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Klarides Calls Out Malloy Over His Comments About Republican Lawmakers

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Christine Stuart photo Debate in the state House of Representatives came to a screeching halt Wednesday for the second time this session when House Republican leader Themis Klarides read Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s comments about her colleagues in the CT Post.

She delivered an angry statement to reporters in the Capitol press room, calling the governor a bully and suggesting he should resign and allow Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman to complete his term.

Malloy had told the CT Post that some of the Republican opposition to his “Second Chance Society” proposal had racist overtones. Part of the proposal, which he was touting in New Haven early Wednesday, would eliminate the enhanced penalties for possession of drugs within so-called drug-free school zones.

“To treat those folks differently because they live in those communities is patently unfair and if not racist in intent, is racist in its outcome,” Malloy told the CT Post.

To put his statement in context, the state’s drug free school zone law enhances penalties for drug sales or possession within 1,500 feet of any school. But in conjunction with the large number of schools that dot the landscapes in the state’s urban areas, the law has essentially turned those cities into drug-free zones entirely, or nearly so.

As a result, people in those cities are far more likely to face prison time for simple drug possession, and legislation has failed to pass for the last several years to address the inequity. As Malloy has been advocating for his Second Chance Society legislation this year, he has been talking about the unintended consequences of criminal justice policies that have led to the mass incarceration of people of color over the last few decades.

But his statement, in which he suggested Republican opposition to the bill this year was racially motivated, drew an immediate and fiery, outraged response from Klarides, R-Derby, who essentially shut down the state House of Representatives for the afternoon before heading to the press room to condemn the governor’s comments and even call for his resignation.

“I have to tell you that we disagree on a lot of things in this building, as we should,” Klarides said. “And part of the democratic process is that we are able to disagree and debate that and argue that and have those conversations. But the one thing that we have, no matter what we agree or disagree on, is respect for each other’s opinions. I could hate something, but I’m going to respect somebody else’s opinion. I’m going to try to change their mind but I’m going to respect their opinion.

“Being called racist goes so far below what any governor should do because we don’t agree with his ideas,” Klarides continued. “That’s what this is about. He’s trying to divert attention from what’s really going on in this building, from the $3 billion deficit we have. He’s trying to make like, because we don’t agree with him, we’re bad people. It’s shameful. It’s vile. And I would hope that he would understand that there’s no place for that in this building. Because people of this state do not deserve that.”

Klarides also alluded to the idea that the governor is already aiming beyond Connecticut because he will serve as chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association starting 2016.

“And I don’t think the people at the Democratic Governor’s Association deserve that either, because if he wants to continue running a national campaign for whatever he’s running for, I don’t think that’s the way to do it,” she said. “Enough is enough. Sick and tired of his name-calling, of his bullying, and of his . . . not getting his own way so he pouts and walks away. It’s your classic bully mentality. He called us, two months ago - Republicans hate women. They want everyone to live in poverty. Nobody should have healthcare. And now we’re racist. I mean, there’s lines to be drawn and sometimes we don’t know where they are but there’s certain ones that are black and white and this screams black and white.

A reporter asked Klarides to clarify her impression of the intent behind Malloy’s comments earlier in the day.

“He said they were racially motivated and that they’re unfair and if not racist in intent, racist in their outcome. And this was directed at members of my caucus who came out and made statements about not supporting Second Chances. And I go back to what I said before. People elect us to support things, to fight things, and everything in the middle. And if we don’t agree with it, that’s one thing. But all of a sudden that makes us racist? I mean, you want to talk about a bully.

“This is a man that will call you every name in the book in hope of beating you down. And certainly people of this state didn’t elect him to do that and this building does not operate [like] that. So he should figure out where he is and what he wants to do with his career because if this is about making a national name for himself, he should step down and let Nancy Wyman take over. Because he clearly is not interested in doing the job he was elected to do.”

Christine Stuart photo Malloy, however, was not about to walk back his comments and suggested that Republicans were misstating the content of the bill.

