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Attorney General Opens Inquiry into Lenovo 'Superfish' Adware: “Great article Lon. Thank you. Hugely important to consumers everywhere.”
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CTTechJunkie Goes to CES!: “Don’t forget to visit the CT companies at CES such as CT Manufacturer Yale Locks.”
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Some Customers Say Transition From AT&T To Frontier Has Been Bumpy: “Been getting poor bandwidth in New Haven for several weeks…”

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February 25, 2014

Reuters Exclusive: Google Sets Roadblocks to Stop Distracted Driver Legislation

by Dan Levine | February 25, 2014 3:09pm

Google is lobbying officials in at least three U.S. states to stop proposed restrictions on driving with headsets such as Google Glass, marking some of the first clashes over the nascent wearable technology.

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August 11, 2011

UConn Pulling Plug on HuskyMail, Contracting Instead With Google

by Jaimi Welch | August 11, 2011 12:14pm

The University of Connecticut will soon be rid of its outdated HuskyMail system and is contracting instead with Google as the new host for student email.

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July 21, 2011

Google Warning Millions That Their PCs Are Infected By Virus

by George Gombossy | July 21, 2011 9:45am

“Google has begun issuing warnings to millions of people that their PC has been infected with a virus,” says a report today by BBC News.

“The malicious code pipes browser traffic through sites that promote the scammers’ wares, which include fake security programs. Those hit by the virus will be warned with a message that will appear at the top of searches carried out via Google. The search firm estimates that more than two million people have been hit by the infection.”

Google security engineer Damian Menscher posted the following information:

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