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Donovan Lands Job With CEA

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Posted to: Campaign Finance, Education, Election 2012, Smoke Shop Investigation, Donovan, State Capitol

CTNJ file photo Former Speaker of the House Chris Donovan, who has struggled to find employment since losing a 2012 Congressional primary to U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty, has landed a job with the Connecticut Education Association.

Mark Waxenberg, executive director of the CEA, said Monday in a phone interview that Donovan will start was a field representative in January. As a representative, he will negotiate and enforce contracts for 1,500 teachers in Trumbull, Milford, and Stratford.

Waxenberg said Donovan was interviewed by a committee of eight to 12 teachers, who make the recommendation to the executive board. There were six vacancies for field representatives when Donovan applied. And when it came to landing the job it wasn’t his legislative experience that impressed the teachers.

“It was his experience working with the community college system and his rich history of that,” Waxenberg said.

Donovan was a union organizer in the community college system during part of his tenure in the legislature.

Waxenberg said the committee believed that — based on his background and experience — he could do the job well. And just like any other new employee, Donovan will be subject to a probationary period, he added.

Donovan has been a union organizer since the 1970s. He was elected to represent Meriden in 1992 and became Speaker of the House in 2009. He continued to serve in the General Assembly when he ran to represent the 5th Congressional District in 2012.

His congressional bid was derailed when federal prosecutors charged two of his campaign aides with conspiracy to hide the source of $27,500 in campaign donations. Donovan was never charged and federal prosecutors released a statement earlier this year letting the public know they didn’t plan to charge him.

Seven of the eight men who were convicted by a jury or pleaded guilty to the conspiracy are in prison.

According to records with the Federal Elections Commission, Donovan is still working toward paying off about $142,000 in campaign debt. There’s no time limit on how long he has to pay it off under FEC rules.

Donovan is the second former lawmaker to land a job with the CEA. Last month, the organization announced that outgoing Senate President Donald Williams would join the organization as its new deputy policy director.

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(10) Archived Comments

posted by: GBear423 | December 16, 2014  7:03am


Nice to see a feel good story, glad Donovan got a job.  Perhaps he can afford to send Mr Braddock jr. a care package just in time for the holiday.

posted by: art vandelay | December 16, 2014  8:31am

art vandelay

I totally agree. Couldn’t say it any better.

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 16, 2014  9:36am

Donovan’s Democratic Party union-power paid-off for him.

posted by: Tessa Marquis | December 16, 2014  12:54pm

Congrats to Chris Donovan! He is a good guy and CEA is lucky to have him. I live in Milford and appreciate his help and expertise for our teachers.

posted by: artythesmarty | December 16, 2014  2:11pm

Who is donovan?  Who is Don Williams?  Who is Sullivan, Jepsen and all these hartford types just bounce around drinking at the public trough.  Nobody in the productive private sector taxpaying sector in Ct(such that it is these days) has any idea who they are, what their background is, what they do.  They seem to be Democrat party public sector advocates who end up working for various public sector organizations.  They need a job, they get a job

posted by: dano860 | December 16, 2014  3:00pm

We’ll grab your wallets people!
With Donny and Chrissy pulling strings for what is probably the biggest money inhaler in the State, education, you just know there will be a few more lines installed on that hookah. 
Donnie’s wife is the principle of an elementary school, you might think he’s going after more State money to get her a bigger paycheck, no?
Just to be able to justify their salaries they need to produce big $ numbers and that doesn’t come out of any private sector funding.
We are the losers once again but we shouldn’t be made to feel like Mr. Braddock, prisoners?!

posted by: jenand | December 16, 2014  3:48pm

I am dismayed to see this example of CT cronyism. Donovan disappeared, during the prosecution of his closest associates. Now he reapppears, in glory. I would not hold him up as a role model to our students, who will now be dependent on his behavior as a policy influence. Clean it up CT, at all levels, including in Unions. I smell something rotten. Shame on you CEA

posted by: justsayin | December 16, 2014  6:56pm

Maybe he should wear a body camera to make sure nothing in appropriate happens when he is negotiating. Bad hire.

posted by: bob8/57 | December 17, 2014  12:39pm


Ah yes, another disgraced former public official lands on his feet. At least he’s not on the radio. Yet.

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 17, 2014  1:23pm

Anither livid example of a pay-off reward to a member of Gov. Malloy’s political mafia who himself escaped a prison sentence that was instead meted out to a subordinate. Crime does pay in Connecticut if you have political connections to the ring-leader-boss.

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