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Malloy Addresses Budget Crisis At Jobs Forum

by | Mar 4, 2011 11:13am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: LocalOnlineNews.TV

Adam Chiara of LocalOnlineNews.TV reports on Tuesday’s forum at the University of Hartford.

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(5) Archived Comments

posted by: hawkeye | March 6, 2011  12:26pm

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is not serious about solving our state problems, as he is too “buddy-buddy” with state unions, unlike Gov. Scott Walker, in Wisconsin. 

The end result, is more and higher taxation passed on to his constituents, as he won’t get his requested budget concessions, from the state unions, who got him elected as Governor.

Malloy bought the unions, to get elected as Governor, and still wants them, to reelect him, next time, so Connecticut taxpayers, WILL PAY THE PRICE!

“Connecticut taxpayers, truly elected a lifetime career politician, who wants to retain that designation, at the expense of Connecticut taxpayers!”

posted by: ... | March 7, 2011  12:57am


Hawkeye, can I borrow your crystal ball? You seem to make so many powerful statements based off of no facts whatsoever. So you must be using some sort of voodoo magic to get these predictions. Right?

I’m almost tired of responding to your posts, because about 80% of it is rehashed from all your previous comments, and nothing new.

So here is some ‘constructive criticism’: Take a bit of time to read the budget proposal. Explain where you would viably solve a 3.5 billion budget deficit within 2 years. And maybe loose the partisan jargon every now and then for some real policy-based criticism.

Just some advise for you, because I’m glad to see you are passionate about the issues, but I see no real effort aside baseless attacks.

posted by: Mansfield1 | March 7, 2011  11:21am

And by the way Hawk: Tell us EXACTLY wher the cuts should come from:  children, old folks, schools, our marvelous state roads and bridges, higher education, clean water, the State Police and corrections or the future.  Don’t bore us with the dead horses of “bureaucrats” or “State and municipal employees.”  Tells us exactly.

posted by: hawkeye | March 7, 2011  11:43am

JonesAC12:“It isn’t my job to solve a $3.5 billion dollar state budget deficit, but that responsibility belongs squarely on the shoulders of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.  Unfortunately, he will not solve it,“with his politically-correct marriage” with state labor unions, so he is in the process, of over-taxing all of us, including you!

You call it ‘a baseless attack,’ because you,as usual, won’t escape the grasp, “that partisan politics has on you, Jonessey.”

posted by: ... | March 7, 2011  7:50pm


whatever helps you feel better hawkeye :). You complain and whine, but offer no solutions. I never said it was your job. But why not actually try and put some detail into your work instead of quoting yourself and using slander?

I call it baseless because 2 billion in concessions from, albeit not finalized, is not a “politically correct marriage”.

I only suggest maybe it is you who is so politically biased against a single man or a single party that you cannot escape attacking this single man or single ideology, rather than one single policy or tax.

Instead it is all lumped together like the knee-jerk reaction of a retiree with enough time to make a difference but no ambition to actually do so.

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