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Sandy Hook Commission Will Renew Call for Controversial Gun Ban In Final Report

by | Jan 16, 2015 1:53pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Civil Liberties, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Newtown

Hugh McQuaid photo Preventing access to certain guns will be a central recommendation of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission when it completes its report next month after more than two years of work.

The panel of education, mental health, law enforcement, and safety experts was created by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and has been meeting periodically since shortly after the Dec. 14, 2012, murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The group is drafting a comprehensive report on the shooting and recommendations to curb future tragedies.

At a Friday meeting in the Legislative Office Building, members of the group discussed re-approving an interim recommendation to ban the possession or sale of any gun capable of firing more than 10 times without having to reload.

There seemed to be consensus among the group that the recommendation should remain. Several members expressed a desire to make a strong statement on the issue of gun control.

“The relationship between the accessibility to this kind of weaponry and mass shootings is the single most important common denominator in mass shootings. We’ve spent two years looking at the mental health aspects of this. The relationship to mental health issues is minimal and pales to the relationship to these weapons,” Dr. Harold Schwartz, head psychiatrist at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living, said.

Schwartz suggested that the group should not limit its firearm recommendations to the state of Connecticut. He said the proposal should be considered by Congress and nearby states. Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, the panel’s chairman, said there was nothing in the commission’s gun control recommendations that limit them to Connecticut.

“It is possibly the statement of the commission,” Jackson said. He pointed to comments by Bernard Sullivan, a member of the commission and former Hartford police chief, and said the group’s conclusions on guns were driven by pragmatism rather than dogma.

“The lethality of the weapons used in the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School requires that the commission evaluate access to firearms and ammunition. The analysis of the commission was not rooted in dogma or a particular ingrained worldview, but rather rational analysis of what type of firearms are available to citizens and what that means to the security of communities,” Jackson said.

In 2013, the Sandy Hook Commission issued its interim report and included the controversial ban on high-capacity magazines and guns that can shoot them. Jackson said the recommendations in the final report will supersede any recommendations made in previous reports.

Malloy formed the panel after the murder of 20 children and six adults at the Newtown school. The group released an interim report in 2013, just before the legislature passed its own bill and enacted sweeping new firearm regulations, which included a prospective expansion of the state’s assault weapons ban and limitations on ammunition magazines.

The commission’s ban differs from the law approved by the legislature. The 2013 law allowed residents who legally owned prohibited weapons before the law was passed to keep the guns so long as they registered them with the state. The commission’s proposal does not include such a “grandfather” provision.

Jackson told reporters his commission is hoping to have its final report submitted to Malloy before Valentine’s Day in an effort to give lawmakers time to act on its recommendations during this legislative session.

“I think everyone is on board that we’ve got to finish. We have to finish before the legislature gets too far down their road,” he said.

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(18) Archived Comments

posted by: Bluecoat | January 16, 2015  3:24pm

Time to Call your legislature NOW!
This is BS and Unconstitutional.

posted by: Bluecoat | January 16, 2015  3:35pm

Was there any recommendation in this report to keep violent criminals in jail for their entire sentence, instead of the revolving door policy that is in place today?
Can we have a mental health evaluation on the politicians and unelected policy wonks that still think this is a great idea?????think

posted by: Biff Winnetka | January 16, 2015  7:59pm

Ha!  This Kangaroo Kommission believes they have the authority to make recommendations beyond the borders of their corrupt and insolvent joke of a state.  Good luck with that Kommisar. CT is so far down the rabbit hole it’s laughable.

I am @HypocriLib.

posted by: cnj-david | January 16, 2015  9:39pm

That would ban every single semi-automatic firearm that I own.  Each one of which was purchased legally.  And would do NOTHING to address criminal use of firearms.

posted by: dano860 | January 17, 2015  12:30am

The panel of education, mental health, law enforcement, and safety experts was created by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy….
I’m sorry, did I miss firearms expert or business owner?
What a waste….let’s not address the real problem, forget anyone with any knowledge of the firearms industry. Let’s just chase them all out of the State and then continue to wonder why the revenues (taxes) are falling.
Big time waste of time and money here.

posted by: cnj-david | January 17, 2015  7:25am

“The relationship between the accessibility to this kind of weaponry and mass shootings is the single most important common denominator in mass shootings. We’ve spent two years looking at the mental health aspects of this. The relationship to mental health issues is minimal and pales to the relationship to these weapons,” Dr. Harold Schwartz, head psychiatrist at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living, said.

This is such utter and total crap.  Sane people do not murder their mother, steal her firearms and go slaughter innocent children and teachers.

