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Second Amendment Advocates Vow Revenge At the Ballot Box

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Christine Stuart photo They were unable to stop Connecticut’s General Assembly last year from passing sweeping gun control legislation, but gun rights advocates gathered Saturday at the state Capitol to let lawmakers know they will make their voices heard at the ballot box.

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A year and a day after Democratic Gov. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed legislation that banned the future purchase of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League organized the rally to mark the day Malloy made “the Second Amendment a privilege and not a right.”

The rally, according to state Capitol police, attracted more than 3,000 from Connecticut and a handful of states, including Mississippi, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.

Scott Wilson, president of the CCDL, told the crowd that Malloy referred to “us all as the fringe of the fringe.” He said the governor told gun owners that they lost and should just get over it.

“I don’t know about you, but I am only not over it, I am madder than hell,” Wilson said to cheers from the crowd. “Gun control was the fig leaf that concealed their disastrous failures.”

He said they exploited the tragedy at Sandy Hook where a gunman took the lives of 20 children and six educators to push through their gun control agenda. This year there is no new legislation pending in Connecticut related to guns.

“Certain legislators are hiding from their vote last year and are probably grateful no talk of gun control has come up so far. Some of them are not just hiding, some of them are thumbing their noses at us while hiding in plain sight as they run for higher office,” Wilson said referring to Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, two Republican gubernatorial candidates.

Christine Stuart photo Bill Stevens of Newtown said he was heartbroken when he heard what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but “it wasn’t the AR-15 that killed 26 innocent people in my town. It was a mentally ill shooter who pulled the trigger and this law does nothing to address that.”

He went on to challenge McKinney to come over to his home and see how many bullets he has in his magazine.

“The German Shepherds will give you a nice warm welcome. Instead of chewing on deer bones, they can chew on a RINO,” Stevens said to cheers.

Stevens said he’s heard the argument from some Republicans that they need a moderate candidate to unseat Malloy and fix the economy. “Why trade our liberal enemy Dannel Malloy for an oath breaking RINO as governor? Someone who will vote our rights away but promises to fix the economy and lower our taxes.”

He said if the Republican Party expects us to “give up our unalienable right endowed by our Creator for lower taxes? I’m sorry but our rights are not for sale.”

He said it would be an added bonuses if they lowered taxes and improved the economy, but he’s voting for a Second Amendment candidate above every other issue.

Wilson said there are some in the political arena and the media who doubt the group’s ability to impact the 2014 election.

“Do not let these people define who we are or what we will do,” Wilson said. “If we are going to win we will have to do more than just voting. I am asking Second Amendment supporters to get out of their comfort zone and contribute a few dollars to a good candidate or two. That will not be enough. I am asking for people to volunteer on campaigns. That will not be enough.”

He asked the crowd to reach out to the Second Amendment candidates in their district to help get them elected. He said CCDL will endorse candidates who are members after the conventions next month.

Christine Stuart photo Anna Kopperud, the NRA’s liaison to Connecticut, said the General Assembly passed a law “that transforms your God-given right into a government regulated privilege.”

But she said the scariest part of the new law is that Malloy “can force you to go down to your local city precinct with your guns, and force you to turn them in.”

She said she promises the NRA is going to continue to fight back by supporting candidates who support the Second Amendment or opposing those who don’t. She said they would also continue to fight them in court.

The NRA has helped the CCDL with its lawsuit against the state challenging the constitutionality of the 2013 law. However, the law was upheld by a federal court judge in January and the group has appealed the decision to the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Kopperud said she believes two important battles already have been won. Sen. President Donald Williams, whom she called “the godfather of gun bans” despite his vote against the assault weapons ban during his first-term, is not seeking re-election.

“And that’s because of you. And House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, one of the water boys for the gun banners, has been chased out of the governor’s race and is no longer running for re-election because of you,” Kopperud said to a cheering crowd. “They’re just the first two. We’re going to come after all of them with good old-fashion bare knuckle campaign brawling.”

Those who attended the rally included Republican gubernatorial candidates Tom Foley, Martha Dean, and Joe Visconti. None of them were allowed to speak at the event, but Foley and Dean have addressed the CCDL at their monthly meetings in Middletown.

