CTNewsJunkie Turns 10: Here’s How You Can Support Public Service Journalism!

Believe it or not, we here at CTNewsJunkie have just completed our 10th year in business. The site was launched in May 2005 and in many ways we still feel like we're just getting started.

Ten years is no small feat as we are not foundation supported, and we're very happy to have made it this far. As such, it's time to switch gears and offer something new to our readers. We're calling it the Capitol Gains Club.

capitol gains logo For members who support us with a $12 per month recurring payment or a $120 annual recurring payment, we will mail you a monthly packet of deals from restaurants and other fun places in and around Hartford and elsewhere in Connecticut. Each deal will be worth around $5 to start, and our goal is to send you $25-$50 worth of deal opportunities each month.

Club members who go to lunch or dinner three times will have more than made up the $10/$12 monthly cost of supporting public service journalism from CTNewsJunkie.

We hope to open our readers up to some new experiences around the state's restuarant scene ... and keep an eye open for other discounts we may find for you as well. Connecticut has a lot to offer!

Our Capitol Gains mailer will be a monthly packet of fun and we're certain that our readers and supporters will enjoy it.

Choose an option by clicking on the links below and send us an email - we'll respond with an electronic invoice or a mailing address for payment, whichever you prefer.

• Join the Capitol Gains Club - $120 Annual Payment

• Join the Capitol Gains Club - $12 Monthly Payments

And here are a few more options:

• Member Subscriber: $75 Annual Payment

Become a Member Subscriber for $75 with an annual auto-draft. This is the cost of reporting one of the several thousand news stories we cover each year. We'll send you one of these fancy new CTNewsJunkie tote bags!

• Make A One-time Donation Under $75

• Become A Sponsor And Let CTNewsJunkie Help Me Market My Business

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--Christine Stuart, Editor & Doug Hardy, Business Manager

Our thanks to the following for their generosity in 2014 and 2015:

Company Pledges & Sponsorships

• 21st Century Digital
• The Online Journalism Project
* OnTheHORN - The Hartford Online Radio Network

New & Renewed Members

• Dudley Williams
• Paul Bass
• Mary O'Leary
• Terry D. Cowgill
• Alex Knopp
• Thomas Burkholder
• Nicholas Neeley
• Judith Lohman
• Melissa Ziobron
• Safety Warrior
• Tami W. Zawistowski
• Gerald Fox, III
• Eugene A Sheehan III
• Richter Elser
• Terrence Donoghue
• Jean Cronin Hughes
• Elizabeth Duarte
• Barbara Schlein
• Scott Martin
• Deb Polun
• Lisa Kidder
• David Krechevsky
• Eric Gjede
• Catherine Iino
• E Keith Harvill
• John Berry
• Chris McNaboe
• The DivaStyle Coach, Inc.
• Amanda Kaplan
• Denise Kelly
• Dan Carstens
• Mark Scheinberg
• Kevin Hennessy
• Jeffrey Leake
• Bob Schrepf
• Kevin Ahern
• Sara Harkness
• Merrill Gay
• Liza Andrews
• Paul Gionfriddo
• John Clark and Ellen Andrews
• The Connecticut Health Policy Project
• Paul Bass
• Sullivan & LeShane, Inc.
• Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc.
• Lucy Nolan
• Capitol Strategies Group, LLC
• Marjorie Shansky
• Thomas Dorsey
• On behalf of Margaret Wirtenberg
• Matthew Eagan
• Bryte Johnson
• Alex Johnston
• James Woulfe
• Carole Dmytryshak
• Maria Loitz
• Vincent Fusco
• Karen Caffrey
• On behalf of Eliphalet Nott
• Picture This
• Mary Van Buren
• Sen. Joe Markley
• Mike Alissi
• Ross Garber
• Stephen Fontana
• Riva's Rides - a wheelchair accessible van service in Danbury
• Kelly Kennedy
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• Arthur Merrow
• Gregory Matzkevich
• Carolyn J. Malon, D.D.S.
• Nora Duncan
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