Connecticut’s Budget Further Into Deficit »
Republican Budget Is Out of Balance Before It’s Even Released »
Sales Tax Proposal Pits Municipalities Against Nonprofits »
Underperforming Income Tax Receipts Complicate Budget Picture »
Let The 2018 Race For Governor Begin! »
Tamer Pay Equity Bill Clears House »
Pay Equity Bill Shelved, Name Calling Continues »
Proposed Change To Hiring Process Is Not A Bipartisan Issue In Connecticut »
Lembo Says State Will End Year With A $44.6M Deficit »
House Leader Ponders Phasing In Shift In Teacher Pension Costs To Municipalities »
Malloy Underlines His Priorities »
Family Pushes Legislation To Make It Tougher On Convicts To Get Out Early »
Partisan Bickering Over Budget Deadlines Continues »
Senate Democrats Unable To Get Municipal Relief Vote Over Finish Line »
Lawmakers Seek To Clear Up Confusion Over 3D Mammography »
Family of Murder Victim To Advocate for Tougher Early Release Conditions »
Malloy Proposes $200M In Tax Increases Per Year »
Republican Lawmakers Jockey To Save Towns From Mid-Year Budget Cuts »
Malloy Will Eliminate Property Tax Credit, But Won’t Change Income or Sales Tax »
Abandoned by Republicans, Democrats Get Pension Agreement Over The Finish Line »
Revenues Tick Upward, But Trends Are Still Lagging »
General Assembly Will Vote On Pension Deal »
Connecticut’s Unfunded Pension Liability Increases To Worst Level In Years »