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Foley Ad: Malloy is ‘Desperate’

by | Aug 19, 2014 12:33pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2014

screen grab After nearly a week of television ads from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s campaign, Republican Tom Foley responded Tuesday with his own commercial calling Malloy’s attacks “desperate” and “sad.”

Malloy, the Democratic incumbent, began a negative ad campaign against Foley almost immediately after Foley won the Republican nomination last Tuesday. Foley’s primary victory ensured a November rematch of the 2010 gubernatorial race, when Malloy narrowly defeated Foley.

In a television commercial and during his party’s annual fundraising dinner, Malloy hammered Foley over the past week. He has used footage from a press conference last month in Sprague to paint the wealthy Republican as hostile to working people.

Foley’s new ad, called “Hurting,” features a closeup and sepia-toned picture of Malloy as a narrator says Malloy’s attacks have been motivated out of desperation.

“Dan Malloy is desperate. That’s why he’s falsely attacking Tom Foley. It’s sad Malloy can’t defend his policies that have failed so miserably and Connecticut’s hurting,” the narrator says.

The female narrator then gives a series of negative bullet points.

“The largest tax increase in state history. Our economy struggles. Jobs are hard to come by. Companies are leaving,” the narrator says.

Malloy’s 2011 tax increase was technically the second largest tax increase in the state’s history, following former Gov. Lowell P. Weicker’s institution of the state income tax back in 1991.

The commercial switches gears and shows snippets of Foley chatting and shaking hands with people. The narrator says Foley will take Connecticut in a “new direction” then lists some generally positive things like jobs, “lower taxes, the best schools in America.”

Foley paid for the ad out of his own pocket while he waits for the State Elections Enforcement Commission to release his $6.5 million public financing grant for the general election, according to his campaign. The ad was produced by Doug McAuliffe Strategic + Creative, a firm based in Virginia.

Mark Bergman, a spokesman for Malloy’s campaign, called the ad a distortion of the governor’s record. In a statement, Bergman said the state has seen private sector job growth, lower unemployment, and improved high school graduation rates under Malloy.

“Tom Foley will do whatever he can to run away from his record of destroying jobs, bankrupting companies and insulting Connecticut workers who are about to lose their jobs. So he’s trying to distort the progress Connecticut has made over the last four years to avoid talking about the damage he would inflict on our state in the next four,” he said.

Foley was not the only one to attack Malloy’s record this week. On Monday, a conservative super PAC called Grow Connecticut began airing a commercial called “Good Intentions,” which suggests that Malloy has failed to deliver on promises to improve the economy, create jobs, and help the middle class.

“Instead, he delivered the largest tax increase in state history, we’re ranked at the bottom to do business in. No wonder people want to leave in record numbers,” a narrator says while citations from news reports are superimposed over highway road signs.

The group that paid for the commercial is largely funded by the Republican Governors Association, whose chairman New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has campaign for Foley and promised to have a presence in Connecticut until November.

The RGA released its own statement Tuesday morning calling the race between Foley and Malloy one of the “most competitive” in the country.

“The Malloy campaign is running scared,” RGA Communications Director Gail Gitcho said.

The Democratic Governors Association has also bankrolled a super PAC in Connecticut called Connecticut Forward. The group has spent about $12,000 to produce its own ad against Foley but, as of the last filing, had not yet purchased media time for it.

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(18) Archived Comments

posted by: swhin | August 19, 2014  3:10pm

Can’t imagine Foley going to Newtown and telling the citizens the loss of their chldren. He’d have someone else do it. Malloy has a strong character and stands with us. Foley’s record is to sell people out.

posted by: state_employee | August 19, 2014  8:30pm

@swhin, please get real.  Malloy does NOT have a strong character.  He has a strong ego.  He doesn’t stand with anyone but the rich.

posted by: PaulW | August 19, 2014  8:31pm

Hate where you live? Vote for me.

Good Old Tom has quite a message.

posted by: shinningstars122 | August 20, 2014  5:40am


Super Pacs unleashed here we go CT.

At least ” New Direction” Foley is coming out swing after his Sprague debacle although I think that is safe to say he will never utter an unscripted word ever again in his political life.

posted by: LongJohn47 | August 20, 2014  7:45am

“new and better jobs”
“the best schools in America”

please, Tom, tell us how you’re going to do this.

posted by: Commuter | August 20, 2014  7:55am

Looking forward to the results of the investigation into illegal coordination by the Foley campaign and these shadowy “independent” expenditure organizations - all run by the same people.

Malloy and his people do not appear to be the slightest bit scared, incidentally. Nor should they be.

posted by: timelord | August 20, 2014  8:41am

Foley’s appearance in Sprague wasn’t a debacle. He simply told the truth.

posted by: One and Done | August 20, 2014  9:03am

Malloy’s seems to come off like he is blaming Foley for his failures.  That is desperate.  He’ll get the commie vote for sure, but democrats are going to stay home in November.

posted by: LongJohn47 | August 20, 2014  9:18am

“the commie vote”???  good lord, how do you talk to these people?

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 20, 2014  4:51pm

@shinninatars 122: “As a picturesque Democrat, why wouldn’t you not be selling Malloy’s lying ad?” Politics allows you to accept Dannel for being “careless with the truth.”

posted by: TCM | August 21, 2014  5:45am

Folks, to borrow a popular expression from our President, four more years of total Democratic rule will spell continuing disaster for Connecticut. My gosh, we know Malloy by now, who he is, and how he operates. Time for some new ideas, let’s give Foley a shot, what could the state possibly lose ? Malloy’s job performance does not warrant a second term. He has done a terrible job.

posted by: Salmo | August 22, 2014  12:26pm

Malloy’s actions are desperate? It was Mr. Foley who drove all the way from comfy Greenwich to the backwoods of Sprague to rub those unfortunate folk’s noses in the dirt on one of the worst days of their lives. All that for some cheap political mileage? Either that was an act of desperation or one of complete callousness ala’ Mitt Romney (47%). The remarks in Malloy’s ads are acknowledged as being quotes from various news sources.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 22, 2014  7:50pm

@longjohn47:  Dannel Malloy is a dedicated supporter of Barack Obama’s socialist driven policy agenda, so he will capture that small state “commie vote” that you questioned.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 22, 2014  8:26pm

@longjohn47: Malloy has in office for nearly four years and did not give us better jobs and schools, so give Foley a chance as our next governor. Obviously, if Malloy had a plan, it did not work.

posted by: LongJohn47 | August 22, 2014  10:14pm

Question mark—under Malloy we’ve had reduced unemployment and 55,000 new private sector jobs. Pretty good given the national economy.

posted by: LongJohn47 | August 23, 2014  11:10am

questionmark—to call Obama “socialist” is so unbelievably off the mark that it’s hard to know where to start.  Maybe from your far right perspective he looks like a traditional leftist, but trust me he’s not.  If you made that comment to a real Socialist, like Bernie Sanders, they’d laugh you out of the room.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 23, 2014  11:32am

@LongJohn47:  Don’t be so willing to accept Malloy’s propaganda machine releases as gospel. Unemployment reduced when worker’s unemployment benefit checks expired and the either they went on welfare or went out of state to find jobs. The reported gain of 55,000 more private sector jobs isn’t visible anywhere and remains as a Malloy reported mystery, which you only accept as you are a loyal Democract who is having his pocket picked by
Malloyism and want’s more of it by swearing by, instead of at Gov. Malloy. Adding insult to injury, we as taxpayer’s are all paying for Malloy’s false news media edict releases.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 24, 2014  11:06am

@Longjohn47: I don’t know Bernie Sanders.  To each his own.

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