For those who were unable to attend, the CCDL offered a livestream of the event, which tracked 4,012 views over the course of the afternoon.

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(46) Archived Comments

posted by: Chien DeBerger | April 5, 2014  4:42pm

Thanks for covering this Christine! Semper Fi! & a CCDL member.

posted by: LongJohn47 | April 5, 2014  6:13pm

The gun nuts are a serious problem for the GOP.  But what’s most disturbing is that Foley stood by while the Newtown guy savors the thought of his dogs literally attacking John McKinney. 

We already knew that Foley is an empty suit.  What we learned today is that he’s willing to pander to those who believe political power comes from having guns.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 5, 2014  6:48pm

This my friends on the right and left…THIS is reporting. Factual, photos, and more than a paragraph so people that weren’t there could get an accurate picture of what occurred.

posted by: dano860 | April 5, 2014  7:44pm

This rally wasn’t very well advertised. I called a few guys from the club and they knew nothing about it either. Chances are the livestream would have had a few more watching if it had been better advertised. Some of us would have made the trip too.
Mr. Stevens is correct when it comes to the RINO tag, that crew has no business seeking higher office.

posted by: middleoftheroad | April 5, 2014  7:44pm

The right to bear arms is a god-given right?  The Governor is right.  People who think that owning guns is a god-given right are the fringe.  Those who do not like the law that passed might want to think of having more rational spokespeople if they think they have any chance of changing the minds of those of us who are not living on the fringe.

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | April 6, 2014  8:23am

As a Democrat, I’m hoping all these people vote for Martha Dean during the Republican Primary.

posted by: shinningstars122 | April 6, 2014  8:24am


Clap…clap…clap. Welcome to the new NRA mentored shill group the CCDL.
If you had chosen to visit their FB page over a year ago you would have thought they would have stormed the statehouse by now or been battling the black ops at one of their ” secret” training compounds in eastern CT.

Well that is no longer the case, well at least publicly.

I guess a governor’s race will do that to ya?

As you see the proliferation of their eye catching bumper stickers on work fans, SUV’s, and pick up trucks you have to wonder if these folks really about liberty and freedom or just their warped version of it?

Have residents of CT have we heard of any CCDL member, or any lawful gun owner, in our state preventing a home invasion or a cat jacking recently?


What we do continue to hear about is the more than 13,000 people murdered by gun violence and over 51,000 injured from gun fire in our country since Sandy Hook.

That is more than has occurred to US service members world wide in the same time period.

Gun control is an issue of reason, not the evisceration of liberty or freedom.

Our society is addicted to violence and if you choose to own a firearm(s) there is nothing unreasonable about needing to pass a background check or registering your gun(s) like anyone with a car already does.

The residents of Connecticut have always been ahead of the curve of positive social change and honestly we will not be intimidated by the likes, or the special interest money, of this group.

Tom Foley made a huge political miscalculation attending this rally.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 6, 2014  9:45am

The right to bear arms is a God given right. How could you not understand that?

In our case in the way the world has developed technologically, those arms are guns. Let’s say guns were never developed. Then the arms would be swords, or maybe spears, or bows and arrows.

You have a God given right to protect yourself and your family from evil.

In two thousand years, those arms may be lasers or something that incapacitates your foe that hasn’t been designed yet, but you not only have a God given right to protect yourself and those you love but you have a God given responsibility.

posted by: bob8/57 | April 6, 2014  10:31am


Bill Stevens threats against legislators should generate a strong response from the state police. The man needs to be evaluated.

Paranoia, obsession, anger and delusional thinking are the hallmarks of mental illness.

posted by: littlemike | April 6, 2014  10:35am

“gun nuts”???? PFFT! You, sir, are the nut here! “... pander to those who believe political power comes from having guns.” Well, how about you go ask the victims of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Idi Amin, etc. how much power they believe comes from having NO guns!

posted by: littlemike | April 6, 2014  11:06am

Excuse me, “middleoftheroad,” you must obviously think the Founding Fathers were also “the fringe.” They wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” What part of that do you disagree with?

Those who believe in the Deity consider our rights to be divinely conferred. The atheists and agnostics among us attribute it to natural law. The Constitution is not what created our rights—it merely wrote them down.

posted by: Commuter | April 6, 2014  12:18pm

Talk about one-issue, myopic kool-aid dinking. Neither Cafero nor Williams is departing because of this bunch of out-of-towners and local cranks.