“When you have a disparate impact, and it’s racial in nature, and you don’t correct it, there’s something wrong,” Malloy said in response to reporters’ questions at 6 p.m. after the House had shut down for a while.

“And I have pointed out that, you know, there are a series of Republican legislators who put out misstatements about what we’re doing in the bill and equating it to sale as opposed to simple possession,” Malloy added. “But not one of them has proposed treating mere possession in their community as a felony that requires incarceration. Not one of them. So, you know, certain questions get begged from time to time. We know that it has a disparate racial impact. We know that. We know that in our state most black and hispanic people live in urban environments. And because of the concentration of that population, most of that population lives within 1,500 feet of a school.

“So you could be in your house, in your home, have some small amount of drug, and you would, because you live in New Haven, automatically be subject to incarceration. When if you did that in most of Avon or most of Canaan, or most any other non-urban community, you would not be treated that way. We know that now. Let’s deal with it. Many other states are dealing with it, including, you know, states that are led almost exclusively by Republicans. Like Utah. So I think to throw up these arguments to defend what we know is patently unfair doesn’t make a lot of sense.

“When you know that there is a large, disparate impact, affecting black and hispanic people, based on where they live, as opposed to what you represent, then it’s your obligation to do something about it,” Malloy said. “Let’s have that debate in the legislature.”

Meanwhile, Klarides — who pointed out that Malloy was also vilifying a number of House Democrats who were not yet on board with his legislation — met with Democratic leaders in the House after speaking to reporters. They issued a joint, written statement with Klarides before getting back to work Wednesday night:

“This is a difficult policy issue where there can be legitimate disagreement, but ascribing motives to people on opposite sides of the issue is not productive or helpful toward the ultimate goal of passing legislation that is important to hard working families,” Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey said.

House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz said: “We cannot condone injecting racism into the debate over challenging legislation. Questioning the intentions of those with differing opinions is counterproductive to the work that needs to be done in the legislature.”

And Klarides added, “This is a sad and disappointing episode. This country was built on the concept of tolerance of others’ opinions, we don’t all have to agree nor should we. Distorting the facts and injecting racism into this debate is wrong. The facts are that Republicans and Democrats both voted for and against this measure in committee.”

Three Democratic lawmakers voted against Malloy’s Second Chance proposal in the Judiciary Committee.

The Judiciary Committee also came to a halt a few weeks ago — on the day of its deadline to forward bills out of committee — because of a nasty email between legislators. Lawmakers are still scrambling to salvage as many of those bills as possible by attaching them to other legislation.

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(34) Archived Comments

posted by: Biff Winnetka | May 13, 2015  10:22pm

How pathetic that it takes a woman to show the men how to act like a man.
Connecticut…the most emasculated state I have ever witnessed.

posted by: ocoandasoc | May 13, 2015  10:23pm

The dysfunction in Connecticut government continues to grow.
Wasn’t it a Democrat-controlled legislature that passed this silly (racist?) law and refused to rescind it?
The Gov has a point, though. If they put every drug user in New Haven in jail we’d need to build at least a dozen new prisons.

posted by: Noteworthy | May 13, 2015  10:29pm

Malloy IS a bully. It’s sad really. As for the legislation very few of those busted actually do extra time. Malloy and Gary Holder Winfield intentionally mislead the issue - just like the death penalty last year. Lame.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | May 13, 2015  10:52pm

holy open trap and insert fungus infected foot batman!  you can’t make this stuff up.  now it seems it’s the Guv needs a fatty to sit and chill with - twist and burn mr. embarrassment! 

we will give you a second chance though Guv!  but you have to promise you won’t do it again!

