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Consumer Protection

March 18, 2019

OP-ED | Damage Done By College Admissions Scandal Will Be Wide And Deep

by Terry Cowgill | Mar 18, 2019 5:00am
Posted to: Analysis | Consumer Protection | Education | Equality | Law Enforcement | Opinion

f11photo via shutterstock

It was a bizarre variation on a timeless spring ritual. As high school seniors and their parents sat on pins and needles awaiting word from college admissions offices about whether Billy or Suzie got into Yale — or something less — news broke that 50 people in six states were charged by the federal government for being active participants in perhaps the greatest college admissions scandal in the nation’s history, even as the colleges themselves were held harmless.

On the one hand, it’s hardly surprising. It’s an open secret that being wealthy helps on so many levels: from access to healthcare, to preferential treatment by the criminal justice system, to fancy tax shelters. In the realm of education, the wealthy also can afford to hire standardized test tutors. Finally, we also know that legacy preferences are commonplace in college admissions, or that a major gift can grease the skids for entry.

But even by those already low standards, the indictment handed down last week by the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts was stunning in scope and in the specificity of the fraud and racketeering charges it contained — to say nothing of the effrontery of the degenerate schemes.

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March 13, 2019

Seniors Call For Action on Rising Prescription Drug Costs

by Peter Urban | Mar 13, 2019 5:29am
Posted to: Aging | Business | Congress | Consumer Protection | Corporate Watch | DC News Junkie | Health Care | Insurance | Public Health | Elderly Care

Grycaj via shutterstock

WASHINGTON — The AARP has launched a broad-ranging campaign urging state and federal policymakers to act to drive down the cost of prescription drugs.

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March 12, 2019

Law Enforcement Seeks To Curb Juvenile Car Thefts With Legislation

by Jack Kramer | Mar 12, 2019 4:56pm
Posted to: Child Welfare | Consumer Protection | Courts | Juvenile Justice | Law Enforcement | Public Safety

Jack Kramer / ctnewsjunkie photo

HARTFORD, CT — Law enforcement officials in many towns across the state claim they are being hit by a wave of auto thefts.

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March 4, 2019

OP-ED | On Alcohol, Stodgy Connecticut Should Let The Market Breathe Free

by Terry Cowgill | Mar 4, 2019 6:00am
Posted to: Analysis | Business | Consumer Protection | Equality | Opinion | Retail Sector

Greenseas via shutterstock

The election of the amiable Ned Lamont as governor and an enhanced Democratic majority in the General Assembly has certainly brought a new attitude to Hartford — a breath of fresh air, some might say, that swept away the irritable vibe of the self-described porcupine, Dannel Malloy.

Yet it seems some things never change. Percolating beneath the roiling waters of tolls, taxes, plastic bags, and forced school regionalization is the question of what to do with Connecticut’s vices. This discussion has been going on, well, at least since Thomas Hooker led a group of Puritans to Connecticut from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636.

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February 26, 2019

Tesla, Car Dealers Return For Fifth Round

by Christine Stuart | Feb 26, 2019 6:00am
Posted to: Consumer Protection | The Economy | Trade, Transportation, Utilities Sector | Transportation

Lon Seidman / ctnewsjunkie file photo

HARTFORD, CT — Electric car enthusiasts, who are almost evangelical in their love of their vehicles and the environment, told the Transportation Committee Monday that they want to see electric vehicle companies, like Tesla, sell their vehicles in Connecticut.

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February 22, 2019

UConn Health Announces Data Breach

by Christine Stuart | Feb 22, 2019 6:10pm
Posted to: Consumer Protection

Ragesoss via Wikipedia

FARMINGTON, CT — Nearly three months after discovering a data breach, the University of Connecticut Health Center announced the breach to the public.

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February 1, 2019

Taking On Connecticut’s Largest Utility

by Christine Stuart | Feb 1, 2019 6:00am
Posted to: Business | Consumer Protection | Corporate Watch | Energy | Public Safety | Weather | Essex | Energy Sector

Christine Stuart / ctnewsjunkie file photo

HARTFORD, CT — A freshman lawmaker is wasting no time challenging Connecticut’s largest utility company.

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January 28, 2019

DPH Fines Nursing Homes For Lapses In Care; Two Cases Involved Deaths

by Kate Farrish | Jan 28, 2019 12:00pm
Posted to: Consumer Protection | Health Care | Public Health | Disability Care | Elderly Care | Public Safety | Branford | Bridgeport | Danbury | Waterbury | Waterford | Watertown

Six nursing homes have been cited by the state Department of Public Health (DPH) for lapses in care, including two cases in which residents died.

The Connecticut Health Investigative Team has more

January 9, 2019

Marijuana Legalization Advocates Waste No Time

by Jack Kramer | Jan 9, 2019 11:06am
Posted to: Agriculture | Business | Civil Liberties | Consumer Protection | Public Health | Public Safety | State Budget | Taxes | State Capitol

Jack Kramer / ctnewsjunkie photo

HARTFORD, CT — It didn’t take long for proponents of legalizing recreational cannabis to start making their case Wednesday to the newly-convened General Assembly.

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January 3, 2019

ANALYSIS | Public Health Has A Free Rider Problem

by Ellen Andrews | Jan 3, 2019 6:00am
Posted to: Analysis | Data | Consumer Protection | Health Care | Opinion | Health Care Opinion | Public Health | State Budget | Leisure & Hospital Sector

Public health is the best deal on the planet. It’s how residents of other countries live longer, healthier lives than Americans at half the cost. But Connecticut expects our under-funded public health system to solve this intractable health problem while all the savings go to the inefficient healthcare system that created the problem.

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