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Inauguration Day: Lamont, Bysiewicz, House & Senate All Sworn In

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AP Photo / Jessica Hill, Pool

HARTFORD, CT — Ned Lamont was sworn in as the 89th governor of the state on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. by former Chief Justice Chase Rogers, a close family friend. Earlier, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz was sworn in during a ceremony in the state Senate where she will preside.

In taking the oath during the ceremony at the State Armory, Lamont talked about recently seeing Hamilton, the musical.

AP Photo / Jessica Hill, Pool
Tim Martin / CTNewsJunkie

“I talked to the kids about the meaning of the song ‘My Shot,’ where Alexander Hamilton sings about himself as a scrappy immigrant kid with great opportunities, just like his new nation,” Lamont said. “That’s what I love about America; every generation we get a chance to reinvent ourselves, and every election gives us a fresh start. This is our chance to reinvent Connecticut — to think big, act boldly.”

He said that just like on Election Day, when thousands of voters waited for hours in the pouring rain, “They believed that their vote would make a difference, and they were not going to throw away their shot — and neither are we.”

Members of the House and Senate were also sworn in together on the floor of the House chamber.

AP Photo / Jessica Hill, Pool
AP Photo / Jessica Hill, Pool
AP Photo / Jessica Hill, Pool

AP Photo / Jessica Hill, Pool
Tim Martin / CTNewsJunkie
Tim Martin / CTNewsJunkie

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