The sad part, of course, is that these people actually believe they are defending the constitution and what-not. Pathetic.

And what a gift to Boughton and McKinney Foley has given! That picture of him (apparently drunk in the middle of the afternoon) with “Two-Gun” Visconti is absolutely priceless, as is him standing up there with the other certifiables, applauding as Martha Dean waves to the not-currently-institutionalized rubes below.

Fringe of the fringe? Malloy is being kind.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | April 6, 2014  12:40pm

It seems to me that no one understands the issue - neither side, really. To me the issue is how far do we allow those we elect to dictate how we live. The reason the 2nd amendment is at issue is because it is just the latest intrusion, albeit a big one. What about the government telling dive bars down by the docks that the ship workers can no longer have a butt with their bud, you kidding me? What about I can’t talk on the phone while driving, but you can put on makeup while speeding past me. What about you can sit on the beach and do shots of tequila but I can’t take a toke or 2 while drinking a smoothie?

Simply: politicians are acting now like never before. With arrogance and an increased sense of power. As long as we let them, they will chip away at our freedoms. Part of the liberal left is so left they are right.

Sadly no one seems to really get it.

However, arrogance picked on the wrong crowd this time - most everyone in the middle of the spectrum - gun owners.

I really think it’s bye bye to a larger percentage of politicians that supported the feel good do-nothing legislation.

I know I can’t vote for anyone arrogant enough to chip away at my constitutional rights.


posted by: DirtyJobsGUy | April 6, 2014  1:44pm

What people are asking for is a respect for both written law and process at a minimum.  The difference is not that they are “gun nuts” (great argumentative skills on the left seem to be lacking), but that the black letter law and constitution are to be ignored if the political advantages for the left are great enough.  if you want to change things don’t skulk around and hide it, do it in the open.  After all we enacted and then repealed alcohol prohibition in the full light of day.  Why is this such an issue for the left?  Afraid that what they really want is not supported by public opinion?

posted by: lazyace | April 6, 2014  3:47pm

Well LongJohn47, You have just identified the whole reason that the CT GOP can’t win an election.  Republicans like YOU that try to insult and diminish those who SHOULD be their strongest supporters ARE the problem.  The worst part is that YOU can’t understand 3rd grade math.  Foley only lost the last election by 6400 votes.  NO Republican can win in this state while angering 500,000 gun owners.  ANY small percentage of those voters that choose not to support the Republican candidate is a GUARANTEED WIN for Malloy. Republican like YOU can’t see that instead of dividing the party, you should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with ALL conservatives.  You never hear a Democrat saying that someone is TOO liberal for THEIR party.  You want to see the problem with the CT GOP???  Look in the mirror!

posted by: Paine | April 6, 2014  4:48pm

It seems a Civics class is in order.
Thank for showing us all you’re depth of knowledge.

posted by: Paine | April 6, 2014  4:52pm

I had the chance to speak with Mr. Foley, I would suggest you do the same.
Of note at the Rally McKinney and Boughton don’t stand a chance, their Statist views precede them.

posted by: Greg | April 6, 2014  5:42pm

Middle of road guy:

Please educate us on the documented benefit to public safety for banning each of the following:
-bayonet lug
- adjustable stock
- flash hider
- pistol grip
- detachable grenade launcher (which no civilian owns)
- magazine capacity of 11 rounds

Please help us wing nuts understand since nobody has been able to explain how banning each of these items individually has any benefit to public safety at all. We will wait patiently for your response since you seem to be a reasonable, rational person.

posted by: LongJohn47 | April 6, 2014  10:44pm

Do I see a Tom Foley/Martha Dean ticket in the offing?  Malloy couldn’t ask for a greater gift.

posted by: LongJohn47 | April 7, 2014  7:22am

littlemike—you’re aware, I assume, that the man who wrote those words also owned slaves?  Doesn’t that make a mockery of “created equal” and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?

posted by: GBear423 | April 7, 2014  7:26am


shinningstars122 wrote:
“Have residents of CT have we heard of any CCDL member, or any lawful gun owner, in our state preventing a home invasion or a cat jacking recently?”

