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Republicans Release A Budget, But Will Anyone Take Notice?

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Christine Stuart photo Republican legislative leaders in the House and Senate unveiled an alternative budget that nonpartisan fiscal analysts say will slightly decrease the deficit in future years.

The Republican budget doesn’t eliminate the more than $939 million deficit in 2016, but it reduces it by $34 million. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget and the budget put forth by the legislature’s two budget writing committees increase the deficit in 2016 by about $130 million and $181 million, according to nonpartisan fiscal analysts.

But it’s unlikely the Republican budget will get very far. With no seat at the negotiating table, Republican legislative leaders are left to pitch their ideas to the public or any Democratic lawmaker who will listen.

In order to balance the budget, Republicans propose eliminating about $336.8 million of what they described as gimmicks in the Democratic budgets. They said one of those “gimmicks” is the $155 million in surplus funds Malloy wants to give back to taxpayers. Malloy proposed giving $55 checks to about 2.7 million taxpayers with surplus funds from this year’s budget. The legislature’s two budget writing committees kept the proposal in their budgets.

If Republicans had a say they would eliminate the state Earned Income Tax Credit, which was established in 2011. The budget allocates about $120 million a year toward the credit that goes back to the working poor, who don’t necessarily pay income taxes.

Cafero said the governor established the program claiming he wanted to help the working poor at the same time as he increased the sales tax and eliminated the tax exemption on over-the-counter-drugs.

“He gaveth with one hand then took away with the other and claimed we’re helping out the working poor,” Cafero said. “The working poor who had to drive their car and pay higher gas taxes. Who had to get aspirin and cough medicine over the counter and paid taxes for the first time. Who tried to put clothing and footwear on their kids and had to pay a tax on it.”

He said Republicans would restore those tax exemptions to where they had been for decades.

Ben Barnes, Malloy’s budget director, said the most “troubling” aspect of the Republican proposal is the elimination of the Earned Income Tax Credit. He said Ronald Reagan called the program “the best antipoverty, the best pro-family, the best job creation measure to come out of Congress.”

The state program is a percentage of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. Economists widely believe the credit gets spent immediately in the local economy because the people who receive it don’t earn enough money to save it.

“But the governor won’t sit there and say the $1.8 billion he took out of the economy in higher taxes hurt jobs,” Sen. John McKinney, R-Fairfield, said. “People in the real world don’t believe adding that money creates jobs and taking $1.8 billion out doesn’t hurt jobs and the economy.”

McKinney was referring to Malloy’s tax increase during his first year in office. It was the second largest increase in the state’s history behind the 1991 establishment of the income tax.

But Barnes wasn’t buying the rhetoric.

“After months of grandstanding, Republicans in the legislature have once again failed to produce an actual budget proposal, instead choosing to issue a political document that’s heavy on rhetoric, but devoid of any actual detail,” Barnes said in a statement. It “contains $54.8 million in phantom spending cuts that are not detailed anywhere. Finally, it does all this and yet their bottom line spending is less than 0.1 percent different from the governor’s proposed budget. So much for cutting spending.”

The Republican budget increases funding by about $199 million in some areas, but it cuts about $226.7 million in current spending and eliminates about $54.8 million in spending through policy reductions.

It also further reduces the state’s debt burden by paying off the 2009 Economic Recovery Notes.

The Democrats borrowed close to $1 billion back in 2009 in order to help balance the budget. Instead of paying off the last $196 million of those Economic Recovery Notes, the Democratic budgets delay payment until 2018.

Cafero said that’s wrong, which is why the Republican budget finds the money to pay off that debt.

Republicans also believe it was wrong to raid the municipal revenue sharing program established in 2011 by the increase in the sales tax.

Republicans proposed restoring the fund and adding back $26 million. Municipalities like the fund because it’s one of a few unrestricted funds available.

Like Barnes, House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, D-Hamden, wasn’t impressed with the Republican proposal even though municipal revenue sharing is an idea he embraces.

“It is typical Republican fare — targets the poor and middle class, and claims illusory spending cuts,” Sharkey said. “The reality is that the legislature and the governor have put together a budget that’s balanced, pays down debt, saves for the future, and puts some money back in the pockets of hard working families.”

The General Assembly has until May 7 to send a budget to Malloy.