Gonzo says, “ouch, dude!  shut up!”


posted by: Bethy | May 14, 2015  5:53am


What a weak lady you are! You and your colleagues need to take a hike! Don’t even know how you were even voted in. You needed a shot of reality. You can’t take the truth!  You must be out your mind suggesting that our Governor resign?  Take a step back lady. You’ll never know what it’s like to be treated differently. You can’t see or recognize your own behavior towards others. Malloy spoke the truth on all four corners. Somebody needed to address you and your colleagues with the flat out truth. It takes a real man and a strong leader to take the stand of truth. That Ms Klarides is the Honorable Governor Dannel P Malloy.  Now you “crown” this Governor…Your weakness shows that you can’t take the truth! I was taking a little break from the Hartford Courant and CT News Junkie, but you have awakened the big bear from hibernation….I will defend Malloy at all costs!  I’m back, now Bring it!!!! Take a bow Guvna!!!

posted by: Fisherman | May 14, 2015  7:58am

Representative Klarides is on-target. Members of his staff, and his own party would tell you that Malloy is a bully. They will also tell you that they stand to lose their jobs or their ability to get their bills passed, if they stated so publicly.

posted by: CT Jim | May 14, 2015  8:31am

Judicial hearing one day, the entire House of Representatives the next. This is hilarious it’s also showing Themis is no Larry Cafero. The Republicans after making some gains the last few cycles have deemed themselves idiots screaming bully as they take their ball and go home. Would bet they lose a bunch of seats in 2016

posted by: justsayin | May 14, 2015  8:41am

What if a republican made that statement? What would be the outcry then?

posted by: MyOpinion | May 14, 2015  9:15am

I really hate to say it, but Mallory is right!  School zones are school zones, and the number of minorities living within the zone shouldn’t matter to the law. Republican’s GET OVER IT!

posted by: JamesBronsdon | May 14, 2015  9:22am

Themis Klarides is a rock star.

posted by: OMG03 | May 14, 2015  9:33am

There is nothing honorable about Malloy.  He is selfish, arrogant and a liar.  The only people of the State of CT he has shown any compassion or concern for are his friends (for which he has given high level positions and pensions) and those who violate the law.  His policies have made CT one of the worst states in the country to live, work, raise a family and retire.  It will take years to undo the damage he has done to this state.  He has embarrassed himself and this state over and over again.  He accepts no accountability and counters transparency.  He has fostered “corruptict” to a new level.  Even the feds are having a hard time keeping up.  You know what they say, what comes around goes around.

posted by: mmal231294 | May 14, 2015  10:04am

Wow. Second time in a month Ms. Klarides gets “offended” and closes up shop to have a hissy fit. Pathetic. #1)Gov. Malloy is correct, even if not done with the intent of being racist, the law IS racist as its results are demonstrably racist. #2)She is a politician, the Governor is using politics to try and cajole her into doing the right thing. If a politician can’t take political mudslinging without closing up shop to cry about it….she is in the wrong business and lacks the chops to be in it. If ya can’t take the heat(of politics), stay in the kitchen.

posted by: GBear423 | May 14, 2015  10:50am


So glad the GOP found their courage.  As Themis points out, this bully in charge has been crossing lines over and over. He is not a National player, he will be an embarrassment to the DNC just as much as he is to Connecticut.

posted by: GBear423 | May 14, 2015  10:56am


... there is also the absurd point that black and brown people are entitled to possess drugs in a school zone. Good golly, can we remove idiots like Danny boy Malloy?? As a society we do not want illegal drugs in our country. Its the illegal drug trade that is killing blacks and browns more than anything else.  Malloy is a pandering fool. Clean the urban centers of this poison, don’t make it easier for it to wipe out the population!

posted by: C.P. Taylor | May 14, 2015  11:04am

As one of the sponsors of the original school zones legislation in the late 1980’s I am disgusted that anyone would suggest that racism of any kind was or still is a motivation. Our inner city neighborhoods were under siege at the time from drug wars waged by gangs, with daytime shootings a common occurrence. We were searching for any tools available to try and reign in this scourge and the school zone policy was another weapon to try to bring to justice those who were escaping through intimidation or technicalities.

