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LIVE STREAM | Malloy Staff Talks About Taxes

by | Feb 14, 2011 4:54pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Live Broadcast

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Budget Secretary Ben Barnes and Senior Communications Adviser Roy Occhiogrosso, talks about the $1.5 billion in tax increases proposed in the governor’s budget, which will be released Wednesday.

We’ll be checking back in with a story shortly. Meanwhile, please watch the first 20-minutes of the press conference.

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(11) Archived Comments

posted by: Disgruntled | February 14, 2011  8:56pm

Mr. Occhiogrosso sure seemed to want to get out of the line of fire.
Ben is used to being the fall-guy for Dan. He asks us to sacrifice but did Ben take a cut in pay to work in Hartford?
Dan always uses Ben to put out the news and divert attention for his plans from himeself. Nobody with a brain buys that act anymore.
Dan will get facetime with fifth graders but not the press.
Connecticut has no other option than to tax,tax,tax. Dan can talk job creation all he wants but look at his track record in Stamford. My guess is that there was a net job loss as corporations left. He had a few big names come to town but at what expense to the state with all the “breaks” that wee offered?!
Go ahead and go to one of Dan’s town hall meetings. He will have many,but I guarantee you that you will find more empty promises and spin than anything else.
Begin to think long term…four years is really just a drop in the bucket.
Dan is over his head.

posted by: ... | February 14, 2011  10:24pm


I have to agree with you disgruntled that I think with the Recent ‘plate-gate’ issue, Ochiogrosso has probably been advised to, or self-consciously avoid too much camera time. As for the rest, no comment.

posted by: Disgruntled | February 15, 2011  9:19am

“If we can make the investments in transportation and maintenance of our infrastructure, we can more than offset the increase in the gas tax by less time stuck in traffic,”

That is about as believable as balancing the budget with taxes on haircuts.
I recall when the Ex-Con Gov. Rowland instituted sales tax on newspapers…I bought in NY as a protest.
Ha! I have not paid for a haircut in twenty-five years or more so I do not have to engage in any defiant acts there,but this whole “share the pain” act is wearing thin already.
The Dan and Ben show was booted out of Stamford and now Connecticut gets to share the FF County pain!

posted by: ... | February 15, 2011  12:32pm


With all due respect, not seeking re-election in Stamford to run for Governor isn’t exactly ‘giving him the boot’, especially when the city he ran voted for him over Foley by roughly 5,500 (about 19,416 votes out of about 33,000 total). But I think the long term effect of his consolidations to state agencies thus far are actually going to reduce the size/scope of state govt.

posted by: hawkeye | February 15, 2011  1:36pm

JonesAC12:  Not only Stamford, but all large Connecticut cities voted for Malloy.  They expected that Dannel P. Malloy, would make the rich pay, “but instead is giving the tax-hammer business to the middle class that elected him!”

After all Malloy is a millionaire himself, but pleaded poverty, to use public funding, to win the election.

Connecticut middle-class voters made a mistake, in voting for a “fast-talking lawyer,” but the damage is done, as they can’t take their votes back!


posted by: ... | February 15, 2011  2:04pm


Do you have Dan Malloy’s net worth hawkeye? I’d actually be curious to know what it is, if he is in fact a millionaire.

Well when we all ignore a growing budget deficit and debt crisis as a state for nearly a decade, its expected when someone has to fix it there will be cries and yells. Thankfully we are getting it from the extremes of both parties, which may mean Malloy is serious and doing something right.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | February 15, 2011  2:44pm


@Joness, I agree with you more often than not but how does one reduce the size and scope of state gov’t without reducing the number of its employees? 

He could consolidate it to one super agency and it wouldn’t change a thing. He might achieve some economies of scale here and there but that doesn’t amount to shrinking government.

posted by: ... | February 15, 2011  3:50pm


Hi Matt. I appreciate the comment. Often during govt. consolidation, there are employees who essentially do the same job and employment review would occur, just as if there were a merger between two branches of a larger corporation to a singular office (you culturally reference it to The Office). And in this period of deficit eliminations, budgets are being reviewed at most agencies and will possibly be reduced to the point where the number of workers may either be reduced, or asked to do more for the same salary.

I don’t want to seriously speculate this or put it out here as fact, but we should not be surprised if by Malloys 2nd budget, he proposes other agency consolidations after serious review, as he has discussed the Republicans proposals regarding shrunken agencies. Most of the ones proposed now were ‘no-brainer’ mergers that should have been done years ago.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | February 15, 2011  4:36pm


I understand that and when I see the mergers result in a reduction in staff then I will agree that he has accomplished something.  Till then he’s all hat and no cattle.

posted by: hawkeye | February 15, 2011  5:07pm

JonessAC12: Why don’t you ask Gov. Donnel P. Malloy to disclose his net worth?
He has been politically incorrect, to dodge his personal financial information, but voters did not care, and elected him, anyway. Voters showed they don’t care to know, who they are voting for!

You only asked about his millionaire status, as an after-thought.  His residential property, by itself, is worth over a million dollars, for starters, Jonesseye.

posted by: ... | February 15, 2011  6:35pm


Well hawkeye if you’re going to call him a millionaire in a negative fashion, I would appreciate some proof from you since you made the claim. If you can’t then your claim is worth less than what you’ve written.

And once again, ‘putting words in my mouth’. I didn’t ask his net worth as any afterthought concern (I care more about policy/principles than petty class politics), but a response to your claim which you provided no basis for yet.

As for the choice to pick the public financing route, did you consider he wanted to run on his own merit and support of the public? Or would you have criticized him anyways if he self-funded most his campaign?

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