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Anti-Gun Group Opposes Amnesty

by | Jan 30, 2014 6:30am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Civil Liberties, Equality, Legal, State Capitol

Christine Stuart file photo On Monday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy left the door open for the legislature to offer amnesty to gun owners and by Wednesday Connecticut Against Gun Violence began mobilizing its supporters against it.

The group, which advocated for greater gun restrictions even before the Newtown tragedy, sent an email to its supporters asking them to oppose amnesty.

Michael Lawlor, Malloy’s criminal justice policy adviser, said earlier this week that the state received 226 assault weapon applications and 506 high-capacity magazine declarations postmarked after the deadline. Gun owners registered about 50,000 rifles and 38,000 magazines before the deadline.

Asked about a potential grace period for the late applications, Malloy has said it is possible because the state has retained the late paperwork. But he said the legislature would need to change the law in order for them to be accepted.

“I understand that some people are saying that they went to the post office to mail in their registration. That’s why we’ve saved — in accordance with what I thought was the right thing to do — those forms. So if the legislature, in its wisdom, was to allow for that to happen, we’re in a position to know who actually sent in those forms,” Malloy said.

Connecticut Against Gun Violence is asking its members to contact legislators and ask them to oppose any sort of amnesty. However, they add that if amnesty is going to be granted then they would like to repeal a law that “exempts from the ban assault weapons manufactured before September 13, 1993.”

The group argues that the statute should have been repealed last April when the legislature passed the bill implementing the new restrictions on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

It “was left intact and creates a serious loophole in our new law,” it says in what it hopes will be an outline its supporters can use to draft letters to their lawmakers.

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(11) Archived Comments

posted by: Kustos | January 30, 2014  8:29am

so they want to make innocent people who have done nothing wrong into felons.  Gross…These new gun laws are a joke.  They would have prevented nothing.  The bizarre attacks on just one types of guns is a demonstration of their ignorance.

posted by: Nutmeg87 | January 30, 2014  10:24am

Enough already…
How abnout focusing on Metro-North…  Their trains have been involved in more deaths last year on Metro-North than any “Assault Rifle”...

Them bad bad trains….
We ought to outlaw public transportation then….  Maybe limit how many trains can be connected??? That will certainly limit deaths…  right?  Screw the commuters… they can find jobs in good ole CT if they exist anymore…

posted by: dano860 | January 30, 2014  11:19am

Lets see…we can accept the registration forms and know who has what and where. Wouldn’t that be good? The day is coming where they will ban them completely. Then they will know who has them.
OR… we can send out the SWAT teams, storm the houses, throw the owners in jail and prosecute them for possession of a banned firearm or clip of high capacity. That’s fun for the joy boys out to save the world but expensive.
Remember, these are the law abiding citizens, not the criminals, the ones that will never attempt to register their firearms. The criminals will still go out of State and get their tools of choice.
Whether or not they do or don’t exempt the early firearms has nothing tho do with creating a safer society. The mentally ill and the person intent on criminal activity will select another tool. We have already seen that happen.
Look at the Olympics and the Super Bowl, what are the fears there? It’s not a firearm or firearms that they worry about.

posted by: Foresty | January 30, 2014  12:32pm

No amnesty for these felons.  The NRA must be courting these legislators to allow this.  The gun owners had plenty of time to register…to late…to bad.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | January 30, 2014  1:08pm

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” Joseph Stalin

Stalin referred to the people quoted as ‘useful fools.’

posted by: Historian | January 30, 2014  1:36pm

Revenge seeking haters continuing to molest Honest citizens. Ct now has had Two insane offspring murder their mothers in one year - by gun the other knife.
  A sign of real stupidity or hatred is to ignore the Fact that the problem here is insanity not guns not knives.

posted by: Greg | January 30, 2014  3:20pm

Perhaps CAGV and its affiliates will be so kind as to start violence prevention programs in inner city Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. They should volunteer the time they would have otherwise spent “lobbying” at the Capital and work on a grassroots level to address the underpinnings of why poor, urban minorities are subject to and live in a culture of violence…you know, the violence that is pervasive in this state. 

Just imagine the real world impact such an effort would make, instead of hiding behind sympathetic legislators in the LOB or out in their upper-middle class white suburbs.  If they really cared about the children, they’d be the first on the ground on Albany Ave working to change the culture of violence.

posted by: Joebigjoe | January 30, 2014  5:28pm

The only reason Malloy will go along with this is that he knows that it was a Post Office issue and these people tried to do the right thing.

Some days I think the right thing is for these people that want to basically screw over people that clearly tried to follow the law is for all of them to just drop dead.

Seriously, I could understand if the discussion was extend it a week and you get mad at that because the law is the law. However, if you want to make felons out of people who the government knows because of postmarks and having the documents in their hands tried to follow the law, and couldnt because of a government issue. you deserve a painful slow agonizing road to hell.

Human beings that have any sense of class and honor dont try to make felons out of law abiding people to destroy their lives and that of their families.

posted by: Just Saying | January 30, 2014  6:40pm

CAGV doesn’t want anyone to own guns of any kind, ever. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights to not exist within our borders. Time to move to a state that recognizes the second amendment.

posted by: BCBS | February 1, 2014  2:02pm

Nowhere in the law does it say you must apply by 12/31/13. ” by applying to DESPP for this certificate by January 1, 2014”. All government offices were close 1/1/14. The next business day was 1/2/14. End of story.They must accept the paperwork as timely.

posted by: Paul Bartomioli | February 2, 2014  10:53am

Paul Bartomioli

Amnesty is a waste of time. Look at the numbers. It is ESTIMATED that there are more than 500,000 of the “new” banned semiautomatic rifles. 50k were registered. The firearm owners of CT have spoken.
This law, as did the 94 law, just made more felons.

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