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Foley Calls Again For A Truce

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Posted to: Election 2014

CTNJ file photos Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s campaign brushed off a call from Republican Tom Foley Friday to sign a “formal truce” against negative campaigning. The request came after a bruising debate where Malloy highlighted arrests in Foley’s past.

Foley suggested the truce in response to a Thursday night debate at the University of Connecticut. The forum turned decidedly negative during the final 15 minutes after Malloy recalled the details of two incidents in which Foley was arrested. Malloy said he raised the arrests because Foley brought up a corruption investigation during his tenure as mayor of Stamford. Malloy was cleared of any wrongdoing in 2005.

The Foley camp released a statement Friday morning, formally asking Malloy to accept a truce to refrain from campaigning on “personal matters and things that occurred years ago.” Foley’s statement offered to meet Malloy on the state Capitol steps next week to shake hands and sign an agreement negotiated by both campaigns.

“The people of Connecticut do not want and do not deserve hearing personal attacks with so much at stake in the upcoming election. Voters want to hear about the things that matter to them and deserve a discussion about how the candidates plan to fix this great state,” the Foley statement reads.

In a phone interview, Malloy campaign adviser Roy Occhiogrosso dismissed Foley’s call for a no negativity pledge. He said Foley was calling for a truce only because he was “losing an argument.”

“This guy’s spent two years calling the governor’s character and demeanor into question and for the first time last night governor responded,” he said. “It clearly rattled Mr. Foley, which is why he wants the discussion to end.”

Foley’s campaign has criticized Malloy’s temperament as aggressive and angry. Last month, Foley released a 30-second TV spot called “Angry Dan,” in which a female narrator accuses Malloy of being angry and “taking it out on others.”

“False attacks on Tom Foley, bullying teachers, state employees, taxpayers. Dan Malloy’s arrogance and aggression hurt people. Tom Foley is thoughtful and steady and he has a plan to fix Connecticut. More and better jobs, lower taxes, control over spending, the best schools in America—Tom Foley has the right experience and temperament for a better Connecticut,” the ad’s narrator says.

Occhiogrosso recounted the incidents involving Foley: he was arrested in 1981 and 1993. The first time it was after he was accused of “ramming his car into another car” several times, travelling at high rates of speed. The next time, he was accused of “running his wife off the road with their child in the car.”  In both cases, the charges against Foley were dismissed.

But Occhiogrosso said the accusations speak to Foley’s temperament. He signalled they would continue to be a theme in this year’s election.

“Ultimately the voters will decide whether a person who did that has the character and temperament to be governor,” he said.

Asked whether the campaign would continue to bring up Foley’s past arrests, Occhiogrosso said “Tom Foley has spent the last couple years saying that character and temperament are relevant issues to be considered by the voters. We agree.”

Following Thursday’s debate, Foley called the negative exchanges “kind of a waste of the viewers’ time” and suggested Malloy was on the attack because he wanted to avoid talking about his tenure in office. Foley also said he did not expect Malloy to accept the offer of a truce.

“I believe Gov. Malloy was a much better prosecutor than he has been a governor so I’m not sure he can help himself,” Foley said.

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(19) Archived Comments

posted by: Bethy | October 3, 2014  2:07pm


I do not blame you at all Roy. He should’ve thought about a “truce” before he went there! And besides, his comment “Malloy was a much better prosecutor than he has been a governor so i’m not sure he can help himself”.....He’s got some nerve. What past experience and leadership skills does he bring to the table? He can’t discuss his great works in the past..That alone is 3 strikes. All he can say is that he’s a wealth man…but if he states how his wealth increased, that’s not a pretty story either….that’s 3 more strikes…If we keep going, he’ll have more strikes than the US Flag…smh Roy, your response was “spot on”

posted by: SocialButterfly | October 3, 2014  3:45pm

@Bethy: Foley told THE TRUTH “but for you the truth hurts.”
The truth has Foley leading in the post-debate polls by 14 points. Malloy can fool some of the people sometimes, but he can’t fool all of the people, all of the time. End your frustration and vote for Foley.

posted by: ctguy | October 3, 2014  5:57pm

I have been treated to a blitz of negative ads from Foley and the Koch type “independent” groups. If you pick a fight don’t cry to me when you get a bloody nose Tom.

posted by: Salmo | October 3, 2014  6:11pm

This is too funny. It’s like two kettles calling each other pots! If Mr. Foley can’t take the heat he should have never gone down that road.

posted by: Noteworthy | October 3, 2014  6:24pm

Note to Roy: Those who sling mud from more than 30 years ago also says a lot about temperate and ability to govern and lead. Closed off to a truce? Again, indicative to how closed off the governor is to anybody who might disagree or have another opinion. It works both ways.

posted by: CT Jim | October 3, 2014  6:30pm

Yeah maybe if Malloy was the prosecuter when Foley was using his car as a battering ram he would have done some time in prison instead of being able to buy his way out. Foley is way to unstable to be Governor. He should be spending his time looking for his next wife

posted by: shinningstars122 | October 3, 2014  8:28pm


I think Malloy has just to stay on task and take Foley to the mat on the total lack of details of his platform.

Malloy has his accomplishments to stand by and share with the voters.

Both him and Wyman need to begins shifting the debate to what they will do in their second term…details and goals folks.