If we were truly racist, we would have turned a blind eye, deemed it the problem for the neighborhoods to deal with and done nothing, but we cared about the children and parents who were living in fear and adopted this policy. Yes, the policy will have a greater impact on those in a congested urban environment, but that is precisely where the battle was being waged. While changing times may necessitate some modifications to the law, nobody has the right to attribute a charge of racism - something so quickly thrown around today that is completely cheapens reals examples of it - to legitimate policy disagreements.

The insinuation by the Governor was wrong, baseless and should be apologized for. No doubt, Mayor Malloy in Stamford benefited from some of the consequences of this law and may have even used it as a prosecutor.

Unless you were there and fighting the battle to protect those neighborhoods and wrestling with the difficult decisions, you have no right to assassinate anyone’s character no matter how much you may blindly adore the “Guvna.”

posted by: bob8/57 | May 14, 2015  12:14pm


The Governor’s simple statement of fact causes Republican blow hard to erupt in unintentionally revealing the Governor did not go far enough in his statement. The Republicans are still the party of bias and deceit.The Governor is doing yeoman’s work in stating what should be obvious.

posted by: SocialButterfly | May 14, 2015  1:16pm

Klarides made a good suggestion in Malloy to step down and allow Nancy Wyman to take over a governor.  Themis can keep a woman in the governor’s chair by successful running for governor next year

posted by: ocoandasoc | May 14, 2015  1:43pm

So I see the Governor has labelled the Republicans who don’t like his ideas about eliminating incarceration for drug possession offenses as racists. Maybe he’ll turn his ire next toward the teachers unions and their Dem lackeys who are attempting to strip the funding in the Governor’s budget for new charter schools that would give minority families in Stamford and Bridgeport a chance to obtain a quality public school education for their children.

posted by: mmal231294 | May 14, 2015  2:12pm

For all you peeps who seem to be struggling with this concept, let me assist. If we passed a law that said possession of drugs within 1500 feet of a Grange Hall resulted in an extra 10 years in jail, 99% of the impact would be to white peeps. You can’t do that because even if your intentions were good, that law would have a disparate impact on white peeps. Capeesh? Intentions don’t matter, impact does.

posted by: Biff Winnetka | May 14, 2015  2:36pm

Yes, Lt Guv Nancy Wyman will complete Malloy’s last two years in office as Governor herself.

There is a high probability that a Dem will be elected POTUS in 2016.  Malloy will be offered an appointment in the new POTUS administration and he will take it.

It will be the perfect “Out” for him to dodge the next CT budget cycle which will be a disaster of epic proportions that he created.  It will also give him the chance to get out of dodge and stay one step of the bond downgrades and various other chickens that will come home to roost shortly after he deserts the state. 

Expect a statement from Malloy in January 2017 to the effect of…“I’ve been asked to serve our new President and feel compelled to say yes and to serve our nation.  I have left CT in better shape than when I arrived.  Lt Guv Nancy Wymann will complete my term”

He’s just that kind of guy we’ve all seen in our lives that will desert the team to save his own skin.

posted by: art vandelay | May 14, 2015  4:56pm

art vandelay

Finally it’s nice to see a Republican in a leadership position stand up to Malloy.  McKinney & Cafaro were putting me to sleep.
Maybe Representative Klarides will start the earthquake needed in the Connecticut GOP!  Nice to see you back Bethy.

posted by: justsayin | May 14, 2015  8:08pm

Mmal…grange hall Those 12 people would be fine. try to stay on task, you are trying to justify why breaking a law near a school is Not worse then away from a school? It allways for the kids!

posted by: Fisherman | May 14, 2015  9:26pm

So, mmal231294… what you’re conveniently forgetting is that the “perps” at the Grange Hall aren’t doing something ILLEGAL, right?


posted by: art vandelay | May 14, 2015  10:08pm

art vandelay

@Biff Winnetka,
As much as I hate to admit it, you’re probably correct in your prediction.  I wasn’t too impressed w/Marco Rubio on Bill O’Reilly the other night, Jeb Bush has made some gaffe’s regarding the Iraq War that the main stream press is beating him up on, and Chris Christie is pretty much toast.  The only candidate left is Scott Walker, and the unions will have a field day with him.  Meanwhile Hillary gets passes on the Clinton Foundation & her Server.  Who knows, things can change.