Umm, how do you hear of a prevented Home Invasion?  The Home invaders target sheep, not a house with NRA stickers on the cars. Apparently criminals employ some common sense that seems to elude you.

posted by: GBear423 | April 7, 2014  8:03am


Longjohn47, trashing Thomas Jefferson now? Feel the Declaration of Independence was poorly written?
From wikipedia:
“throughout his life Jefferson maintained that the institution of slavery was harmful to both slave and master in his writings and discourse”
Jeffrerson lived in an era where slavery had been a reality before, during, and after his life. It is disingenuous to apply our modern sensitivities to colonial age, and while owning/buying/selling other men & women, the man had attempted to ban Slavery while in Office, something politically dangerous, considering the issue only caused about 620,000 American lives.

posted by: sofaman | April 7, 2014  8:55am

DHST’s examples shows the kind of “me before everyone” mentality that characterizes the gun debate. Smoking in a bar? So, yeah, people should accept your cancer-causing smoke so you can be “free”. People should accept the risk of an accident so you can be free to talk on the phone while driving?  We’ve heard these ridiculous claims of “freedom” be applied to business ownners who need to be free to deny service to customers who happen to be different from them. Or to employers who turn away applicants who are different from them. The twisted definition of “Freedom” is the victim of this debate. The issue of safety drives much of this public debate, and the numbers are in, sadly revealing the USA as (by a huge margin) the deadliest modern western nation on the planet. Mothers wish to be “Free” to see their children return home from school in one piece too.

posted by: Wiley Coyote | April 7, 2014  9:43am

DR.HST:  I think you have made several very good points and have given me a lot to think about.  Too bad others skipped right over them because they do address both sides. There is a real issue with the regulation of our citizenship!

posted by: littlemike | April 7, 2014  10:01am

Ad hominem arguments against Thomas Jefferson??? My, my, my, these libtard trolls are more desperate than ever, bless their hearts!

posted by: littlemike | April 7, 2014  10:37am

Sofaman is truly desperate, trying (and lying) to equate our movement with segregation and Jim Crow racism. That’s pretty despicable, given that the first Jim Crow laws were gun control laws aimed at making black freedmen defenseless against the Klan. (By the way, MLK Jr. was a gun collector, who was denied a pistol carry permit by racist authorities.) When all else fails, cry “racist” at your opponents. That’s the tell-tale that your argument has fallen apart at the seams.

As for “the numbers are in, sadly revealing the USA as (by a huge margin) the deadliest modern western nation on the planet,” that is utterly false and ridiculous; your made-up “numbers” fly in the face of the facts: that the U.K. (where guns were all confiscated) is the violence capital of Europe and is much more violent than the USA or even South Africa, and Australia (where guns were confiscated) has seen violent crime skyrocketing, and the Aussies want their guns back (so sorry!).
And if you factor out the gun-prohibition utopias of Chicago, Wash. D.C., New Orleans, and L.A., the United States ranks about #252.

Where citizens are allowed to lawfully arm themselves are the safest places to be—in fact, on Saturday the capitol lawn was the safest place in Connecticut!

posted by: LongJohn47 | April 7, 2014  11:03am

Gbear—nice try, but when Jefferson died, in 1826, fifty years after he wrote those words, his estate sold 130 slaves that he still owned to pay off his debts.

BTW, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, and CT’s own Roger Sherman didn’t own slaves, so slave-holding was not universal among the Founding Fathers.

Finally, just to be clear, are you suggesting that the Civil War was a bad idea because so many people were killed?  Should Lincoln have allowed the South to secede and maintain slavery?

posted by: LongJohn47 | April 7, 2014  11:05am

littlemike—thanks for the thoughtful response to my point.  BTW, what is a “libtard”?

posted by: iRAN | April 7, 2014  11:11am

Outlawing guns leaves only the outlaws with guns.  CT libs will never understand this because they are too simple minded and dogmatic.  I’m for criminal control, not gun control. If liberal lawyers, judges and legislators would stop being soft on criminals and tough on law abiding citizens, we could cut down on gun violence and all forms of violence.  But don’t hold your breath.  This is, after all, Connecticut.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 7, 2014  11:23am

I think HST made some good points.

