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Malloy Backs Out Of Appearance With Parent Group

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Posted to: Education

When the Connecticut Parents Union teamed up with Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst is when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy decided not to attend a March 14 rally being sponsored by the group.

“As much as the governor respects people’s rights to be a part of the education dialogue, Ms. Rhee has at times been a divisive figure,“ Malloy’s Senior Communications Adviser Roy Occhiogrosso said Monday. “And the governor is determined to try and have this discussion about education reform in a way that’s not divisive.”

Rhee has not only talked or joked about taping her students mouths shut during her first year of teaching in Baltimore as part of the Teach for America program, but questions have been raised about test scores when she was the chancellor of the Washington D.C. school system.

Rhee is now the head of StudentsFirst a grassroots group which has helped advocate for more than 50 new education policies in more than a handful of states. She teamed up with the Connecticut Parents Union headed by Gwen Samuel a few weeks ago.

The Connecticut Parents Union has been one of the lead advocates in at least two cases where parents have been arrested and charged with “stealing education” for their children when they sent their children to public schools in cities where they didn’t hold residency.

In a press release Monday, Samuel expressed concern about a letter both she and Rhee received from the Office of State Ethics. The letter asked Samuel and Rhee to register with the office if they plan on spending $2,000 or more in lobbying the legislature this session.

Samuel assumed she received the letter because a complaint had been made, but Thomas Jones, the ethics enforcement officer, said in this letter he was asking the group based on “media reports” that the organizations intended to promote education reform.

Click here and here to read more about the Connecticut Parents Union agenda for the legislative session.

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(6) Archived Comments

posted by: brutus2011 | February 21, 2012  9:13am


I agree that the education system is too much about the adults and not enough about the kids.
The facts are that those at the bottom of the hierarchy (paras and teachers) are much more efficient in dollars spent than the layers of management above the classroom.
Also, many parents have been encouraged to see teachers as “just in it for the paycheck.” I actually overheard an administrator try to calm an irate parent by saying just that. (the student in question was a unrepentant bully) I would like to see Ms. Samuels go to the teacher’s unions and offer to have her members and her organization support teachers in the education of their children. Stop uncritically accepting the ed manager’s mantra that it is the teacher’s fault in one form or another. Most people above the classroom have a huge financial incentive to have the general public, including parents, focus mostly on teachers. Parents need to support their teachers and not follow the administrator’s in teacher vilification.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS | February 21, 2012  10:09am

The chickens come home to roost.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS | February 21, 2012  12:48pm

@brutus2011.Google in CTPU face book page and you will see what CTPU is about and that is Blame teachers.


posted by: gsamuel | February 21, 2012  9:04pm

1. For the Record, CTPU still stands 100% percent behind our Governor’s Education Reform plan to give ALL children a fair chance at a great education.
2. As it relates to Mrs. Rhee, everyone is entitled to their opinion. When Ct parents reached out to StudentsFirst for help, SF offered support to CT parents and community, at the grassroots level, to help parents gain access to high quality supports to help meet the educational needs of their children. I don’t know any parent that would refuse the type of help that helps their child succeed in life.  Not one time has Rhee or her staff spoke against the importance of having effective teachers in the classroom.     
3. Again, CTPU is not anti-teacher we are pro student rights.
4.  In closing, the Connecticut Parents Union has been successful so far because families and others, all coming from different political perspectives and economic backgrounds have volunteered their time, effort, and own considerable resources to its success.
Most of all, we have been successful so far because of the many parents and other caregivers, throughout Connecticut and abroad, who say enough is enough.
The Connecticut Parents Union doesn’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, or if you are liberal or conservative. All that we care about is whether you care for our children, and want the best for them. We will work with anyone and everyone who wants equal educational opportunities for all children.

If teachers union leadership would allow parents to be their ally in this fight towards improving education in CT we not be having this conversation. A vast majority of parents are not your enemies. We trust our children with you so help us, as parents, help you get the support you need to keep up the great work many of you do:)

posted by: THREEFIFTHS | February 22, 2012  2:29am

For the Record, CTPU still stands 100% percent behind our Governor’s Education Reform plan to give ALL children a fair chance at a great education.
2. As it relates to Mrs. Rhee, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

What does opinion have to do with facts.It is a fact that Mrs. Rhee tape her students mouths shut.I notice when it came to the scream rooms,Ctpu was all over this and it should have been,But now CTPU has not said one word on Mrs. Rhee Taping her students mouths shut.From what I found out,Most of the students were of color.I Thought CTPU was surpose to protect the rights of Students.

posted by: brutus2011 | February 22, 2012  3:51pm


CTPU states that it is not anti-teacher but pro student rights.
1. Every student has rights.
2. My child’s rights end where your child’s rights begin.
3. This is what some parents just don’t get.

For example, I have a 12 year old that I have trained to know that she is not to be disruptive in school. She knows the ultimate fairness or justice in not depriving a fellow of learning just because she feels like acting out. She also knows that Dad looks first at her social behavior and then at her grades. And she knows that appropriate consequences will follow. Now, does this mean she is a straight-A student? No, but she consistently receives comments from her teachers that she is a pleasure to have in class.
My message to you CTPU is I want to see you show evidence that you really understand what is going in our schools.
And that you really understand about individual rights.

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