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(38) Archived Comments

posted by: joemanc | April 17, 2014  3:22pm

Meanwhile, local taxes are going up in my town, and as far as I can tell, all 6 towns that border mine. But nobody wants to talk about that…must be an election year…that $55 rebate won’t even cover a gas fillup. Is it any wonder that more people leave CT each year than enter?

posted by: Noteworthy | April 17, 2014  5:32pm

Sad Notes:

1. Not including republicans at the budget table is bad manners, bad form and does nothing to hearing all good ideas so that we, the people are best served.

2. The state budget is not balanced, uses gimmicks as Barnes and Sharkey both know.

3. Pretending there is a surplus when the very next year is a billion dollar deficit shows how unbalanced our state is.

4. $55 give back to taxpayers is insulting and will hardly buy a good meal. Keep it, pay down debt.

5. If the earned income credit was such a good idea, then why has it not eliminated poverty? Or even put much of a dent in it? It was nothing but a switcheroo - and that’s insulting as well.

6. Democrat leaders in this state need to quit treating taxpayers like mushrooms - kept in the dark, and fed shxt - and quit pretending that the only good ideas are ones blessed by those with a “D” behind their names. Some of the dumbest ideas, like the billion dollar recession bond they refuse to pay off are just one of them. If you only talk and consider ideas from those who agree with you, how do you know you are actually implementing the very best ideas? Clue: You don’t.

posted by: Lawrence | April 17, 2014  6:21pm

Ah, but Joemanc, Republicans had no problem approving a tax rebate in the 1998 election year, did they? Every single one—including Rep, Cafero—voted for it then.

So, what’s different today?

Same debt burden, almost exactly the same budget surplus—only now, a Democrat is proposing the rebate, instead of GOP God John Rowland.

Now CT Republicans also want to raise taxes $121 million on 182,000 households in CT while spending almost the exact same amount as Gov. Malloy and using all that hated, hated new income tax revenue that they all voted against and have been trying to use as re-election fodder ever since—BUT THE REPULICANS JUST CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT.

Kinda like how Republicans (nearly 100%) vote against bonding bills because it’s ‘wasteful,’ then put out press release welcoming all the ‘great’ state bonding for their pet projects in their own districts. 

At least Democrats have the GUTS to walk their talk.

Is it any wonder Republicans are a permanent minority in Connecticut?

posted by: Lawrence | April 17, 2014  6:48pm

Noteworthy, if these ideas were all so great, why not introduce them as budget bills and get a public hearing on them? You know, “the process.”

If the GOP hates taxes and fees so much, why slam Democrats for passing them, then use them in the GOP budget to balance all your spending? Why not just present a budget with $1.8 billion less in revenue, and $1.8 billion in cuts?

I dare you, and them, to present that budget. The problem is, it can’t be done AND STILL BE ELECTED TO GOVERN THIS STATE.

That’s why GOP leadership put out no alternative biennial budget last year for the first time in six years. With both at the time thinking of running for governor, there are no brownie points to be earned on the chicken dinner circuit explaining why you gutted most every single state program in existence just so you can say on a palm card that you “held the line on taxes” blah blah blah.

And to continue paying for all their spending desires and revenue re-shuffling by taxing the working poor? Nearly 2,000 Households in Sen. McKinney’s district received an EITC last year, and 4,500 in Rep. Cafero’s. 180,000+ statewide. Wow.

At least they didn’t dare try cutting the Citizen’s Election Fund, like they usually do. I mean, we fiscal conservatives know it’s all a huge waste and everything, and no one—ESPECIALLY REPUBLICANS—ever uses it… right?

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 17, 2014  8:20pm

@Lawrence; Democratic voters like you are the reason that Republicans are the temporary minority party in the state. However, with no business or jobs, and massive taxation - even loyal Democrats not on state public dole—will be voting Republican on Election Day.  Your designated political heroes have bled the state dry and voters will show their displeasure by voting out the failed Malloy political machine. The writing is on the wall.  Malloy’s negative job approval ratings will come back to derail his vote as voters do not tend to elect a politician with a performance failure job resume.