I was just driving to my office and caught 30 minutes of todays Vicevich show. I wish everyone right and left could have heard it.

He talked about a show on the History Channel last night which should scare the pants off of all of us, having to do with government oversight and knowledge of all of our lives. Far worse than I ever thought and now with the help of the corporations like Comcast, we can kiss freedom and privacy goodbye.

Didnt someone recently mention on this board about how we shouldnt worry about gun rights as corporations and government are arm in arm doing things to hurt this country? I may be thinking of another board, but that person is right, but in the end our ability to fight back when all else fails will be at the end of a gun.

Vicevich also had a caller whose 20 year old daughter was stopped recently by a town police officer. I’m not going to mention the town because this could be every CT town.

The officer said she was speeding and asked her if she had a gun in the car. She said “no.” he asked her again. She said “no.” Then she asked him why he was asking and was told that it came up that the owner of the car was a gun owner. The owner of the car has a CT gun permit and was her dad. He was not a criminal.

Her dad went to the town police and asked about it. The officer he spoke to, including the officer who stopped his daughter were very professional. The officer in HQ said that he didnt know how this information got into the system but he could see that 4 months ago this information found its way into the registration information for that motor vehicle.

Did any of you know that was happening? Why is it happening? Why would a law abiding gun owner with a permit get asked this when its the non-permit holders that are the ones more likely to pull out a gun on an officer.

Those of you mostly on the left who I argue with here need to understand something before it’s too late. I think some of you do but we’re all in this together.

Edward Snowden has tons more information on what our government is doing. They arent doing this because of Muslim terrorists, trust me.

You may think some of us are gun nuts, but I personally think that with what is really happening with all kinds of issues that just strip away our rights under the guise of keeping us safer is setting us up for something bad. You can call me crazy, but this is not the America I grew up in, and in ten years, we won’t even recognize it.

I have said before that my job that pays my mortgage is heavily related to data and analytics. There is a fine line between the concept of knowing your customer and manipulating your customer. In the case of the government and now certain corporations it could be enslaving your customer.

posted by: dano860 | April 7, 2014  12:48pm

As I see it this rally was or should have been a stand against the method of eroding our Constitutional rights, 2nd Amendment rights included. The Ct. Legislature conducted a sham, under the guise of a yet unknown emergency, middle of the night piece of legislation. They didn’t take the required amount of time to really think out all of the future ramifications of their actions.
This lousy legislation allowed them to reimplement a former piece that had expired regarding black firearms.
This legislation didn’t follow our Ct. Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the United States.
If they are allowed to continue to conduct themselves as they have there is no limit to their next over stepping of our rights.
We need clear thinking people under that dome. People that react and care about the long term results of their actions.
Take a minute and look at Ray Hackett’s editorial in the Norwich Bulletin on Sunday 4-6-2014. The sway may just be starting.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | April 7, 2014  1:59pm


Interesting to me that while political apathy is largely responsible for where we are on many issues, it seems that the legislature has finally poked the bear on this one. I attended a hunter’s safety course in Plainfield this weekend.  The course filled up in a matter of days (as they all have been). The instructor is in his 12th year teaching and this was the largest class he’d ever taught.  This law has really galvanized support for 2nd Am issues and seems to be converting those who were historically apathetic, into people who have decided to exercise their rights before they wake up and find that they’ve lost what’s left of them.  Oh, and btw, surprise, surprise, this law has also had an interesting and unintended consequence!  By requiring a permit to purchase a long gun or ammo, most people are deciding to forgo the lesser long gun permit and opt instead for the catch-all concealed carry permit.  So you’ve created an incentive for a whole group of people to get their carry permit who probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. And, as many have decided, as long as you’ve got the permit now, you may as well use it.

posted by: GBear423 | April 7, 2014  2:19pm


Bhirsh you bring up a great point.  Initially i took issue with how that was written, seems like 2A supporters are all sour grapes.  the legislative hijacking of this issue is one of the reasons that this has gotten so heated.

posted by: Greg | April 7, 2014  2:20pm

Again, someone—anyone—who supports this law explain how banning these items is a matter of public safety:
- bayonet lug
- adjustable stock
- flash hider
- pistol grip
- detachable grenade launcher (which no civilian owns)
- magazine capacity of 11 rounds

Scream and holler about “public safety!” and “for the children!” and whatever other blathering emotional ourbusts exist, but NOBODY has been able to go line by line and explain how any of the above items detract from public safety and need to be banned.

