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Tag: “Andrew McDonald”

OP-ED | Sexual Assaulter Or Not, Kavanaugh Had An Andrew McDonald Problem »
Democrats Ask For Reconsideration of McDonald Vote »
Malloy Has 5 Days To Name Another Chief Justice »
Senate Rejects McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice »
Malloy: Senate Republican Vote Against McDonald Is ‘Partisan’ »
Senate Expected To Take Up McDonald Nomination Tuesday »
McDonald Confirmation to Chief Justice Squeaks Through House »
Independent-Minded Milford Senator To Retire »
Malloy Isn’t Considering Withdrawing McDonald’s Nomination »
OP-ED | Andrew McDonald and the Washington-ization of Connecticut Politics »
Debate Over Confirmation Continues, Lawmaker Recuses Herself »
Judiciary Committee Throws McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice Into Question »
Malloy Will Nominate McDonald To Chief Justice »
Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty Repeal For All, Including Those On Death Row »
Supreme Court Orders New Sentencing Hearing for Juvenile Offender, But Leaves Rest to Legislature »
OP-ED | Who Is Holding Education Reformers Accountable? »
General Assembly Confirms McDonald »
OP-ED | Confirm This Man - Don’t ‘McDonald’ Him »
Malloy Names New General Counsel »
McDonald Nomination Hearing Stays On Script »
Malloy Nominates Long-Time Friend To Supreme Court »
Judge Finds Former Governor Was Wrong To Fire Developer »
FOI ‘Rat’ To Be Amended »
Campaign Finance On Life Support »
90 Employees Under Investigation, 4 Fired, & 4 Retired »
Conflicting Laws Stifle Release of Names In D-SNAP Case »
Judge Says State Trooper Staffing Mandate Should Be Enforced »
Attorney Says State Violated Privacy Laws »
Malloy Forwards Names of 15 Workers To Agency Heads For Possible Termination »
Feds Say Food Stamp Program Worked, GOP Has Its Doubts »

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