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | April 17, 2014  8:22pm

Jodie Rell Used to include the Republicans.  She was nice.  Oh yea.  She also left office with a $3.6 billion deficit.

posted by: art vandelay | April 17, 2014  8:53pm

art vandelay

I don’t even know why the Republicans waste their time with such efforts in futility.
They spent countless hours crafting an alternative budget back in 2011.  They had a number of public meetings on it one of which I attended which was a total farce.  Until the Republicans gain majorities in the House & Senate plus the Governor’s Chair, the only thing they can do is sit back and take it.  They have ZERO power in this state.
It sickens me when the Republicans say they have “bipartisanship”.  In reality they don’t. When it comes to taxes, the budget or any progressive piece of legislation, the Republicans continually get kicked in the teeth and do NOTHING about it.

posted by: art vandelay | April 17, 2014  8:57pm

art vandelay

How many times do you have to get bitten by a pit bull to realize it’s time to fight back?
Republicans never learned.  They keep thinking the Democrats will play nice with them in the sand box.  Problem is Democrats keep stealing all the toys and the Republicans think the Democrats might just give them one to play with.  Wake up!  They WON’T.

posted by: joemanc | April 17, 2014  9:31pm

“...almost exactly the same budget surplus—only now, a Democrat is proposing the rebate, instead of GOP God John Rowland. “
The same surplus??? Lawrence - please check your numbers - when we had surpluses, they began with a B. Although, they were a sham then, and they are a sham now. The surpluses are built on capital gains from Wall Street. If you remember, we had an internet stock market bubble under your god Bill Clinton. Then we had the Bush housing bubble, and we’re building up the next one under Obama. Phony surpluses. Enjoy them while they last.
By the way, what exactly has your buddy Malloy done for the middle class? To me, in order to afford living in this state, you need to be wealthy, or very poor as the government pays for basically everything. The people leaving this state are the ones paying the bills. And I’ll be next.

posted by: Bethy | April 17, 2014  11:20pm


this budget is a HUGE scam..who do you think you’re fooling?????? what your budget fails to list is ALL the programs that you’re trying to eliminate!!  once again, you’re pulling your little hidden, sutble tricks that harm the working class citizens in connecticut…Mr. Cafero, reveal what you’re hiding!!!  yah can’t fool me.

posted by: Lawrence | April 18, 2014  8:22am

Stan—“massive taxation”?? Your Republican Party yesterday just put their stamp of approval on “massive taxation” by using every single penny of it in their proposed budget!

What they offered was not an alternative but a few “tweaks”—some good, some bad.

Three things to take away from yesterday’s sideshow:

1) The GOP cannot make a state budget without the tax revenue they have been screaming about for three years. So that issue is now dead.

2) The GOP alternative was within hundredths of a percentage point of the governor’s and Democratic spending plan. So their claim of ‘tax and spend’ Democrats and having another way to do state business is now dead.

3. Republicans can always be counted on to represent the 1% and to insult and demean people with low annual incomes. It is a form of right-wing prejudice that runs like a virus through their veins.

Now let’s see what TOM FOLEY has to say about the GOP budget plan—I’m sure he can do better. Just like last time, remember? Tom Foley’s plan was not to raise taxes or cut spending… CT’s economy would magically pick up after he was elected, and we’d add back all the 100,000 jobs lost in a Wall-Street fueled national recession, and all those EXTRA INCOME TAXES (which Republicans claim they hate) would make our state whole.

Foley is a fraud, through and through.

What I want to see is a Republican alternative budget that WALKS THEIR TALK: 1) roll back taxes and fees several years, 2) fully fund pension obligations, 3) pay off the debt 4) meet existing legal and contractual obligations, 5) do it all according to GAAP.

That’s what they complain about, that’s what they demand, that’s what they say they can do.

Do it, or stop complaining. They didn’t do it yesterday; could they ever?

But again, maybe Tom Foley has the answer… which he’s not sharing with Republican primary voters… or at candidate debates… or at GOP town committee delegate meetings…or with the press….

posted by: joemanc | April 18, 2014  8:43am

“you’re pulling your little hidden, sutble tricks that harm the working class citizens in Connecticut”
Bethy - and Malloy isn’t? Wake up. He’s giving tax breaks to billion dollar hedge funds and Fortune 500 companies. It used to be called Trickle Down Economics under Reagan. When Malloy does it, it’s called Economic Development. Remember those bus tours to the houses of the CEO’s whose companies got bailed out? Where are those bus tours now?

posted by: Lawrence | April 18, 2014  9:06am

“It sickens me when the Republicans say they have “bipartisanship”.  In reality they don’t.”

