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What’s Your Tax Prescription?

by | Feb 23, 2011 11:25pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
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posted by: Brian Parker | February 24, 2011  11:25am

Brian Parker

Ha! Funny, perhaps another one but instead of a taxpayer make it a state union rep with one word bubble saying “You’re telling me I can’t take this orally, eh?”

posted by: StuckInCT | February 24, 2011  1:42pm

Perfect!  You should have your own page with the papers!

posted by: drowning | February 25, 2011  4:40pm

he could be giving the poor guy a pill three times as large, and have a mailbox calling the guy mr. taxpayer/state worker/uconn employee. we’re not only getting nailed with all the tax increases, but being asked for about $25,000 per person in union concessions, and we’ll surely also pay at uconn, whose budget is being cut by about $70 million over two years.

posted by: ... | February 26, 2011  12:56pm


Quite funny! But with all due respect drowning its not going to be a 25,000 dollar cut in pay to each state worker as you make it sound like. And is that number per state worker or per taxpayer, since all CT taxpayers fund essentially every aspect of the state workers career (supplies, facilities, energy, vehicles, pension, health care, etc)?

We all have a stake and will be impacted by the anticipated concessions from state workers, not just state workers and their unions.

posted by: CT cartoonist | February 27, 2011  6:47pm

To: “StuckInCT”, Thank you for kind words regarding my comic, But to have my own page in the papers would be up to the publishers & editors, not me. Besides, The internet is a much bigger and broader Media outlet, where as I don’t have to follow anyone Else’s rules.

To:“Drowning” & “Brian”, The name on the mailbox reads “Mr. Taxpayer” because the word Taxpayer covers EVERYONE in Connecticut. I did that intentionally so I didn’t single out any one group from EVERYONE else. How arrogant of you to think that your groups (State Union Rep, State Worker, UConn Employee) will suffer a far worse fate that EVERYONE else! If you Live, Work, Shop or Eat in Connecticut You WILL pay a higher tax regardless of how much you make, how much you save or how much you spend.

jonessAC12 said it perfectly: WE ALL have a stake and will be impacted by the anticipated concessions from state workers, not just state workers and their unions.

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