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With Jury Selection Scheduled for Monday, Ayala Pleads Guilty in Bridgeport

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Posted to: Election 2012, Election Policy, Law Enforcement, Local Politics, Bridgeport

Former state Rep. Christina Ayala will be prohibited from seeking office for two years under the terms of her guilty plea, entered Friday in Bridgeport Superior Court.

The guilty plea comes just a few days before jury selection was expected to begin on Monday.

Ayala, 31, was sentenced to one year in prison, but Judge Earl B. Richards III suspended the sentence, as long as Ayala promised not to run for public office for two years.

Ayala pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of providing a false statement to the State Elections Enforcement Commission. The 2013 investigation involved allegations that she had voted in districts where she did not reside.

During that investigation, according to court documents, Ayala fabricated evidence to show she lived at an address in a district even though she resided at an address outside the district.

Ayala served as a Democratic state representative from Bridgeport from 2012 until 2014 when she was defeated in a primary.

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(4) Archived Comments

posted by: CTHostage | September 25, 2015  4:15pm

How about “never runs again?”

Oh wait.. Democrat….

Never mind.


posted by: osemasterofdoom | September 25, 2015  4:28pm


But there’s no problem with voter fraud in Connecticut, right?

posted by: State_of_Connecticut_Ombudsman | September 28, 2015  6:13am

The political machines in Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury and Hartford are the breeding grounds for political corruption in the State of Connecticut.  The citizens of the State of Connecticut will never see another fair and honest election until the Federal Anti-corruption Squad investigates and routs out all these criminals!

posted by: art vandelay | September 29, 2015  12:08am

art vandelay

@ State of Connecticut Ombudsman,
I agree 100%.  To make matters worse Connecticut now issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens in the sanctuary cities you stated.  Poll checkers are hard pressed to tell the difference between a regular license and an illegals.  It’s so easy now for an illegal to walk into a polling station, obtain a ballot and vote.

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