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Tag: “racial profiling”

As Police Departments Are Identified For Traffic Stop Disparities, Chiefs Push Back »
Bridgeport Police Aren’t Cooperating; Captain Says It’s A ‘Misunderstanding’ »
Follow Up Study Narrows Racial Profiling In Traffic Stops to 18 Police Officers »
Malloy Says Opioid Crisis Is Not About Race »
Racial Profiling Group Struggles With How To Present Traffic Stop Data »
Minority Drivers Less Likely To Be Pulled Over After Dark »
Associate Professor Silent Following Arrest on Charge of Making a False Racial Profiling Statement »
Report: Analysis Shows Racial Disparity in Traffic Stops by Several Connecticut Police Departments »
Data Shows Minorities Are Stopped At Higher Rates in Connecticut »
Connecticut Group Works on Racial Profiling With Issue on National Stage »
Traffic Tickets Now Come With Complaint Form »
From Ammo To Cell Phones To Tanning, Several New Laws Start Oct. 1 »
ACLU: Survey Shows Some Police Depts. Make It Hard to File Complaints Against Officers »
Racial Profiling Bill And Secure Communities Intersect »
Racial Profiling Bill Headed To Governor’s Desk »
Racial Profiling Bill Clears Senate »
‘Death and Dope on the Same Day’ »
Lawmakers Interrogate Police On Racial Profiling Bill »
Lawmakers See No Gray In Strengthening Racial Profiling Laws »
East Haven Mayor’s ‘Taco’ Comment Draws Wide Criticism »
Lawmakers Call On Governor To Fund A Decade Old Racial Profiling Law »
Racial Profiling Debate Revived By Advisory Committee »

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