Art, in the past dozen years, through three governors, on average Senate Republicans have voted WITH Democrats on 7 out of every 8 bills. That’s 85% bipartisan votes. So please accept that and factor that into your thought process.

The complaint that IF ONLY Republicans had “a seat at the table” they would then support a budget put together by a Democratic majority and a Democratic governor is ludicrous beyond comprehension.

Rest assured that there are many, many Republican spending priorities, “rats” and “favors” in this Democratic budget.

Now, assume that every single Republican revenue and spending proposal put forth yesterday was included in the governor’s/democratic budget to be voted on before the end of session.

Tell me, Art: would the CT Republicans vote for it?

The answer is NO.

The question—THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION—then becomes, “Why not?”

Seek an answer to that question, Art, and you will find new worlds of peace and understanding.

P.S.  I love your screen name.

posted by: dano860 | April 18, 2014  9:52am

Art is correct again, Republicans stop right now! We will never make a difference and the Democrats are doing a great job of getting Ct. to be #1 in highest taxation. We’re only #2 so we have to try harder.
I like the story yesterday that showed the numbers of people working and paying taxes Vs the takers. It was almost 2-1 takers over makers.
Yup, we need to follow their lead. Oh, and follow the employers south also.

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 18, 2014  10:05am

@Lawrence: Even on Good Friday—you preach twice written political hatred comments. Happy Easter anyway—even though you obviously do not observe the Easter Holiday, it’s pehaps a good time time for you to repent.

posted by: Lawrence | April 18, 2014  10:30am

Stan, your false Christian piety is so touching. “Happy Easter, even though you don’t deserve it.” It perfectly exemplifies the cynicism of so many right-wing Republicans, claiming to be good Christians and representing the message of Jesus on Earth and then engaging in the most extreme types of hatred and prejudice—especially against the poor.

Perhaps among your friends you have an “amen chorus,” but your preaching to me has no effect. 

Now I wish you a peaceful and reflective Good Friday and a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with the joys of Him and with bright hopes for the future.

And I will remind myself again to live the message: kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 18, 2014  12:31pm

@Lawrence:  Why do you wish me a Happy Easter—“even though I do not deserve it.” Let the Lord decide the deserving at Easter—even though you attempted to flower up your Easter attack later in your commentary. Again, a sincere and compassionate Easter to you with all of the Lord’s blessings he has bestowed on both of us.

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 18, 2014  12:46pm

@NotthatMichaelBrown; Your Easter message stated only a half-truth with Gov. M. Jodi Rell leaving a $3.6 billion dollar deficit. You forgot to give credit to the Democratically controlled General Assembly under Gov. Rell also left us with a $3.6 billion dollar deficit. Happy Easter to you.

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | April 18, 2014  3:19pm

@Stan Muzyk - I agree with you if your point is that a fiscally responsible Democratic Governor is only way to keep the Democratic legislature from over spending.  BTW.  Rell signed that budget into law.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 18, 2014  5:08pm

The Dems have driven this state into the ground. The problem is that one day, the people will realize it and Republicans will barely squeak into office all over this state, but people will give them one term to fix decades of destruction.

This appeared in a number of places with varying depths of analysis, but not only CT, but this country is in big trouble. I’d love to know the CT numbers and a smart Republican candidate in all races statewide should know them as well.


posted by: gutbomb86 | April 19, 2014  11:53am


@bigjoe - as always, wrong in your basic assumptions.

The conservatives are so quick to take a new talking point from Rush, hook-line-and-sinker…

To wit - the “takers” vs. “me” meme that has become popular among the hateful…

Ask yourself, who is really doing the taking? The billionaire types who are not satisfied with hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare and still move their money off shore? Or is it the folks who can’t get by on their wages and need the safety net?

The answer is obvious, or it *should* be to people who are able to grasp reality. The ethnic and class-based bias in the “taker” meme is obvious. The ignorance and lack of morality in the “taker” meme is obvious.

Wake up. You’re being robbed blind not by the democrats or the poor… it’s the people who *tell you what to think* on AM radio and Fox News. Wake up. They are the problem, not the poor. Nor are the democrats the problem, but you’ll continue to use them as a scapegoat as long as you can I’m sure. You are being robbed blind and apparently are content to allow it to continue. But hey at least you’ve got your guns.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 19, 2014  12:29pm

Gutbomb thanks so much for the comedy.

