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Tag: “Aetna”

No Easy Answers In CVS, Aetna Merger Debate »
Connecticut Regulators To Weigh CVS-Aetna Merger »
Hartford Healthcare Reaches Deal With Aetna, But Anthem Is Still Under Negotiation »
OP-ED | Can Connecticut Reinvent Itself? »
Connecticut Jumps 10 Spots In CNBC Business Rankings »
Aetna Announces Much Anticipated Move To The Big Apple »
FOI Commission Is Asked To Penalize Insurance Commissioner »
OP-ED | Aetna and the Place Everybody Leaves Behind »
State Lawmakers Say Aetna’s Pending Move Should Serve As Wake Up Call »
Aetna Acknowledges It’s Headquarter Shopping »
Is Aetna Considering Relocating? »
Insurance Regulators Deny Some Requests, But Approve Double-Digit Increases For Others »
Connecticut Joins Justice Department In Blocking Health Insurance Mergers »
OP-ED | Rate Review Hearings: A Public Look into Health Insurance Premiums »
OP-ED | For Katharine Wade, A Moment of Introspection Is In Order »
Blumenthal: Feds Should Deny Both ‘Mega-Mergers’ »
Insurance Companies Request Mostly Double-Digit Increases To Health Plans in 2017 »
Advocates Call On Insurance Commissioner To Reconsider Aetna-Humana Merger »
Lawmakers Press For Thorough Review Of Two Health Insurance Mergers »
Malloy Proposes Budget Changes To Address Concerns of Business Community »
OP-ED | Health Insurers ‘May Go The Way Of Blockbuster’ »
OP-ED | Consumers Getting ‘Skinned’ By Health Insurers »
OP-ED | Health Insurers Turning Into Who Knows What? »
OP-ED | Taking Insurance Companies Out Of Health Care »
OP-ED | Skyrocketing Salaries For Health Insurance CEOs »
OP-ED | Good Government Group Claims Aetna Isn’t Coming Clean About Its Election Spending »
Aetna Withdraws Plans To Participate In Connecticut’s Exchange »
Neighbors to DOT: You Can Do Better »
Medical Procedure Costs Driving Insurance Rates Higher »
The Numbers Are In, Medicaid Providers Make $18.8M In Profits In 2009 »

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