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Exhibit 111: The Campaign’s Most Important Fundraising Deadline To Date; Braddock Pockets Some Cash

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Posted to: Smoke Shop Investigation, Evidence

APRIL 24, 2012: The $2,500 replacement check for the one that bounced arrives in an envelope accompanied by $100 in cash to cover the bounced check fee and also as an apology.

Trial testimony and evidence show that the bounced check fee was $10. Deputy Finance Director Sarah Waterfall asks Robert Braddock what to do with the extra $90, and he tells her not to worry about it and kept the money, which should have been reported as part of the donation.

The campaign finishes the April 1-April 24 fundraising period with $59,238.25 to bring their total contributions to date up to $1,001,017 (Exhibit 111), showing how urgently they needed the replacement check in order to break $1 million.

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