God bless you, your partner, and your entire family. Happy Easter.

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 19, 2014  3:50pm

@NotthatMichaelBrown: I agree with you. A fiscally irresponsible Gov. Malloy pushes the Democratic legislature to overspend—without resistance—as he follows the ideology of his mentor—Pres. Obama. What else is new? We can’t win—but we can have a Happy Easter with the Lord’s blessings we all receive. Wishing you and all a Happy Easter.

posted by: joemanc | April 19, 2014  8:55pm

@gutbomb86 - What is the name of the party that Malloy is associated with? I ask, because he has been giving quite a bit of corporate welfare to the same billionaires you pooh poohed. Who needs to wake up again? Look in the mirror.

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 20, 2014  9:31am

@NotthatMichaelBrown:  I trust you are taking a break from political rhetoric and enjoying your Easter.

posted by: dano860 | April 20, 2014  9:45am

Sometimes facts do confuse the issue:

posted by: gutbomb86 | April 21, 2014  11:58am


@bigjoe - my “partner”? What a hoot! That reads like you’re attempting to dig yourself deeper into the hate mine, joe! When people disagree with you or otherwise tear you to shreds with facts in the comments, you seem to feel the need to attempt to label them as one of the groups you hate. So I guess we’ll add gay people to that list now.

@joemanc - could not agree more about the corporate welfare stuff that the Malloy administration has been engaging in. Nevertheless, conservatives and Republicans have been far less responsible with our money when it comes to taxation. They wrote the book on corporate welfare.

@dano - I think you missed the point I made up there in the thread because you went and offered the same B.S. link that joe offered. REALITY is very simple - wealth is now concentrated in the hands of a tiny few, to your detriment, and the corporate welfare takers drain far more than any of the so-called “takers” that Rush wants you to blame.

posted by: dano860 | April 21, 2014  12:55pm

I never listen to Rush, we don’t have any stations that carry him here in the East.
The big guys at the top put me and far too many of us to work for too many years for me to attack them. The food chain usually leads right back to them. I consider many of the wealthy my friends and would never begrudge them what they have earned. I went to school with a couple of them and I had the same opportunities so how can I say what’s theirs is mine.
This country is open for anyone willing to work for it. They deserve to keep what they have earned.
When you look at the lazy, uneducated or system a users it becomes evident that we have created a lifestyle not a safety net. Far too many people earn their living catering to them and they have no desire to work. As I have said before I have a family member in DCF and the stories they can tell are disgusting.

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | April 21, 2014  1:54pm

@dano860 - Monday through Friday
12 Noon to 3PM
Danbury, WLAD-AM 800
Groton, WXLM-AM 980
Hartford, WTIC-AM 1080
New Haven, WELI-AM 960

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 21, 2014  2:12pm

I’m sorry Gutbomb. I must have been confusing you with another left winger on this site.

Not sure why you jumped to the gay thing though because I thought you were unmarried. If I thought you had a male partner I would have said that.

As for the link that wasnt a Rush link. That was information from the US Census.

Do I disagree on the “wealth being concentrated at the top” comment you made? For once not really.

However assuming you are somewhere in that middle to upper middle class spectrum, do you mean it doesnt bother you to look at how much is taken out of your paycheck each pay period and then look at able bodied people with excuses as to why they dont work or dont have jobs? How does that make you feel Gutbomb? How does it make you feel that millions of people BUT NOT ALL have gamed the system so you can pay for them?

Maybe you can also explain the math that will allow us to successfully go down this path as a country.

posted by: gutbomb86 | April 21, 2014  2:36pm


How does it make me feel that you think millions of people are “gaming” the system so that they can continue to live in poverty… bored. It’s boring reading the same poorly conceived nonsense over and over, the same Hate TV & Hate-AM Radio induced rants regarding the safety net and the assumptions you make about the people who need it. Boring. You focus on pennies and the borderline homeless when you’re being robbed blind by the greediest people who live the most opulent lifestyles imaginable.

There has always been a safety net, always will be. Get used to it and stop trying to play the victim. Two of your gubernatorial GOP candidates owe back taxes but you think the poor are ripping you off? Hello??

