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Gov. Christie Laughs At Gov. Malloy

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Posted to: Media Matters, Podcast, State Budget

At the mention of Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy‘s name, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just started laughing Monday morning during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

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Asked why that’s so funny, Christie said, “all I know is Dan Malloy was lecturing me about look how he can get it done.”

“He’s conciliatory, he negotiates with people and he got these big concessions, in return for big tax increases,” Christie told Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who spent time with Malloy on Thursday, the same day it became clear the unions had rejected the concession package. “So now what to the people of Connecticut have? Big tax increases with no concessions because the unions stuck it to him.”

“The fact of the matter is what these folks in the public sector unions respect is strength. Strength not weakness,” Christie said.

“He who laughs last, laughs best,” Roy Occhiogrosso, Malloy’s senior communications adviser, said Monday.

Christie went onto explain how he was able to get the job done in New Jersey.

He said he was able to work with the Democrat-controlled legislature to get the changes he needed to the state employees’ health and pension benefits to make them more sustainable in the long run. Part of convincing the moderate Democrats to go along with his plan was his ability to sell it at 30 town hall meetings around the Garden State.

Malloy held 17 town hall meetings which he used to sell his budget proposal which included the $1.6 billion in union concessions and $2.6 billion in tax increases over the next two years, in addition to some modest spending cuts and a reorganization of state government.

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(19) Archived Comments

posted by: JAM | June 27, 2011  11:34am

Roy O: it may be a while before you’re even smiling.

posted by: ... | June 27, 2011  11:43am


Well, now we’re getting taxes and more cuts, as well as layoffs. So many people are finally getting what they have wanted throughout the session: Smaller government and less spending.

It also sounds like (at least from Christie’s example) Malloy definitely needed more town hall meetings to get the point across to Unions.

posted by: hawkeye | June 27, 2011  1:44pm

Malloy gave the same pitch in all of his 17 Town meetings he addressed:  “I have no other choice, but to raise state taxes!” 

He sure did, and failed to make big budget cuts, or derive the union-give-backs
he banked on!

Gov. Dannel Patrick Malloy is a one-term Governor!

posted by: redman | June 27, 2011  1:46pm

It’s funny if you don’t live in Connecticut. Here we are crying.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | June 27, 2011  1:54pm


Cuts? I haven’t seen any cuts. As far as I can tell, the budget will still be larger than it was last year.

A cut to municipal aid is the same as a tax increase.  The idea that it will ultimately be going to my municipality rather than the state does not make me feel any better about it.

posted by: Noteworthy | June 27, 2011  3:13pm

Shared pain. And even though taxpayers, particularly the middle class would bear the biggest burden with our shrinking paychecks, there was consolation that the unions would give a few hundred million. They give up nothing, and we are left holding the bag. Thanks Dan the Tax Man Malloy.

posted by: newview | June 27, 2011  4:38pm

Just for the record…It was 2 BILLION over 2 years that Gov.  Malloy was looking to get out of State Employees.  The number was unrealistic and should have never been a matter of record.  I noticed the same error in Colin McEnroe’s Courant editorial on Sunday.  $1.6B WRONG…  $2B RIGHT.  I understand the hole “shoot high”...settle for a little less…I get it!  But unrealistic numbers like that certainly do not set the stage for successful negotiations.  Even now, Legislators are scratching their heads at some of the 160B…saying there’s no savings here.  So what WAS the right number as compared to wishful thinking, and how could that number (2B) been modified to look a little more presentable to State Employees.  Much of this just doesn’t add up for me, but it is what it is.  7,500 layoffs coming down.

posted by: ctperson13 | June 27, 2011  5:09pm

I swear—if Malloy doesn’t follow through with these layoffs I’m headed to Hartford with my pitchfork.

posted by: ... | June 27, 2011  5:19pm


There are cuts to areas of the budget. The budget does increase in overall spending, but areas have been cut by significant amounts. You might need to read the bill and budget info rather than simply read basic news stories to actually understand we do have cuts in our government.