Yes Malloy will certainly take a post in a new Democrat administration leaving his mess to Nancy Wyman.

posted by: Janster57 | May 15, 2015  2:14pm

This whole Malloy as “Democratic Rabid Attack Dog” thing hasn’t even started and already it’s old. Wait to hear his comments once he hits full stride.

posted by: dano860 | May 16, 2015  7:41am

“To treat those folks differently because they live in those communities is patently unfair and if not racist in intent, is racist in its outcome,” Malloy told the CT Post.
This is the premise by which Dannel says the Repubs are ‘RACIST’. By this statement alone I perceive that he wants to do just that, treat these folks differently. Under the ‘second chance’ umbrella wouldn’t this apply to the suburbs as well? Don’t they deserve an equal opportunity?
At that point one would say “dump the whole stupid law”.
I see this differently in that Dannel knows that the ‘Big 4’, Hartford, New Haven , Bridgeport and Stamford carry the Dems in elections and if we further pander to them we can pull off elections like the last one where a ‘bully’ was re-elected, by whom? The Big 4.
In the provided link we can see the breakdown of Connecticut’s population by ethnicity..
The State has a very low percentage of blacks 11.3, Hispanic’s 14.7 and white 81.6. ( ya the math doesn’t seem right but..). Enter in the Big 4 and see the difference. They are in about the 40% figure. The big Dem voter block.
To me this is just more pandering to the primary electorate.
Why don’t they ask the religious leaders of their community if this is a good law? Ask the mothers that show up at the rallies and vigils after one of their sons have been killed if this is a good law? Do they want to accept drugs as a way of life for their children?
To me laws based upon the ‘convenience of color’ are racist. Where you live or the lifestyle you chose shouldn’t give anyone a free pass from the law.
Why was this law first passed? Was it going to be the deterrent for having drugs within 1500’ of a school?
Vet and means test our laws before acting.
Lets hear from the folks in those neighborhoods as well as in the suburbs. It affects us all.

posted by: Biff Winnetka | May 16, 2015  9:20am

The “Racist” charge.  It’s really the only time you can count on the Dems to be transparent.  You just KNOW they will throw that one out there.  And as the 2016 election heats up you’ll hear fewer charges of racism and more charges of “Misogynist”.  It’s laughable.

Malloy doesn’t live in the moment, thinking of how he can best serve his constituents of all races, colors, creeds…

Malloy thinks in the future, HIS future.  His party’s future. 

I’ll say this again…EVERYTHING Malloy has done and will do from the nano second after he was re-elected focuses on two goals.

1. How can he advance his personal viability for national political office/appointment.

2. How can he advance creating a permanent progressive majority in CT.

That’s it folks.  Those are his only two agendas.  Which is why you see Malloy making the kinds of statements attributed to him in the article above.

And in Malloy world, the means, ANY means, justifies those two ends.

posted by: shinningstars122 | May 17, 2015  10:44am


My, my reading through all of these comments you would have thought that Malloy personally called out someone as a racist…but to the majority of you instead choose to allow your own ethnocentric beliefs on race issues in our country cloud you perspective of the greater problem in our state and country.

Plus if any elected Democrat politician shut down the Legislature to run a press conference…well many of you would of had a field day attacking that person as a self promoter of the worst type wasting our tax dollars.

I guess Minority Leader Klarides gets a pass?

Plus the GOP most famous bully politician in the Northeast Chris Christies is adored by too many of you for doing exactly what Malloy did…speaking his mind.

