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Despite quite a few changes in the marketplace over the last few years, CTNewsJunkie has become the very best way to reach Connecticut's most influential people and leaders. Our site offers original, professionally produced, must-read political news and commentary every day from reporters in Hartford and Washington. The state's decision makers read this site first and often. If you want to reach them, your message needs to be here in one form or another.

CTNewsJunkie is owned and operated by Dig and Scoop LLC and was launched in 2005. The site averaged about 193,000 page views per month over the past year and now publishes five morning email newsletters - Morning Coffee & Politics (M-Th) and DC News Junkie (Friday), with our Washington coverage focused specifically on Connecticut's congressional delegates. And we occasionally send an email for breaking news as well.

Contact Doug Hardy for more information about our rates and marketing tools. Our Inventory Calendar is available here.

Join CTNewsJunkie's Directory of Political Professionals and Advocacy Groups

In 2015 we launched our Directory as the core function of our marketing tools. It's like a mini Chamber of Commerce for Connecticut's political firms and advocacy groups. The Directory will not only improve your company's search profile, but full members also get discounted advertising on the news site as well as partial display presence throughout the year.

Universal Top Ad Rotation

The righthand column of our site is visible on every page in desktop mode and provides 300x250 (or similarly sized) branding-style sponsorships. The top rotation is limited to 4 ad units, shared by up to 8 campaigns. Every ad unit shares equal billing at the top through a randomization script. Discounts are available to members of our Directory. The ads that appear in the righthand column on desktop computers are also visible in prominent positions on mobile devices, both within stories and on our mobile home page.


The Billboard is our highest impact ad unit. It provides a 970x250 image across the top of the site that also shrinks to fit mobile devices responsively.  

Mobile Interstitial / Roadblock

Our interstitial ad unit is also called a popup or a roadblock and is targeted to visitors using mobile devices. There are a variety of ways to present a message in this ad unit but they all require a tap on the X button to close. The ad unit is responsive in size to tablets and smartphones. This ad unit can be as simple as a "Sticky Note" that looks like a handwritten note, or it can be a more traditional display ad or even a short video. 

Email Sponsorships

We now have 5 days of morning email newsletters going out at 5:30. Morning Coffee & Politics is Monday through Thursday and DC News Junkie is the same as Morning Coffee but with a DC flavor on Friday mornings. We also occasionally send Breaking News Alerts as news occurs.

Our email newsletter sponsorships are "exclusive" on a daily or weekly basis - meaning we only allow one sponsor per edition - and they are pushed out to our most engaged readers, the nearly 6,000 folks who have signed up to receive our emails. The sponsorship appears in the body of the email itself near the top. Best practice here is a text-based message, including a headline of up to 100 characters and body text of no more than 60 words. These can include links, which we track, and an image of up to 200 pixels in width.

Sponsored Extra Extra Posts

Post your event, job listing, or link to other content (your "ask") in the Extra Extra column on our home page. We limit these to 1-2 per day and make sure they remain at or near the top of the page for 24 hours and then cycle downward as new content arrives.

These links will have a byline as well as a "Sponsored by" followed by the name of your organization. Headlines are 100 characters and the body of the post can be 35-45 words of text with a small logo. Here's what it may look like. We track the clickthroughs to your site and provide you the data later. The goal of these posts is to generate visits to your website, and it works.

Advocacy Campaigns combined with advertising

CTNewsJunkie also can provide you with tools to turn your advertising into a grassroots advocacy campaign with some real punch, targeting specific lawmakers for a focused messaging campaign and grassroots petitioning. Pricing may vary depending upon which tools you choose to use, so drop us a line to ask about these options. We can recommend specfic vendors and also help you get them set up and optimized for maximum effectiveness. Grassroots advocacy software has come a long way in the last few years. We can get people interacting with your target audience by email, social media, or phone all through the click of a mouse.

Detailed Reader Demographics

More available through Quantcast.

If you have questions or thoughts about advertising with us, don't hesitate to email or call.

Thanks for reading and supporting all of our publications here at Dig and Scoop LLC!

Doug Hardy
Business Manager

Connecticut Network


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