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How To Get That Golden Ticket

by | Dec 15, 2008 4:29pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2008

Christine Stuart file photo

US Senator Chris Dodd’s office has received over 10,000 requests for tickets to the swearing-in ceremony for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

In a press release Monday, Dodd’s office said he will receive 393 tickets and of those 200 will be given out at random.

If you are a Connecticut resident and want your name thrown into the hat then please contact Dodd’s office by fax at 202-224-1083 or email:  inauguration at dodd.senate.gov before 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 17.

1.    Each entrant must be a resident of the state of Connecticut.

2.    One entry per person.

3.    Each individual is eligible for a maximum of two tickets.

4.    Those who have requested tickets to date will be entered into the drawing and do not need to re-submit their request.

5.    All future requests must be made via email or fax.

6.    No request will be accepted after 6:00 PM on Wednesday, December 17, 2008.

7.    Tickets are non-transferable and must be picked up in person with a valid photo ID on Monday January 19, 2009.

8.    Tickets will not be distributed to groups, organizations, corporations or other entities.

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(7) Archived Comments

posted by: Walt | December 16, 2008  10:01am

Kind of odd!

One day notice.

Dodd says you can’t register unless you are a computer owner. Joe Slob need not apply!

What an elitist attitude!

Non=transferable,  so my plan to register and sell on Ebay if I win, wont work.

Seriously, I would not go if you paid me,  but wish Obama well.  as his success is critical to each of us,  supporters or not.

posted by: Walt | December 16, 2008  10:14am

———-Plus must go to Wash.DC   one day early to pick up tickets, and pay ridiculously inflated hotel rates for Jan 19th.

No one-day bus travellers   allowed.

That will keep out the riff-raff and save seats for Dodd’s banker/lobbyist cronies who probably voted against Obama (as I did)  anyway

posted by: Bizzy | December 16, 2008  8:41pm

Walt you are such a HATER!!!! We didn’t want you there anyway. You really need to give Obama a chance and nit be so judgemental.

posted by: Walt | December 17, 2008  12:03pm


If you have a friend who can read,  ask him to read to you from the last sentence of my first post.

Where is hate?

What a jerk!

posted by: Brendan | December 17, 2008  2:12pm

That number is a fax number.

posted by: Christine | December 17, 2008  2:37pm

Yes that’s what it says fax or email. No phone calls.

posted by: peggy | December 20, 2008  12:01am

just found out today and it’s too late???

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