Hint- there is no shred of documented evidence any of said items individually or as a combination have any greater lethality than not. 

Let’s hear it…

posted by: dano860 | April 7, 2014  2:59pm

Matt W, just to clarify, the Ct. “Carry Permit” is NOT a “CONCEALED Carry Permit”.
It is an open carry permit but the police will advise you to cover it up. With more women than ever obtaining them, for the reasons you noted, the market has developed some very nice purses for the firearm.
In the end we need to stop the erosion of our rights as we have come to know them.

posted by: LongJohn47 | April 7, 2014  3:36pm

littlemike—do you have any facts to back up your claim that “U.K…is much more violent than the U.S.”?

Let’s look at “intentional homicide” numbers:
note North America at 3.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, while Western Europe is at 1.0. and Australasia also at 1.0.  Unsurprisingly, in those places where there are no effective control over guns the homicide rates are astounding.

UNODC murder rates most recent year
Subregion   Rate   Count   Region

  Eastern Africa   21.9   69,344   Africa
  Middle Africa   20.8   25,330   Africa
  Northern Africa   5.9   12,276   Africa
  Southern Africa   30.5   17,484   Africa
  Western Africa   15.4   44,671   Africa
  Caribbean   16.9   7,001   Americas
  Central America   28.5   44,997   Americas
  Northern America   3.9   13,558   Americas
  South America   20.0   79,039   Americas
  Central Asia   6.1   3,667   Asia
  Eastern Asia   1.3   19,828   Asia
  South-Eastern Asia   6.0   34,787   Asia
  Southern Asia   3.8   63,102   Asia
  Western Asia   2.6   5,736   Asia
  Eastern Europe   6.1   18,497   Europe
  Northern Europe   1.5   1,432   Europe
  Southern Europe   1.4   1,669   Europe
  Western Europe   1.0   1,852   Europe
  Australasia   1.0   268   Oceania
  Melanesia   11.1   898   Oceania
  Micronesia   2.5   10   Oceania
  Polynesia   0.1   3   Oceania

posted by: shinningstars122 | April 7, 2014  5:43pm


@joebigjoe makes an excellent point in his last post.
The lines have become too gray between privacy and civil liberties.

Local and state police collect thousands upon thousands of license plates every day and store and utilize that data, so its not surprising that father got a big surprise.

Where is the tea party rage about that?
Nada because that “protects” us from the ” terrorists.”

You think this would be the fight that would galvanize all people but honestly from the majority of the posts that will not happen because the gun obsession issue is just one issue it is not the MAIN issue.

If some ones says ” God giving” in this thread one more time I highly suggest you read up on the separation of church and state guaranteed by the Constitution and that ...GASP was written by men who were Free Masons :P

It clear that violence in our society is a major problem…and please don’t start regurgitating NRA talking points.

There are over 130 million legal firearms in this country and we have the worst crime statistics of any industrial nation.

So if you do the math more guns are not the answer.
The problem in the CT is the guns that are bought legally down south and come here.

That has to stop then criminals will not have easy access to them on the streets.

Please don’t say build more prisons either that is whole other racket.

@Joebigjoe do yourself a favor and try getting a different perspective other than the whinner Vicevich.
The guy is pathetic and redundant in his thinking.

posted by: littlemike | April 7, 2014  10:47pm

The U.K., where self-defense is a crime:




posted by: DrHunterSThompson | April 7, 2014  11:28pm

so, the most important thing i have learned here is that i should move to Polynesia - for yet another good reason!


posted by: Joebigjoe | April 8, 2014  9:01am

I love how anti 2nd amendment people try to portray us as loons.

In todays news there is a story of a 13 year old boy in New Jersey who was suspended and is being told to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he can return to school because a classmate said that he was…get this….are you ready?...twirling his pencil in his fingers like a gun.