More legislation will simply impose unconstitutional meaningless penalties against the law-abiding while being ignored by criminals and the insane.

posted by: whatsprogressiveaboutprogressives? | January 17, 2015  11:06am

Post Sandy Hook in CT has been nothing but a gun grab by the radical left. They will continue to immerse the general population with new illegal laws on all fronts,not just the gun issue, that they know will need financial funding to have a court overturn it.
With respect to the states new illegally passed assault weapons law, I find it interesting that all legal gun owners in CT have been profiled as possible Adam Lanzas,Columbine clowns,VA tech shooter and such. Yet to profile all middle eastern males at Bradley airport tsa between the ages of say 18 and 50 would be a violation of their civil rights. I understand the need to balance public safety with peoples basic rights, but balancing it and taking it away are two different things.

posted by: Biff Winnetka | January 17, 2015  5:51pm

Three words…DO NOT COMPLY.
Non compliance is the gun grabbing politicians and law enforcement’s biggest fear.  Cuz then the ball is in their court and the only path to enforcement is state sponsored violence.  And THAT gets politicians un-elected…as well as a host of “other” unpleasant consequences.

posted by: OutBackJack312 | January 17, 2015  11:32pm


As a school teacher and firearms owner this makes me sick to my stomach.  I was good soldier and fell in line last time the gun laws were passed.  I purchased a legal firearms after the new laws were passed, one is semi-automatic, but I can only get 10 round magazines for it.  When the state comes to take it will I be compensated for my firearm?  How is this legal?  Why do policy makers in Hartford continue to listen to people who just don’t know what they are talking about?

I emailed Senator Joe Crisco and Rep. Gentile I am sure it will make a hug difference. 

Enough is enough, stop treating me like a criminal.  Hitler took firearms out of the hands of citizens and last time I read a history book, that didn’t turn out so well.

posted by: Pete | January 18, 2015  7:00pm

By law the will have to adequately compensate gun owners for all the guns and magazines that they ban. We’re talking market value.

This will be the biggest stumbling block to this legislation

posted by: sofaman | January 19, 2015  9:43am

Every other modern nation on earth has banned these weapons, and has the hugely lower murder rates to show for it. Lots of head in the sand gun zealots here. Anyone who has done their homework on this issue knows this is the way forward.

posted by: Biff Winnetka | January 19, 2015  11:32am

CT citizens will most likely rollover and comply with the current and future anti-constitutional gun laws on the books in CT…at least until SCOTUS smacks the state down and rules the laws unconstitutional.  That day is coming, regrettably slowly.
But there are a bunch of states where its citizens absolutely will not comply if the CT model goes national.  CT is a small, relatively insignificant,  state on the national level and the big dog states just view CT as a yappy little lap dog that is best ignored.  Thankfully, when SCOTUS eventually rules on the 2nd Amendment issue, CT policy makers can go back to concentrating on how best to address the state’s insolvency.

posted by: Biff Winnetka | January 19, 2015  11:49am

Really?  The Mayor of Hamden (Where?), CT is going to dictate national gun policy? What a joke.  Scott Jackson can’t even get the pot holes on Mill Rock Road repaired.  And he thinks he has the authority to tell Bubba in llano, TX, Lenore, ID, or Lake Mary, FL what guns he can or can’t possess?  Those who view themselves as policy “Elitists” in the small and insignificant state of CT are going to see just how far in the national minority their silly little state is and just how powerful the 10th amendment is.

posted by: GBear423 | January 19, 2015  1:16pm


Some should stop ignoring their English Grammar homework before they pick on other delinquents.

Contrary to some world citizens’ ill-informed concepts, America is not a nation of sheep.  We were founded on principles that the People rule this country, not a benevolent and separate government.  We have Freedoms and Liberties not enjoyed by those other places without 2A Rights. So comparing us is ridiculous.  This Sandy Hook group of people was a Governor’s PR stunt that takes itself too seriously. A collection of citizens that have an opinion based on partial facts and their own life experiences.  No better than any other segment of the Connecticut populace. They are not the elected representatives.  The representatives have the authority here, so indeed call and write and visit them. If you care about liberty then get on the phone or computer and look these people up and talk to them.

posted by: justsayin | January 19, 2015  1:38pm

This is gun control folks using this tragedy, again, to further their agenda. No real news just bias, sad.

posted by: whatsprogressiveaboutprogressives? | January 19, 2015  7:13pm

Sofaman, virtual bans in NYC and Chicago seem to work real well don’t they? I guess as long as you ignore the average of about 500 murders/year there, but don’t let the facts hit you in the backside on your way out the door. And oh yeah, you can legally carry firearms in these areas as long as your last might sound like Bloomberg,O’Donnell,and Feinstein. Who I might add, are three of the biggest anti-gun zealots going. So once again, do as I say, not as I do.

posted by: dano860 | January 19, 2015  9:52pm

In the words of the confuser-in-chief and his buddy Rhom”,never let a crisis go to waste.”
The tragedy of Newtown only perpetuates the opportunity for the unknowing to force the fear factor down the throats of the uninformed.
There are more firearms in this country than automobiles. To date automobiles are responsible for more deaths than firearms. That doesn’t take into account the maimed, dismembered or disfigured caused by automobiles. That number is very low on the firearm side of this comparison.
It’s to bad Rhom can’t make something out of all of the daily crisis events in Chicago.
In the mean time this P.R. stunt of Dannel’s is in over their heads and as GBear said they think of themselves as figures of authority.
They are quite short on expertise in many areas still.

posted by: Salmo | January 21, 2015  1:22pm

I totally agree with everyone on this blog (except sofa man). There is a gentleman by the name of Charles Krauthammer who recently wrote a book titled “Things That Matter”. In this book is a chapter about Newtown. I highly recommend that EVERYONE read it.

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