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Some Lawmakers Struggle With Increasing Taxes On Hedge Fund Industry »
Judiciary Committee Defeats The Governor’s Proposal To Raise the Age »
Producers, Pharmacists Worry Taxing Medical Marijuana Will Hurt The Program »
Debate On Recreational Marijuana Takes Center Stage »
Gun Owners Pressure Malloy Over Pistol Permit Fee Hike Proposal »
OP-ED | Legalize Recreational Cannabis Or Become A Flyover State »
Three Shoreline Lawmakers Express Reservations About Legalizing Marijuana »
Republican Lawmakers Struggle To Draw a Crowd To Budget Hearing »
Bond Commission Approves Money For Rail Improvements »
Lawmaker Storms Out In Disgust As Committee Struggles To Adopt Revenue Estimates »
Malloy, Republicans Tussle Over Increase In Borrowing »
Marijuana Opponents Speak Out Against Legalization »
Malloy Questions UConn Contract »
Malloy Expresses Concern Over Ballooning Budget Deficit »
Package Store Owners Say It’s Taxes, Not Minimum Pricing »
Funding Ratio Falls for State Employee Pensions »
Commission Poised To Exceed Malloy’s Self-Imposed Bonding Cap »
Medicaid Payment Deferrals May Continue Into Second Quarter »
House Gives Final Passage to Consumer Protections »
Lawmakers Approve Budget That Increases Spending, Gambles On Future Revenue »
Cafero Gives Valedictory Speech, Receives Praise For Leadership Style »
Shift In Republican Legislative Leadership Begins To Take Shape »
GAAP Goes On The State Credit Card At 3.1% »
Nappier Looking To Get Rid of Connecticut’s $550 Million Line of Credit »
Malloy Defends Bonding Policy »
Wall Street Downgrades Outlook For CT Bonds To ‘Negative’ »
Finance Committee Poised To Sunset Tax, But Borrow More »
Stubborn Budget Deficit Tied To Declining Revenue »
More Money Transferred To Cover State’s Obligations »
‘Negative Balance’ Prompts Request For Borrowing »