If you think with crazy adults in the world like this that would make a decision like they did here is going to ever have us back off on our position you are so mistaken. These are the same types of people that were sheeple for the worst government mass murderers in history. Don’t forget, this school system is the government. No one there had the common sense to say “OMG its a pencil and he was twirling it! What are we thinking?” I am sure someone there thought it, but can’t have the thought police in the school system ruin me.

You want to know who else thought that something wasnt right and did nothing? Nazi’s in the government who did it to protect their job and families, and alot of the German people. It all starts somewhere.

When you people speak out loudly against that kind of insanity and the insanity of that little boy getting suspended three weekls ago for pointing his finger like a gun then we can talk, but until then your silence really is pretty disgusting and frightening.

posted by: GBear423 | April 8, 2014  9:56am


The UK… wasn’t a British Soldier hacked to death by a machete wielding citizen? 

Good thing they do not have guns there!

posted by: littlemike | April 8, 2014  12:26pm

“The UK… wasn’t a British Soldier hacked to death by a machete wielding citizen?

Good thing they do not have guns there!”

Correction, he was hacked to death by a machete-wielding terrorist!

posted by: Falino | April 9, 2014  12:09am

Judging from the anti gun rally supporters comments here, ignorance of the gun issue, and the Constitution is widespread.
This is not a nitch issue only for gun owners, it’s a civil rights issue for all Americans. The government is running on emotion from the Sandy Hook shooting to get an inroad into the 2nd Amendment with “reasonable registration”. There’s no such thing with a Constitutional right, and it will open up the other Amendments to the same thing through legal precedent.
As historically savvy gun owners, we know that registration always leads to confiscation of first one type of gun, then another until all’s lost -guns and rights.
If you think crime will drop, you’re a good low information voter. Google what the crime rates did since guns were banned in England and Australia almost twenty years ago, as you won’t find the results in the liberal advocacy media known as news media in this country. The news is a sham. And so are the ruling elites who are salivating at the chance to begin to disarm the working class. The elites are banking on enough low information voters, drunk on sports and entertainment and ignorant of the Constitution who believe their leaders when told that their best interests are being cared for.
After all,it’s all about “public safety”, right?
There’s an old saying that goes: “If you don’t know your rights, then you don’t have any.”
Please, learn your rights.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 9, 2014  10:33am

Falino, excellent comment.

Some people like to say that gun rights people are conspiracy theorists. I say that this is partially true and that is what makes us more knowledgable and willing to fight harder for our rights, since we dont live on Fantasy Island with Mr. Rourke.

Other people say we dont know our history and try to put down any reference to Hitler and other mass murderers, but their the ones that dont do the research. That would be fine if they also said that we are different or superior to the Russian or German people so things that happened with them could never happen here, but they don’t. They like to say that we should be more like them and adopt their government run healthcare systems and other things they do.

They also forget that this country has brought and allowed in alot more people than ever before that come from places where the government is king, and are naturally much more hesitant to challenge government. Sure many of them like the freedom they have here, but there is still a part of them that come with the concept in their minds that government will take care of all, and you’d better watch your step. That’s not good.

Finally here is a good exercise for someone. Go back and research who 15 years ago said that we dont have to fear the government taking away our privacy and becoming more like Orwells 1984. People no doubt were saying that in response to the conspiracy theorists and forward looking people.

I would bet anything that people that said that and got that so wrong, are some of the same people that are today trying to reduce gun rights and calling us whackos. See… the left would say that’s conspiracy theory nuts and gun rights people would ask why other people cant see the common thread/agenda that runs through their false predictions from not too long ago with what they want now.

posted by: Joebigjoe | April 9, 2014  2:10pm

The 2nd amendment should be referred to as the “you just never know amendment.”

Question…how many Germans that died before 1930 would have believed that there would be a holocaust in the near future?

Very very few I’m sure.

These types of things happened in our century where 170 million people where killed by their own governments which is far greater than the number of killed in wars between countries. Why did this not happen in the 1700’s, 1800’s? Because of the rise of centralized government where the executive branch took over control from the legislatures and grabbed too much power, and governed through secret police, watching everyones activities, and fear.


posted by: Joebigjoe | April 10, 2014  10:53am

Now Eric Holder wants gun owners to wear bracelets.

The only bracelets I see being worn will be by him and other complicit anti-Americans in this administration and they’ll be the kind that go behind your back.

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