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03.19.2019 Wall Street Upgrades Outlook On Connecticut Bonds »
03.19.2019 Public Safety Committee Forwards Gaming Bills to House, Senate »
03.19.2019 Panel Canceled, But Vaccine Discussion Continues at Capitol »
03.19.2019 Transportation Committee Readies Vote On Tolls »
03.19.2019 OP-ED | Why DO We Need Tolls, Anyway? »
03.18.2019 Environment Committee Rewrites Bear Hunt Bill »
03.18.2019 Terminally Ill Patient Testifies In Favor of Aid-In-Dying »
03.18.2019 OP-ED | Medicaid Buy-In Sounds Good But A Closer Look Finds Plenty of Risk, Little Potential »
03.18.2019 Hartford, New Haven Schools Slow To Respond To FOI Test »
03.18.2019 OP-ED | Damage Done By College Admissions Scandal Will Be Wide And Deep »
03.15.2019 Public Is Divided On Lamont’s Tax Proposal »
03.15.2019 Municipal Leaders Divided Over Giving Schools Taxing Authority »
03.15.2019 Minimum Wage, Captive Audience, Public Option Bills Pass Labor »
03.15.2019 Bridgeport Lawmaker Remembered As Quiet, Effective Leader »
03.15.2019 Lawmakers Propose Resolution Against Arming Teachers »
03.14.2019 Lawmakers Offer First Draft of Legal Cannabis Bills »
03.14.2019 OP-ED | Gov’t ‘Trade Secret’ Exemptions Are Just Secrecy for the Sake of Secrecy »
03.14.2019 Court Opens Door for Sandy Hook Parents to Sue Gun Maker »
03.14.2019 Tuition For State Universities Poised To Increase 5 Percent Next Year »
03.13.2019 Preserving Dignity Through Independence at Home »
03.13.2019 Actor Helps Lobby For Aid-In-Dying Legislation »
03.13.2019 Democratic House Leader Promises A Vote On Removing Religious Exemption To Vaccines »
03.13.2019 Seniors Call For Action on Rising Prescription Drug Costs »
03.12.2019 Law Enforcement Seeks To Curb Juvenile Car Thefts With Legislation »
03.12.2019 Bill That Reiterates Connecticut’s Religious Exemption to Vaccines Advances »
03.12.2019 Larson Holds Opening Hearing on Protecting Social Security »
03.12.2019 Connecticut’s Top Prosecutor Wants More Staff »
03.12.2019 Poll Finds That Tolls Are Still Unpopular »
03.12.2019 OP-ED | Selling The Public On Tolls Is a Tall Order »
03.11.2019 When Does A Gun Become A Gun? »
03.11.2019 Trump Seeks Major Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid in 2020 Budget »
03.11.2019 Anti-Gun Activist Leaves After Texting A Message About What She Would Do With A Gun »
03.11.2019 Advocates Call For Safe Gun Storage, Opponents Call For Education »
03.11.2019 OP-ED | A Grab Bag of Gripes: Normalized Lying, Social-Media Shenanigans & Politicized Pensions »
03.11.2019 As Measles Returns, Connecticut Offers Little Info About Immunization Rates »
03.08.2019 Despite New DOT Commissioner’s Concerns, Transportation Votes To Draft Authority Bill »
03.08.2019 House Democrats in Washington Approve Campaign and Election Reforms »
03.08.2019 Republican Leaders Ask Dems To Behave »
03.08.2019 Larson Seeks to Protect F-35 Fighters in FY20 Budget »
03.08.2019 Court Recording Monitors Fear Job Loss With Outsourcing in Bill »
03.08.2019 OP-ED | Lamont Budget Is A Step in the Right Direction for Retired Teachers »
03.07.2019 Democratic Majority Gives Advocates Hope For Path To $15 Minimum Wage »
03.07.2019 Dems Push For Public Option »
03.07.2019 What Should Remain Public Information In Criminal Investigations? »
03.06.2019 Connecticut Residents Don’t Agree On Tolls, But Want Better Roads »
03.06.2019 Winfield, Elliott Team Up To Back Bill Allowing Inmates to Vote »
03.06.2019 CCM: China’s Recycling Cutback Having An Impact On Connecticut Towns »
03.06.2019 Murphy: Affordable Care Act Will Be on 2020 Ballot »
03.05.2019 Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Work To Strengthen Mental Health Parity »
