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Poll: Connecticut Voters Support Stricter Gun Control Laws, Medical Marijuana

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Hugh McQuaid photo (Updated 11:23 a.m.) From gun control laws to marijuana and the death penalty, Connecticut voters have not swayed far from their previous positions on the issues, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

The poll found 56 percent of voters support the stricter gun laws passed by the legislature in 2013. But that support comes with wide partisan and gender gaps.

Eighty-one percent of Democrats and 54 percent of unaffiliated voters support stricter gun control laws, while 69 percent of Republicans opposed it. Asked if they could still vote for a candidate who disagreed with them on the issue of gun control, 65 percent of voters said they could, while just 27 percent said they couldn’t.

“For a quarter of the population it is a big deal,” Quinnipiac University Poll Director Doug Schwartz said. “It certainly could affect the governor’s race.”

He said those who would vote based only on the gun control laws favored the new laws, which bodes well for Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

“Overall, public opinion is on the side of the new gun control laws,” Schwartz said. “It would appear the pro-gun control folks have the advantage on intensity. In that sense, it does seem to be an issue that would favor Gov. Malloy.”

Voters also supported having armed guards in schools. Very few Connecticut schools went this route after the Sandy Hook shooting, but the poll found 49 percent support armed guards, while 44 percent opposed the idea. Support for metal detectors was overwhelming. A total of 82 percent support metal detectors in schools.

The poll also found that Connecticut voters continue to support the death penalty even though the state repealed it in 2012. The poll found voters support the death penalty 58 percent, but remain divided with 47 percent approving and 49 percent disapproving when asked if they would support replacing it with life in prison without parole.

“Despite the botched execution in Oklahoma, we haven’t seen any change in support for the death penalty in Connecticut: 58 percent still support the death penalty, but are divided when given a choice between the death penalty and life without parole,” Schwartz said.


Connecticut voters maintained their disapproval of the bingo-style game of keno. The poll found 67 percent oppose bringing keno into the state. The legislature decided to repeal the game after including it as a last-minute measure to balance the state budget.


Ninety percent of voters approve of medical marijuana. Connecticut’s dispensaries will be up and running this summer. As for allowing people, who don’t have medical conditions, to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use, the poll found 52 percent of voters support it.

When that question is broken down by demographics the poll found that 18- to 29-year-old voters support the idea 80-20 percent, while voters over 65 years old are opposed, 61-34 percent. Men back recreational marijuana 54-42 percent, with women divided 49-48 percent.

Forty-seven percent of those surveyed admitted trying marijuana.

Minimum Wage

Connecticut was the first state to heed President Barack Obama’s call to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and it’s an issue Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is hoping will boost his re-election chances.

The poll found 72 percent of voters support increasing the minimum wage. Ninety-four percent of Democrats support it and 70 percent of unaffiliated voters. Republicans are divided with 47 percent in favor and 50 percent opposed.

“Connecticut was the first state in the nation to raise its minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and nearly three quarters of voters back this increase,” Schwartz said.

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(15) Archived Comments

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 12, 2014  9:46am

I’ll add another poll to this discussion.

CNN, not Fox News, has a new poll out that says 12% of Americans think that Obamacare is a big success.

This falls right into what I have said on a number of issues. 10-15% of the people out there, on the left, really have something wrong with the way their brains see things.

This is not to be confused with the 40% that support Obamacare because it’s reasonable to “like the concept and hope is works well for the country” and you want to see more of how it plays out. I don’t agree with that but I can see how people can have hope for it because of what they think it is.

However, anyone thinking today that it’s a big success today really is in a fantasy world and are showing that they are capable of buying into anything the government tells to think. Scary.

posted by: bob8/57 | May 12, 2014  11:48am


Free the weed, legalize!

posted by: GBear423 | May 12, 2014  12:07pm


Its not buying into what govt tells them, just what democrats tell them. 
Whereas myself, I do not trust any Party/Politician. Not until I see a consistant voting record and some actual work on issues that matter.
What I find dismaying is the willingness to give up liberties for preceived safety. Tighter restrictions on gun ownership and metal detectors in schools will only leave homeowners defenseless and will add more to already high education budgets.
Some serious consequences for breaking current Gun Laws and those who bring weapons to a school would go further to keeping kids safe.

posted by: art vandelay | May 12, 2014  12:23pm

art vandelay

The government gave us Social Security back in 1935. People retiring with 401K’s and IRA’s are living more comfortably on others relying solely on Social Security.  Social Security for those who do not have their heads in the sand is bankrupt. The government gave us the US Postal Service.  It too is growing in red ink while UPS & Fedex continually show profits for their investors. The same holds true for Medicare & Medicaid. What makes anyone think Obamacare will be any different.  Our country would have been far better off if the private sector were allowed to operate a health care plan for all to access.

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 12, 2014  2:39pm

Art, I guess Tim Geitner (who I am not a fan of) has stated in his book that’s coming out that he was told to lie about Social Security to the American people by the White House.

These people are dangerous in what they will say or do for their agenda.

I was watching a new YouTube video the other day by the hacker group Anonymous about homeless people being carted off to Fema-like camps where they arent allowed to leave. I recommend it.

I guess all my right wing conspiracy stuff is coming together nicely. Anonymous is in no way a right wing group. 