I am quite surprise most by the @Dr’s lack of explaining the failure of the over last 30 years of the War on Drugs.

That is really what that Malloy is referring to. As failed policies, such as mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, supported by both parties and the majority of white Americans have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payer money and have not solved the problem.

Harsher penalties for drug possession of crack cocaine verses powdered cocaine, crack weighs more than powdered
and draconian other drug laws have all contributed to a prison industrial complex, that in 2013 was 57% populated by people of color, that in many states is are privatized and run by for profit companies.

African American women are incarcerated at twice the rate of white women as well.

So @Dano please do us all a greater service and look at the entire picture.

The Democrats are beginning to realize that is you are going to reduce spending you need to change polices.

Incarceration rates for minorities and whites are way to high and other options have to be employed for minor non-violent drug offenses.

Many of you are adamant about cutting spending but ignore the facts on the ground, we could spend way less tax dollars on a variety of other ideas, instead of subsidizing a prison industrial complex.

Clearly Minority Leader Klarides does not have any creative ideas toward these issues and chooses, most dramatically, to embolden herself in nothing short of defensive fear mongering rhetoric.

She should simply look at the actions, over the last four decades, of her national party to see who the real bully in the room is.

Actions do speak louder than words Ms. Klarides

posted by: SocialButterfly | May 17, 2015  3:15pm

@shinningstars122: Like The Rev. Al Sharpton you continually try to add to another chapter on racial unrest beliefs in America which may be stirring the pot of more racial unrest..  Please cite how you are being racially abused since you appear to dwell on the same subject repeatedly? Your racial comments are clearly being overdone and I can’t fathom what is the purpose of continuing your racial dialogue.

posted by: Truth_To_Power | May 17, 2015  4:21pm

thanks to ShiningStar for wasting so much space saying virtually nothing useful. It appears that he/she is competing with politjoe for the ‘puffery’ title.

And Bethy, given the ease with which you attack others I’m beginning to think that ‘Bethy’ is the nom-de-plume for Dan Malloy.

posted by: SocialButterfly | May 17, 2015  8:15pm

@shinningstars122: Why must you continue to dwell on ethnocentric beliefs on racial issues anyway? You actually can be amusing with your flair for word-power.

posted by: dano860 | May 17, 2015  10:23pm

The population of the prison system has nothing to do with whether or not it is privately operated or State run. It has nothing to do with all the racist cops in the country either. It may have something to do with a minority segment of our society breaking the laws established by many factions of politicians.
Persons of color is an apt label to apply to black Americans. To assume that all persons of color are of African lineage is patently wrong. As a matter of fact my Haitian acquaintances despise that moniker. We do have a Halfrican sitting at the top of our political spectrum though, that’s undisputible.
My future daughter in law works at the Niantic Womens Facility, I know full well the situation there.  I have also delivered abused horses to them for their rehab program.
The question still remains, why is a population of fewer than 18% of the country account for greater than 57% of the prison population?
We can agree that there is NO such thing as a ‘War on ANYTHING’. Especially drugs. Watch the show called Drugs Inc. on National Geographic channel.
Making the stuff legal may be a better choice than trying to stop them. Just think our State could be a drugging and gambling Mecca. Think of the tax dollars we can collect (and waste). Business people will be flocking to start operations in our cities and State.
In short the laws on the books today aren’t going to do anything to alleviate problems that exist within our minority society. The 1500’ law is a waste.
As for Dannel’s tactics, he’s Dannel the lawyer, politician, sore loser, ego maniacal, self aggrandized, narcissist that plays Governor of Connecticut. Not much else to say!

posted by: SocialButterfly | May 18, 2015  11:16am

@dano860 Your titled description of Dannel Malloy is thorough and eloquent.
























describtion n of Danel Malloy

posted by: SocialButterfly | May 18, 2015  11:25am

@Bethy: You need to take the advice of Fisherman to correct your misguided assessment of a politically ailing Gov. Dannel Malloy. The writing is on the wall.

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