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Taxpayers Will Pay 20K for Malloy’s Trip To China

by | Aug 2, 2012 4:46pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Taxes, State Capitol

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced Thursday that he will be traveling to China in September to participate in the World Economic Summit in Tianjin.

It’s the summer version of the summit he attended in Davos, Switzerland in January. But unlike last time when the Uconn Foundation picked up his travel costs, taxpayers will be footing the $20,000 travel bill for both Malloy and Economic and Community Development Director Catherine Smith to attend.

Like last time though, Malloy did receive an invitation, so he won’t have to pay the hefty $10,000 admission price to rub elbows with global entrepreneurs and officials from 90 countries.

Malloy made the announcement Thursday afternoon while meeting with a delegation from Guangdong Province. The group of more than 50 officials were completing a leadership conference run by the Yale School of Management at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection offices in Hartford.

In a meeting with a small group of dignitaries Malloy talked about the size of their Province and how with 104 million people it’s about 29 times the size of Connecticut.

“I’m convinced China is only beginning to recognize its economic power in the world,” Malloy told them. “No doubt your province will be at the forefront.”

Speaking through a translator, Li Yiwei, secretary for the CPC Foshan municipal committee, said there are many entrepreneurs in his city who would love to come to the United States and share their innovations, but are shy.

He asked Malloy if he would come talk to them while he’s in China and convince them not to be so afraid.

Malloy is trying to schedule a trip to the Guangdong Province during his trip to the World Economic Summit which will be held in Tianjin. Tianjin borders Hebei Province. Malloy also plans to make a visit to Jinan in the Shandong Province and Beijing. He will be traveling with Smith, who was his companion in Davos in January.

“I want to use this opportunity to do two things: convince Chinese companies that Connecticut is a great place to establish a presence in the United States, and let the Chinese know that Connecticut-based companies are ready and willing to do business with them too,” Malloy said.

The governor will travel to China Sept. 8-16.

The summit according to its website will “highlight the role that new and fast-emerging multinational companies play in enabling and driving sustainability in a global business landscape that has been fundamentally changed by the economic crisis.”

This will be Malloy’s second trip to China. As mayor of Stamford, Malloy traveled there in 2002.

It will be the first time a Connecticut governor has traveled to China since former Gov. Lowell P. Weicker.

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(20) Archived Comments

posted by: Sadie | August 2, 2012  4:56pm

Threaten the state workers to give back, but spend our money on an unnecessary trip!  What a joke, this state is.

posted by: UConnHoop | August 2, 2012  4:58pm

The 20 grand will be worth every penny if he stays there.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS | August 2, 2012  5:07pm

Wow.Were are all of the union haters who talk about there tax dollars when it comes to union workers contracts.I can hear you!!!!

posted by: Tessa Marquis | August 2, 2012  5:27pm

That is *not* an expensive trip. The coach class flight to Shanghai is usually about $1500 per person. Additional travel inside the country is of course extra. About $1000 per person for hotels would be the least imaginable cost. And that might put them in a pretty lousy hotel.

Frankly, I would prefer that they flew business or first class, stayed in a decent hotel, and made ethical, mutually beneficial connections on behalf of Connecticut.

But while there he should check on Ai WeiWei, just to be sure…

posted by: Major Shmuck | August 2, 2012  6:14pm

Major Shmuck

Money???? Who Needs Money.  CT has too much money…..Hey, Sending your sorry arse to China is the least CT TAXPAYERS can do for you and your wonderful job destroying CT….You are INCREDIBLE…Are you trying to go more places than Obama???????

posted by: ALD | August 2, 2012  8:11pm

“I want to use this opportunity to do two things: convince Chinese companies that Connecticut is a great place to establish a presence in the United States, and let the Chinese know that Connecticut-based companies are ready and willing to do business with them too,” Malloy said”.

Hint to our Governor: The Chinese already know that CT based companies are ready to do all sorts of business with them, and send our jobs their way. You can thank people like Chris Donovan, Chris Murphy, Chris Dodd, and TV Dick B for that.

As far as convincing the Chinese that CT is a great place to establish a presence in….. Don’t think the Chinese are as easy to fool as the typical CT voter.  Have a good trip.  Stay as long as possible. While you are there please see if you can learn anything. Just remember. You have two ears, two eyes, and only one mouth, use them accordingly.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 2, 2012  8:51pm

Taxpayers should pay China to keep Gov. Malloy in China—and the State of Connecticut WINS, BIG TIME!

posted by: Lawrence | August 2, 2012  9:04pm

I like the name Schmuck and the baby photo… perfect fit for the whiner mentality that is so very prevalent among CT’s complaining class of right-wing idiots.

posted by: Upset.Citizen | August 2, 2012  9:06pm



Correction: Under shared sacrifice this is costing the tax payers $15k and the state employees $15k from our concessions!  I’m sure they will come up with a way to spend the addition $10k!  (For the record state employees pay taxes too!) 

Does anyone else see this trip as an excuse for communists to share ideas? 