Plus I have a feeling the September job numbers are not going to make Foley happy.

posted by: StateEmployee | October 4, 2014  5:41am


What record???? Highest tax increase in the state and the state still faces a 1.4 Billion deficit because of his out of control spending.  How about the highest gas prices in the nation.  Don’t like that, how about the highest electricity prices in the country.  How about the busway to nowhere that will ONLY be used by people during morning and evening rush hour, and will operate at a heavy loss.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | October 4, 2014  5:43am

Dudes, Guv, soon to be Guv, chill bros…..twist one up, watch some baseball, have some ice cream. Ponder Colorado east ......


posted by: Statezilla | October 4, 2014  9:42am

Bethy- We ALL have past history- even you do Bethyl as you were recognized driving down Albany Ave with a cigarette hanging from your mouth yelling at the Foley supporters. Remember the police officer who cautioned you to drive more carefully? We ALL have moments we are not proud of.

posted by: Bethy | October 4, 2014  3:21pm


SocialButterfly, REMEMBER…Not everyone has access to internet!  Foley lost all 3 debates… that man can’t even debate! He is beyond finished…Malloy 2014!! WATCH!!!!

posted by: friedrich5 | October 4, 2014  4:06pm

I can’t believe it. The only ads I have seen on TV for Molloy have been repeats from 4 years ago bashing Foley. Oh!, I forgot, Molloy has the worst record in Connecticut history ( my opinion) so he has nothing to run on. Will someone buy Molloy a gift certificate to an economics course when he leaves office.

posted by: Politijoe | October 4, 2014  4:41pm


Tom Foley has the type of temperament to buy vunerable companies, dismantle the assets and unemploy its workforce. A corporate raider who is running on a hollow platform that he is thoughtful and steady and has a plan to fix Connecticut with more and better jobs, lower taxes, control over spending and the best schools in America. Foley is characteristically an empty suit long on promises and short on details. Ironically he has spent the last couple years saying that character and temperament are relevant issues to be considered by the voters. However what he failed to share are examples of his own character and temperment. Mr Foley was arrested in 1981 after ramming his car into another car several times while traveling at high rates of speed. Arrested again in 1993  as a result of running his wife off the road with their child in the car. These actions clearly indicate a lack of impluse control and temperament. Once is a mistake, twice is the begining of a pattern. A pattern that when combined with his life’s work, provides insight into Foleys own questionable character and temperament.

posted by: MGKW | October 4, 2014  5:05pm

Atta boy Tommy!

You made your fortune being a snake oil salesman…and now you are doing it again with the people of the State of CT. Investment bankers are known for bait and switch. You personally attack Danny for hanky-panky in Stamford that he we was absolved of years ago….and then you say let’s call a truce to personal attacks. Thinking that not everybody watched the debate…yes, you are smooth….Btw, I don’t think that Malloy is a bargain but please don’t treat people like saps…its insulting to voters and embarrassing to you.

posted by: shinningstars122 | October 5, 2014  10:25am


@Stateemployee you should not bite the hand that bakes you bread. One big thing Malloy has done is do a much better job funding the pension obligations, which I am sure you would appreciate occurring.

The tax hike was the second highest,the highest is the income tax so please stop misleading folks with that “fact.”

Another one of Foley’s “fuzzy” figures.

Plus if you looked at GDP growth for 2013 for urban areas in CT it increased by 1.7%. It was 1.9% in Fairfield county alone.

So stop crying and throwing a tea party temper tantrum, there is plenty of things shifting in the right direction.

The minimum wage will increase, which will help working women and families.

We had the best roll out of the ACA in the nation.

As for gas prices the state does not control that figure it is the the private sector.

If you are to say that the Legislature and the Governor, both Republican or Democrat, should stop raiding the transportation fund then I would fully agree with you.

Malloy has also worked hard to bring the TV and film industry to CT. The   problem now is having sound stages big enough to handle the demand.

Those kind of high paying jobs are good for the state and can help many small businesses that would support this industry.

You might want to read this article to broaden your awareness on how many prices in our economy are artificially and deliberately inflated, and guess what it is down by the private sector not big bad government.

As for the alternative…
If you download Foley’s PDF for” Restoring Pride and Prosperity” Malloy is already leading the charge on many of Tom’s “original” ideas.

Cases in point the seven industries he wants to focus on.

>>>I will have the Governor’s office and our state development agencies focus on
supporting the seven industries already identified as having high potential for
Connecticut. The industries include:
o Healthcare Services
o Highly Engineered Manufacturing
o Financial Services
o Medical Devices
o Alternative Energy Research and Development and Manufacturing
o Pharmaceuticals
o Biotechnology

Oh by the way how many of these above mentioned areas is UT involved in?

If Foley keeps throwing his hand grenades at UT then I would repeat what I wrote at the beginning of this post.

posted by: Bethy | October 5, 2014  12:42pm


actually i was very proud of that moment….that was last tuesday….if i had to do it all over, it would be the same!  No regrets….and for the record, that wasn’t albany ave, it was asylum ave! i know my territory and it knows me!  you dig!

posted by: Bethy | October 5, 2014  12:42pm


Read more

posted by: SocialButterfly | October 5, 2014  1:00pm

@Bethy:  Foley lost the debates in “only in your wildest dreams!” Tom leads in he post-debate-polls by 14-points. Dream on Bethy “but you will have a nightmare after Election Day.”

posted by: CT Jim | October 7, 2014  9:32am

@ Social Butterfly ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Are you kidding me? Foley’s up by what??? lmao. PPP poll shows an entirely different race than your imaginary polls are telling you. Advice: if your hearing voices and they are telling you Foley’s up by 14 seek help immediately,

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