03.05.2019 Republicans Try to Capture Anti-Toll Narrative »
03.05.2019 Committee Urged to Raise the Age For Tobacco, Vaping Sales »
03.05.2019 OP-ED | Town-Based School Districts Are a Legacy of the Racist Past: It’s Time for Them to Go »
03.05.2019 Judicial Branch Cuts Threaten Security, Juvenile Justice Programs »
03.04.2019 Does Connecticut Need A Transportation Authority? »
03.04.2019 Committee Urged To Allow Farmers to Cultivate Hemp in Connecticut »
03.04.2019 OP-ED | On Alcohol, Stodgy Connecticut Should Let The Market Breathe Free »
03.04.2019 Officials Begin Discussing Future Of Tweed-New Haven Airport With Connecticut Airport Authority »
03.01.2019 Hundreds Turn Out for Regional School Hearing, Most In Opposition »
03.01.2019 Will This Be The Year For A Black Bear Hunt? »
03.01.2019 Regional School Hearing Draws Large Crowd »
03.01.2019 Bill Opening Up Health Insurance Market To Immigrants Advances »
02.28.2019 Lawmakers Debate Modernizing Connecticut’s Liquor Laws »
02.28.2019 Lamont Nominates Business Executive With Technology Background to DMV »
02.28.2019 Lawmakers Continue Work on Lowering Drug Prices »
02.28.2019 Lamont Asks The Business Community For Help Selling Connecticut »
02.28.2019 OP-ED | The Untold Good News About Connecticut Nursing Homes »
02.28.2019 Connecticut Advocate Backs ‘Green Energy’ Job Training Bill in Congress »
02.27.2019 Commissioner Admits Cutting Overtime With Trooper Shortage Will Be Difficult »
02.27.2019 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security »
02.27.2019 OP-ED | The Painful Reality Of Having Few Good Choices »
02.27.2019 House Democrats Flex Muscle on Border Wall, Guns »
02.26.2019 Republicans Pick Up Two, Democrats Hold Onto Three »
02.26.2019 Dozens Call for an End to Discrimination Against the Formerly Incarcerated »
02.26.2019 Lawmakers Focus on David Lehman’s Work At Goldman Sachs; Looney Hedges »
02.26.2019 DC Investigation Focus of Renewed Casino Debate »
02.26.2019 OP-ED | Two Proposed Bills Address Climate Change; Scientists Endorse One of Them »
02.26.2019 Tesla, Car Dealers Return For Fifth Round »
02.25.2019 Bill Banning Smoking, Vaping on State Beaches Advances »
02.25.2019 Connecticut Delegation Anticipates Vote on Universal Background Checks »
02.25.2019 Civil Liberty or Public Safety? Transportation Committee Hears Mandatory Helmet Bills »
02.25.2019 OP-ED | Close The J Law Loophole »
02.25.2019 Proponents Bet This Is The Year For Sports Wagering »
02.24.2019 Himes Wants Mueller Report Made Public »
02.22.2019 UConn Health Announces Data Breach »
02.22.2019 Lamont Brings Former DHP Staffer Back To Head Department »
02.22.2019 Lamont Nominates Deloitte Executive, Former Talk Show Host To Insurance Commissioner »
02.22.2019 Lamont Takes Steps To Address Opioid Epidemic »
02.22.2019 Recent Slowdown Concerns Trucking Industry After Stellar 2018 »
02.22.2019 Lamont Administration Seeks Resignations of Political Appointees »
02.21.2019 Public Option Discussion Moves Forward »
02.21.2019 Lamont Says Tolling All Vehicles Is The Best Solution »
02.21.2019 Lamont Offers No Tax Relief To Hospitals »
02.21.2019 Lamont Asks Labor for a ‘Connecticut Moment’ »
02.20.2019 Lamont Plan Calls For 53 Toll Gantries And ‘Graduated Reduction’ in the Gas Tax »
02.20.2019 Lamont Faces Opposition To New Taxes »
02.20.2019 Legalizing Marijuana Gets Mention In Lamont’s Budget Address »
02.20.2019 Lamont’s Budget Will Tax Services, Some Goods »
02.20.2019 Budget Proposal Includes Reduced Transportation Bonding, Toll Proposal »
02.19.2019 Labor Says It Won’t Entertain Lamont’s Request For Concessions »
02.19.2019 State Lawmakers Stay Focused on Opioid Epidemic »

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