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Tag: “Freedom of Information”

Committee Seeks To Retain Public Access To Commission »
Body Cameras Will Become Standard, But Finding Funding Is Still Difficult »
OP-ED | FOI Norwalk Style and No Violins For Shankar »
Malloy Signs Bill to Promote Greater Scrutiny of Police Through Disclosure of Arrest Information »
Bill Paves Way for Access to Arrest Details, Body Camera Images »
House Sends Arrest Record Compromise To Senate »
Amendment to Arrest Records Bill Catches Transparency Advocates Off Guard »
OP-ED | Ignore The Scare Tactics: Transparency Needed At UConn Foundation »
UConn Defends Herbst Salary, Objects to Foundation Transparency »
Legislature Considers Rolling Back Court Decision on Police Disclosure »
OP-ED | Too Few Sign FOI Pledge »
Supreme Court Considers Disclosing Records of Arsenic Murderess »
Lawmakers Unlikely To Take Action On Public Disclosure, Victim Privacy Bills »
FOI Task Force Bill Swings Back Towards Openness »
Watchdog Agencies Pan Proposal For Central Hearing Office »
Same Proposal Scheduled For Hearing In Two Committees At Same Time »
Probation Officers Seek To Keep Personal Information From Inmates »
OP-ED | Lawmakers Should Stiff-Arm The Secrecy Crowd »
FOI Advocates Seek To Gain Access To Historical Documents »
Sedensky Won’t Appeal Order To Release 911 Tapes »
Task Force Takes First Steps Toward Compromise »
Judge Orders Release of 911 Tapes »
Tie Vote Demonstrates Gridlock On Disclosure Policy »
Hearing Pits Right-To-Know Advocates Against Public Officials Over Post-Newtown Restrictions »
Connecticut Task Force To Hold Last Public Hearing on FOI vs. Victim Privacy On Oct. 16 »
Senator Takes Risk Reduction Credit Complaint to FOI »
New Law Puts Connecticut In The Minority On Disclosure »
Chairman Makes Passionate Plea To Keep Crime Evidence Private »
Is It Curiosity Or Government Accountability? »
Task Force Member Urges Caution Regarding Secrecy »

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