How can we continue? Just as we have been from well before you were born through today and beyond. Spending is a moving target and always will be. This will all be here long after we’re gone, regardless of your anti-government rantings and thinly veiled support for groups of domestic terrorists who refuse to pay their grazing fees like everyone else.

posted by: joemanc | April 21, 2014  2:49pm

The Government fought the War on Poverty, but Poverty Won.
Funny how you think Republicans wrote the book on corporate welfare…I seem to recall both Obama and McCain leaving the presidential campaign trail to vote on that massive corporate and financial bailout. I’d also point out that Democrats in Congress are right up there on Net Worth as the Republicans. I don’t see your point of defending Democrats when they are very similar to Republicans.
Remember the rule of holes - when your in a hole, stop digging.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 21, 2014  2:50pm

LOL Gutbomb. Welcome to Fantasy island. I am your host Mr. Rourke and this is my little friend GutBomb.

Ok let’s play a number game. Again, I’m not thrilled with how some of the rich got so rich, as I think ethics is lacking.

Now in my little number game let’s say “screw the rich.” We’re going to take every single cent they have. We’ll show them!! They’ll have nothing and will start all over.

If we did that we would get about 500 billion dollars. That’s it. One time we get that because again we just took every red cent they have. Probably lost a million jobs or more as well in this process and we cant get that 500 Billion again next year because its gone.

Now tell me again how this math works? That 500 Billion is the number if we took every cent from the top 1000 Americans starting with Gates and Buffet.

You’re also back to that grazing fee lie. Would you like me to send you the cached page that was taken off the BLM web site before they realized their little government terrorist act wasn’t going as planned. It had nothing to do with grazing fees, or tortoises, but had to do with this ranch being in a solar power green energy zone. Sounds like those evil Green Energy Republicans again huh?

posted by: Stan Muzyk | April 21, 2014  3:05pm

@gutbomb86: You stated that “two of the Republican candidates for governor owe back taxes.” Please elaborate on your verified IRS sourced findings.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 21, 2014  3:53pm

Stan, he is right. Its property taxes and its alot of moeny.

posted by: gutbomb86 | April 21, 2014  4:06pm


@stan - your constant habit of throwing out unsubstantiated, mono-themed criticism on this site aside, here’s the link.

Both candidates are favorites of the gun rights crowd.

@joe - those are nonsense numbers, joe. If you close out their tax loopholes and move their money back on shore here, we’d all be a lot better off. But thanks for trying out some voodoo economics on me.

Also, I already shared a lengthy, detailed news analysis from The Southwest Journal regarding the Cliven Bundy nonsense. HERE IT IS AGAIN. You should have read it before continuing to blunder on the Nevada tax cheat - a long history of ignoring court orders and grazing fees is in evidence. Don’t try to weasel out of the truth. He’s just another traitor and outlaw who doesn’t want the federal gov’t to exist, and who apparently is so disconnected from reality that he thinks the federal gov’t turned the moon red - he said so on Fox. Totally dysfunctional.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 21, 2014  4:53pm

Gutbomb those are the numbers. The total net worth of all these 1000 people is about 500 billion dollars.

As for your choice of media I opened your link and started reading. I then came across some flat out misinformation or mistakes by the writer and I figured I would go down to the comments section because that’s where you get some juicy information.

Now stay with me on this one sir. The web site is the Southwest Journal. One would think that in the Southwest you’re going to get alot of supporters of Mr. Bundy to sign on and say ” hey Mr Southwest Journal, y’all are wrong.”

Funny thing is I didnt see that. I saw all pro government comments and how Mr. Bundy is a thief, a criminal, he’s wrong, all these people supporting him are loons.

Really Gutbomb. Do you really think that in the southwest or a news source that is credible that focuses on the Southwest of the US of A, in this environment is going to write a detailed story and not have Southwestern Americans and what you would call right wing loons not challenging this guy?

Pick another source. This person either wipes out comments he doesnt like or its a news source for left wing loons and the right doesnt even bother showing up which I do find hard to believe. Even on this site we have difference of opinion yet for such a polarizing issue I didnt see that.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | April 21, 2014  7:51pm

Buffoonery! says the Doctor.

Until education becomes the priority none of this band aid budgetry BS amounts to anything. Numbers add up to nothing.

I swear, there’s not a clue to be found anywhere in the Capitol or in these comments.


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