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Donovan Steps Down From Redistricting Commission

by | Nov 30, 2011 6:47pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Congress, Election 2012, State Capitol

Facing criticism from his Congressional opponents, Speaker of the House Chris Donovan stepped down Wednesday from the Reapportionment Commission after helping to approve the new state House and Senate District maps.

Unable to reach consensus on how to draw the lines for the five Congressional Districts, the commission will ask the Supreme Court for an extension.

Donovan said his Congressional campaign in the 5th District wasn’t getting in the way of the process for him, but by asking Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to appoint Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey to the commission he “avoids any unnecessary questions.”

There have been numerous calls for Donovan to step down from the commission. But Donovan maintained that his appointment to the commission was constitutionally mandated.

Donovan maintained that the members of the commission were very supportive of his membership, and that it was “outside people making politics out of a process which so far has been a bipartisan cooperative venture.”

Just yesterday one of his Republican opponents, Mark Greenberg sent out an email calling for Donovan to step down from the commission.

“With the pall of Chris Donovan’s conflict casting a dark shadow on the redistricting proceedings, a court-ordered resolution will likely be the only way voters can have confidence that the obviously gerrymandered 5th District hasn’t been stacked for political insiders like Donovan,” Greenberg said.

Donovan has said he will maintain his position as Speaker of the House while running for Congress against two Democrats and four Republicans.

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posted by: Commuter | November 30, 2011  8:34pm

This was never a real issue.  As if anybody - Rep. Sharkey or any other Democratic replacement - is going to do anything differently. The federal delegates have all the say on this one.

And nobody really gives a damn what Mr. Greenberg has to say on this or any other subject. He comes in fifth in a field of four likely GOP nominees.

Now we see what was going on behind the screen of the kabooki drama around Congressional redistricting.

Well played, Mr. Speaker.  Well played.

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