Lets focus on Keno, Dope, and giving people another dollar an hour as the shiny objects while our Constitution is stripped.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | May 12, 2014  3:28pm

Within the last two weeks I have seen two articles on the hazards of casual marijuana use:

1.) One linking early onset of psychosis: http://www.bmj.com/content/325/7374/1212
2.) and second the increase risk of cardiac and stroke risk: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-heart-attack-stroke-marijuana-20140423-story.html
3.) The American Lung association lists the high risk of inhaling carcinogens, etc.: http://www.lung.org/stop-smoking/about-smoking/health-effects/
4.) A host of other issues: http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/marijuana/the-harmful-effects.html

So yes let’s legalize it and keep pushing the crap including alcohol on our kids. It is doing wonders for our society. One footnote, isn’t a big surprise that our young adults are overwhelmingly for legalization and will be until they are in their middle ages suffering the effects of the long term use. Semper Fi!

posted by: The Batman | May 12, 2014  5:38pm

The Batman

Yeah Joebigjoe! This story has nothing to do with Obamacare but let’s pretend it does. Is your argument that 10-15% of people must be wrong because they called the law a success?

Couldn’t some of that percentage be people who literally couldn’t buy health insurance before because of pre-existing conditions? Seems like those people might consider the law successful.

But your probably right. More likely those same low information voters who keep insisting Obama was born in the US. It’s like they’re not even listening to Donald Trump or something.

posted by: The Batman | May 12, 2014  5:44pm

The Batman

Hey Joe! Doesn’t this poll also remind you of Benghazi? Sure does me. Scary.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | May 12, 2014  10:52pm

The ACA will be just fine, find something else to cry about.

Save the bales!


posted by: art vandelay | May 13, 2014  5:53am

art vandelay

We also need to start taking a close financial look at the Fast Track (Busway) & Jackson Labs Projects before the election. The Connecticut Main Stream Press need to keep their their fingers on the button.  There is way too much money involved with these projects.  In New York, Governor Cumo shut down an oversight committee keeping tabs on the Tappan Zee Bridge Project.  The project is only in the preliminary stages & is WAY over budget. Fast Track is 3/4 complete and we hear NOTHING except how good it will be.  We did not learn about the graft & corruption that went into the John Dempsey (UConn Medical Center) until it was complete.  Same for the I-84 Cheshire widening project.  Why should Fast Track or Jackson Labs be any different.  I think these projects SHOULD be looked at closely.  My hunch is that the public will hush hush until after the election.  I could be wrong, but I think the public should be entitled to look at the books on both projects before the election just to make things everything is on the up and up.

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 13, 2014  7:29am

You are proving my point Caped Crusader.

I said “This is not to be confused with the 40% that support Obamacare because it’s reasonable to “like the concept and hope is works well for the country” and you want to see more of how it plays “

That was basically the second option for people to choose.

The term again used by CNN was “Big Success.”

I guess someone would have to be oblivious to all the rollout issues to be in that 10-15% which proves my point.

There have been massive issues, delays, lies that have half the country mad, and lack of basic data as part of this launch so your pre-existing example would be the person who is happy but knows there are issues.

Or…maybe the 10-15% is the group that basically says on alot of issues discussed on this board and that is “I GOT MINE THE HECK WITH THE COUNTRY!”

Trust me, you dont want to go down the Benghazi path with me. Plus, over 60 percent of Americans think that the White House lied or is hiding something so not sure how that equates to 10-15%.

posted by: Michele | May 13, 2014  8:59am

I love the percentage that support the insane, unconstitutional gun-control laws this state enacted last year. Since driving gun manufacturers and much of the more conservative population out of the state, the number of conservative vs. liberal individuals polled would, of course, indicate widespread support for anything the Democratic Party does. This is all politicking. Show support for the Democratic Party’s overstepping agenda as we approach mid-term elections to attempt to weaken any chance anyone that is NOT liberal from being elected. Marginalize anyone opposing the liberal agenda. Quiet their voices. Silence the opposition. Yes, this is the New America, or at least Connecticut’s version of it. The queue to leave the state is long. I, and many other moderates along with hordes of conservatives, are leaving as soon as we can sell our real estate (hoping there is someone to buy it off of us so we can leave for more democratic parts).

posted by: mmal231294 | May 13, 2014  9:34am

Thanks for the morning chuckles Joe. Leave it to an angry old white man(AKA Fox News watcher)to take an article about about Pot and guns and awkwardly segue into the ACA. LOL! How did Cletus the fetus not make it into the conversation yet? But but….Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi!!!

posted by: LongJohn47 | May 13, 2014  5:01pm

Art—your comments on Social Security are hard to take seriously.  The “market solution” to aging prior to the New Deal was destitution for many. 

Social Security lifted millions of seniors out of poverty.  Here’s just one of hundreds of studies that prove the point.  http://www.nber.org/bah/summer04/w10466.html

In addition, the two programs you mention, 401(k) and IRAs, are also federal government programs that prompt greater personal savings through tax benefits.

You mention the US Post office is running a deficit, but you fail to say that they’re forced by Congress to carry unprofitable services, like junk mail, providing indirect tax-payer subsidies to businesses.  If they were allowed to run like FedEx they would make a profit, but then millions of rural customers would have no public mail service and Saturday delivery would be a thing of the past.

posted by: dano860 | May 14, 2014  7:59am

LJ47, totally agree with you.
Congress has no business being in the P.O.‘s operations. They need to get competitive and do as you suggest, drop Saturday and eliminate a bunch of owned or leased brick and mortar ‘offices’. Annual payment for RR delivery would work too but that would mandate dropping the junk mail business, at least for me.
The SS system would be in better shape if Congress wasn’t allowed to dip into the account for extra spending cash. It would seem that government (Congress) shouldn’t and can’t run a business, wait that seems to hold some truth right down to the local level of government business operations.

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