They do have a lot in common - take from anyone who worked for anything and give it to those who never worked for anything…  Control every part of our lives…  before you know it doctors wind up making as much as janitors and there is no incentive to do anything well!!

I wonder how the CT flag will look with its new red background?


posted by: Upset.Citizen | August 2, 2012  9:25pm



China already knows we exist!  Walmart, Target, Harbor Freight, Family Dollar Stores, etc…  They are eveywhere!

You should be telling Americans to go to any store out there, pick up an item and look at the ‘made in’ label… If it says anything other than USA put it down and keep looking until you find a comparable item that is! 
I actually do this!  It’s takes longer to get out of the store each passing day, but it is doable!  The more we all do this the easier it will become!


posted by: HandyManny | August 3, 2012  8:21am

I’m actually a little surprised as the responses so far.  I may not like a lot of what Danno has done in office, but is this really newsworthy?  For a trip to China, this is NOT that expensive.  Are we really saying that CT officials shouldn’t try to build relationships with potential foreign investors?  See the big picture.  There are plenty of real things to complain about him - this ain’t one of them

posted by: JAM | August 3, 2012  8:50am

Maybe Dan will follow Obama’s lead and borrow some money from them.  Then he can use that money to bribe some Chinese copmpanies to move here.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | August 3, 2012  11:14am

Malloy is in the business of politics for his own personal gain, so this trip - like all the others - is no different. We voted him in, so we just have to suck it up until the next election (perhaps - with some luck Obama will recruit him after the election for some job in the administration). But the republican party has got to find us a quality candidate - if they do, they win, the last election was razor thin with an empty suit candidate. So the electorate clearly never liked Malloy, there was just no choice.


posted by: Major Shmuck | August 3, 2012  2:52pm

Major Shmuck

Lawrence:  lol.  When you can’t use facts, you call people names and make fun of them.  Sad, so sad!!!!!! 

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 3, 2012  7:46pm

Gov. Malloy will not help his lowly job approval rating, by escaping to China—at taxpayer expense.  The state should run better without him, and he won’t be missed—in the least.  His poll numbers should increase as he won’t be making his sinking fiscal mistatkes.

posted by: borisvian | August 4, 2012  8:20am

JAM: FYI, G.W. Bush was paying for the war in Iraq with Chinese money, indebting the nation and putting us into the hands of China.

Did you not know that? Or are you just trying to spin the facts?

You always end up ignorant, if you only watch Fox news.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 6, 2012  9:42am

DrHunterSThompson:  Keep on dreaming, Hunter.  Pres. Obama will not be recruiting this bad Governor after the next election—as Obama won’t be around.  Current polls show Obama has a 44% job approval rating, and NO president, has ever won an election, with such a low job approval rating. I know you are of a conviction that Democrats never do anything wrong, but the voters polled are not finding Obama as being worrhy of their votes. Get prepared for a Mitt Romney presidency, Hunter. And we are stuck with a difficient Gov. Dannel Malloy, until his term expires—unless he takes a job in China?

posted by: CT Jim | August 6, 2012  11:08am

Gee Sally boy do you always cherry pick and fudge facts and figures?? Yes the CBS poll had Obamas approval at 44% but the wall Street Journal which by the way is hardly liberal had it at 50% and if you took all the numbers from the ten most recent polls its at an average of 48%. With the economy he was left with these numbers are really not bad. But some other news you just forgot to put up there is the Pew Reseach polling that shows both favorable and unfavorable for both Obama and your boy wonder Romney. It shows Obama with a 50% appove vs 45% disapprove and Romney at 37% approve 52% dissaprove. So tell me has any challenger with a dissaproval rating over 50% ever won??? The answer is simple NO. So get used to our commander in chief continuing on his trek to right the ship the GW Bush sunk. Just once Sal try using ALL the facts and not just your cherry picked ones. I can tell youv’e gotten you talking points from the Koch brothers school of right wing spin for sure.

posted by: Victoria1555 | August 7, 2012  7:42am

Glad to see more participation by the citizens of CT. Progressive/Democratic policies have bankrupted this state and as I see it, bankruptcy will be the only option. After all of this the bloated pensions will never be paid and CT will remain broke. I just feel sorry for my business-owner friends who might not be able to leave - I’m leaving but will be watching from afar.  Better check to see how the voting was rigged last time so that we can begin to vote these criminals out - if there should ever be any hope for this state. The best to my fellow citizens who get what is happening! God bless!  PS 46 of the 50 staes made it out of the abyss (NV CA IL & CT) did not):(

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 7, 2012  1:33pm

CtJimandVictoria1555 have different views.  While Jim ties to give us a partisan glowing review of Democratic prosperity, Victoria spells out facts that disprove “the donkey-lover!” She is right, Progressive/Democratic policies have bankrupted this state—following the example set by “The Great Imposter” Pres. Barack Obama, who is a $3 trillion-dollar deficit spending loser” and disinterested people like Jim” will continue to vote for “The Great Imposter” - who is burying this country—BIG TIME. Ct Jim calls this “Democratic prosperity” because he doesn’t know any better!

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