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November Marks Lowest Point For Republican Fundraising

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Posted to: Campaign Finance, Election 2014

The Democratic Party ended November with around $550,000 while the Republican Party struggled and owed more money than it had on hand in one of its two fundraising accounts, according to federal campaign finance reports.

Both parties file monthly fundraising reports on their federal accounts with the Federal Election Commission. The Republican Party reported having about $7,100 in cash at the end of November, but they also reported owing $7,500 in debt and other obligations. Democrats reported owing about $7,600 against the $556,000 in cash at the end of the month.

The money from the federal account supports the operations of the party and the campaigns of federal candidates.

State Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. called the November report a “snapshot of the lowest point” in the party’s fundraising year. He said December has so far been been a strong month and he was confident the party would end the year in the black.

“Democrats have leapt to a big lead with [Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy] aggressively shaking down special interest groups in and outside the state of Connecticut on behalf of the state party,” he said. “It will take a few months, but I’m confident that over time we will close that gap.”

A spokeswoman for the Democratic Party declined to comment for this story.

Malloy, who is expected to run for re-election next year, has been actively fundraising for the state Democratic Party. While contributions to the party have soared, fundraising efforts have led to some controversy recently as the party has accepted large donations from people who work for businesses connected to state government.

Earlier this month the party returned a $10,000 check after it was discovered that the donor runs the parent company of the contractor that operates the Hartford XL Center and Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

Labriola said it has been a challenging fundraising environment for Republicans. He had stopped collecting his salary earlier this month to ensure the party did not have a cash flow problem, but said he plans to resume taking his pay.

Even with the cash disparity, Labriola said he was optimistic about next year’s gubernatorial race.

“Malloy spends half his time as a spin doctor for Connecticut’s failing economy and the other half cheerleading for Obamacare. I like our chances,” he said.

The party’s state fundraising account reports aren’t expected out until Jan. 10.

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(16) Archived Comments

posted by: art vandelay | December 24, 2013  12:59pm

art vandelay

Why would any Conservative in their right mind contribute to a political party that is irrelevant and with no direction.  The Republican Party is controlled by RINO’S who only capitulate to the Progressive Democrats.  They have no plan to capture the “Minority Vote” which is critical and have just written them off.  They are loosing the rural vote and the young.  The Republicans need a MAJOR housecleaning if they ever expect to make serious strides in this state.

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 24, 2013  2:52pm

Unlike Gov. Malloy—the Republicans are PROCURING THEIR FUNDS HONESTLY and are not using taxpayer money to raise their large
campaign money arsenal.

posted by: GoConnecticut | December 24, 2013  7:41pm

Go Republicans!  You can buy a pretty good used car with that $7,100.  Put a sign on it and there you go: political campaign on wheels.

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 25, 2013  11:57am

Art:  The truth is that the Republicans must find a way to capture the deciding big-city welfare vote—which the Democrats have in
in their back pocket to win state elections.  A taxpayer paid “Minority vote” is almost impossible to overcome.  This welfare vote was manufactured by former State Democratic Party Chief John Bailey—who paid them to move to Connecticut from southern state’s—for a larger welfare check—and now their great grandchildren are still voting Democratic and winning state elections.  You can’t honestly blame the GOP RINO’S for capitulating to Progressive Democrats.  Since when are Democratic welfare voters progressive—other than winning state elections?

posted by: Joebigjoe | December 25, 2013  10:54pm

I’ll donate when they get a real candidate for governor. Not one cent for what they have now

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 26, 2013  11:08am

GoConnecticut:  You are
e a jokester?  Not a good idea. If you drive it through our welfare districts—the vehicle will probably get stoned—“to defend Democratic prosperity in these areas.”

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 26, 2013  11:25am

JoeBigJoe: You didn’t have to donate to fund Dannel Malloy’s campaign—as he used taxpayer money—and is still using it to fund the Democratic party—big time!  Raising political cash is one job that our beloved governor exceeds at.

posted by: art vandelay | December 26, 2013  2:20pm

art vandelay

You’re 100% Correct.  The Republicans need to get into the trenches and turn the voters around instead of writing them off.

posted by: Lawrence | December 26, 2013  11:24pm

Guys I love you, but please read the front page of today’s (Thursday Dec. 26) Wall Street Journal.


And, judging from your regular comments, that is you.

Democrats spent a few decades moving to the center. Now it is the Republicans’ turn. Either that, or drown in the tar pits and let some political science major do a thesis paper on you in 40 years at Obama University. Your choice.

And, no—this is not some secret left-wing liberal cabal spreading disinformation in the blogosphere. This is your own national party leaders talking. Just read the story.

posted by: Joebigjoe | December 27, 2013  9:33am

Lawrence I read that yesterday and it made me sick. I honestly don’t even know what to say, because there is so much to say I can’t make sense of it in my own head and reconcile it with how much we are taxed, how much our kids will be taxed, etc.

As “cray cray” as it sounds it almost sounds like what the Bilderberg type conspiracy groups have been saying and that is we are headed for one world government and the US is the last domino to fall. It’s like the people that run the Republican party have gotten word to go along or face the consequences.

I would rather have a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul run for President and lose to Hilary Clinton and educate America in the process than a RINO win that wouldn’t be much different than Hilary.

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 27, 2013  11:18am

Lawrence:  Get a better source than your slanted information story.  The Wall Street Journal is controlled by the same billionaires who propped Barack Obama into office. If the Journal wrote that Republicans and the Tea Party got Obama elected —you, as a captive Democrat—would believe it.

posted by: Joebigjoe | December 27, 2013  12:07pm

I dont know Stan. I read the Journal every day and not sure they propelled that community disorganizer into office. Maybe they did by supporting Romney who was a horrible candidate though.

What this country needs is a conservative economic newspaper for the masses that dont understand how business and the world works, but at a very dumbed down level that they can learn each time they read the paper, not be overwhelmed by the terms they dont understand, and make them feel good about coming back each day to read more.

Hmmm….The Main Street Journal

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 27, 2013  12:54pm

Lawrence: Why isn’t the Wall Street Journal pressing Barack Obama to produce a valid social security number—after efforts to get him to disclose an honest and true birth certificate failed?  Why is it that Democrat’s like you and others choose to ignore this subject—“because they do not want to rock the boat of our national Democratic political control?”

posted by: SocialButterfly | December 27, 2013  4:11pm

Joebigjoe:  You described our White House elected-occupant very eloquently as “White House disorganizer.” He is leaving our country in a state of disarray, also—based on his empty performance job resume—that voters accepted blindly—in two presidential elections.  We did it to ourselves!

posted by: Lawrence | December 27, 2013  8:09pm

Stan, if that’s true I would be a bit concerned, but I haven’t heard that. I believe the WSJ editorial board leans a little right, but their reporting is pretty solid and defensible.

America needs a strong diversity of political opinions to ensure the best representation in Congress and elsewhere; I think the GOP is in a process of re-tooling to appeal to a more economically, socially and diverse country.

But it is still America, an America for Stan and joebigjoe and Art and everybody, and it is a wonderful, wonderful country full of freedom and opportunity. So I expect the GOP will remain a vibrant and active party.

posted by: Lawrence | December 27, 2013  8:14pm

And Stan, not that it matters—because our comments don’t amount to anything—but I was an unaffiliated voter for a quarter-century, only registered as a Democrat because of what Republicans in Washington were doing. But I see more sides of issues than what I write here, which is mostly just trying to balance what I see as a very, very conservative collection of story comments. It’s all in good fun. Please vote for an support whoever you like!

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