Mars Rover Lands Successfully

by | Aug 4, 2012 4:23pm
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Curiosity sees its shadow on the surface of Mars

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity landed successfully early Monday morning.

CTTechJunkie covered the landing live. We were joined by our own Jay Patterson and Matt Rece who talked about their experiences visiting Curiosity at the Kennedy Space Center ahead of its launch on November 26th. Chris Gephardt from also joined us to discuss the implications the successful landing will have on NASA’s future missions.

Watch the recording here:

We’ll have more details and photos as they arrive from Mars. We expect higher resolution images late Monday or early Tuesday.

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posted by: ALD | August 6, 2012  8:41am

No matter if anyone agrees that the money spent on NASA is a fantastic investment, or a waste of money, this landing is still an amazing accomplishment.

I am certain that those very talented people who pulled this off were both Democrats and Republicans. 

But unlike the partisan career politicians we send to Congress from CT and some other places across the country the people at NASA have learned to listen to and work together.  The end result shows what this country could accomplish if we had people in Congress who worked for the good of our country, and not just themselves, and their party.

Just like NASA can do the impossible so could the rest of the country if we wern’t handicaped by career partisan politicians.

Great job NASA, and anyone else involved in this very complex project !!!