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Connecticut Public Broadcasting Braces for Potential Budget Cuts

by | Apr 11, 2011 9:59am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: LocalOnlineNews.TV, Media Matters

Adam Chiara of LocalOnlineNews.TV talks to Connecticut Public Broadcasting about what the potential federal government spending cuts could mean to their organization.

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posted by: ... | April 11, 2011  10:48am


I definitely owe WNPR and CPTV some money when I get back. I can’t count how many Where We Live shows I’ve listened to off of iTunes. They do a great service and while they often promote the need for funding, I think this time it may be just a bit more serious.

posted by: erikblaz | April 11, 2011  3:03pm

I frequently listen to public broadcasting. They break about 4 times an hour now for commercials (I mean underwriting messages). In fact I stopped donating for this reason. I would not be possible to do a hard hitting story on GE, or Monsanto, or ADM, or any other companies that are advertising. They are packaging up and selling their audience just like any other commercial entity.

posted by: Noteworthy | April 11, 2011  3:12pm

Public Broadcasting in general has several public relations problems and if it loses federal funding, they have only themselves to blame including the local affiliate.

First is the political bias (left leaning) which is clear at the network level and at the local level. Second, is the rich compensation packages being paid to top executives. In Connecticut, well over a million dollars a year is lavished on the top- 5 or 6 people in the company - CEO Jerry Franklin is raking in $350K in salary alone before you look at the perks or the generous travel/vacation time he spends in South GA. Nancy Bauer is VP of Sales and is well into six figures as is the CFO and the SVP of Development Dean Orton is the second highest person paid making close to $200K or more. You have another six figure person who is supposed to be in charge of local programming at CPTV. Third, like many of his compadres around the country, Franklin also sits on the People’s Bank Board of Directors for which he is richly compensated at a rate of $20K per meeting, 26 meetings a year. He joined with fellow board members in engineering a public stock offering and in doing so, rewarded himself and other insiders with millions of dollars in free stock. WGBH in
Boston does some of the same things; Philadelphia, LA and so on. These guys own cattle ranches in Georgia (Franklin) and vinyards in CA.

So one is left to wonder about how seriously public broadcasting would be impacted if they lose federal funding, if access would really be impacted at all or whether they could make up the difference by trimming these rich pay packages and lifestyles to which top executives have become accustomed?

posted by: hawkeye | April 11, 2011  3:42pm

CPTV has done a marvelous job in providing Connecticut Womens’ Basketball coverage to Connecticut families to enjoy, in addition to an outstanding and diversified blend of programming pleasure for all.

They depend on individual monetary contributions, from their satisfied viewers, even more so, if they incur expected budget cuts.

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