Also understand increases have also gone to municipality aid for these next two years (not to all though, but for many).

posted by: CitizenCT | June 27, 2011  10:00pm

Jones, the budget is not cut.  The Governor attempted to save money on state employee costs only to redirect it to things like the EITC and funding Bridgeport’s pension plan.  The fact is the budget passed spends more money, right up to the constitutional cap.  This isn’t shared sacrifice, it’s out of control spending.

posted by: ... | June 27, 2011  10:25pm


CT citizen, you obviously read only the first sentence and disregarded the rest. Second sentence: “The budget does increase in overall spending, but areas have been cut by significant amounts.”

I already said spending overall increased, it moved to other areas and programs, as well as investments. I didn’t deny overall spending increased, but that his budget did cut some areas of spending in our state.

posted by: oliviahuxtable | June 27, 2011  11:16pm

Chris Christie is the man!

Abolish state employee unions in CT—they serve no purpose. SEBAC is screwing us just as Christie is screwing NJ state employees. Our “progressive” democrat state legislature is screwing us the way Christie is screwing NJ state employees. All over the country both Democrats and Republicans are not only screwing public employees, but private employees, too. THE WEALTHY ARE WINNING. WE KNEW THEY WOULD—THEY HAVE WHAT ALL POLITICIANS WANT—-WEALTH. There is no person like FDR anymore, who cares for the common man. Watch both parties dismantle Medicare and Social Security…and you know something? We deserve it.

posted by: gutbomb86 | June 27, 2011  11:44pm


@citizenCt - are you kidding me? The reason the spending is going up despite significant cuts elsewhere is one thing and one thing only - FULLY FUNDING YOUR [sic] PENSIONS!

posted by: eastrivertype | June 28, 2011  8:27am

Christie is right.  Dannel gotus $2.6 Billion in tax increases, a +2.5% in spending, and nothing from the unions.  Now instead of $1.6 in phony savings from the so called concession package, he says he has to come up with $700 million this year.  Talk about phony numbers.  This guy promised an honest budget without gimmicks.  When will we ever see that?

posted by: CT Jim | June 28, 2011  9:27am

Got a question, Chris Christie attacks workers and families all over NJ and gets applauded by right wing hacks everywhere. His budget is still no where near balanced but apparently that doesnt matter in bizzaro world the the guy has done zero for the middleclass and working families in Jersey and has pushed up thru demand the price for twinkies and doughnuts.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | June 28, 2011  10:05am


This year cancelled TruGreen and saved $400.  Then I went out and spent $10,000 on a vacation that I didn’t need but really wanted. 

I cut my budget too.

posted by: ... | June 28, 2011  12:15pm


Nice try Matt W, but comparing increases in spending to a vacation you wanted doesn’t work. Especially when we’re putting much of that increase into our neglected pension funding, which you know by the way, has been paid off by borrowing more than the rest of the country (and why CT has the most debt per person in in the nation).

But lets go back to borrowing, right? It worked for Rell and the Legislature then. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (oops, it is).

posted by: pdm68 | June 28, 2011  12:41pm

If you want to see real state waste—go to the ct department of corrections webwite—- go look at all the numerous commissioners,deputy commisioners,north administrators,south administrators and all that extr staff they have sitting there day in and day out collecting 115K and UP and they do NOTHING ! Malloy isn’t cutting anything at all ! Its a freakin joke !!! So,don’t go after the small potato making 56K a year when you have so much UPPER Management. Yes,i’m a state of ct employee an I see all this waste BUT Dannel won’t cut it. He’s a disgrace.

posted by: Cheshire Bob | June 30, 2011  10:43am

So, it’s once again Pot-calling-the-kettle-black Season, as Gov. Christie publically admonishes Gov. Malloy over his fiscal and labor relations policies. This is the Chief Executive who forfeited $400 million in Federal education aid because of lack of governance, and the same CE who then hired his buddy to replace NJ’s education commissioner. And this buddy…he’s now being investigated for possible nepotism to a private consulting company who used his address as their home base.

Tell you what, Chris - how ‘bout you focus on cleaning up the Garden State, and leave the governance of Connecticut to our duly-elected leader. His intelligence, pragmatism, and affability will find the best, most balanced solution to the many economic problems we inherited from his predecessors.

And by the way…when I travel to MD/DC/VA, I do everything in my power to minimize my time in your so-called Garden State. Your infrastructure is woefully inadequate and traffic is unbearable! I suggest you get to work on your own state’s problems.

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