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DC NEWS JUNKIE | Esty Issues Apology; Blumenthal Opposes VA Privatization »
Congress Gives Itself Another Week To Finish A Budget »
Blumenthal, Murphy Sound Alarm About Trump’s Appointment of Bannon »
Blumenthal Wins Second Term; Democrats Hold Connecticut Congressional Seats »
Blumenthal, Murphy Say Congress Is Ripe for Green Bank Legislation »
Blumenthal Calls For Airlines To Help Reduce Long Lines At Security Checkpoints »
Health Care Advocates Push For Greater Scrutiny Of Cigna-Anthem Merger Plan »
Lawmaker Uncertain About Challenging FAA On Drone Regulations »
As Syria Crisis Continues, Blumenthal Proposes Expanding and Improving Refugee Intake Process »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Co-Sponsors Bill to Strengthen Iran Oversight »
Blumenthal Decries ‘Cramming’ Scam; Urges Mobile Customers to Fight Back »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Tax Exemption for Large Political Donors Passes House »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Ban Shackles on Juveniles, Murphy Tells State Lawmakers »
Lawmakers to Consider Preventing Convicted Politicians from Running Again »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Will Congress Work Before November 2016? »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Decries GOP Budget, Talks Tactics »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Bill Seeks to Stem the Rising Tide of Detergent Pod Poisonings »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Bill Aims to Keep Guns From the Mentally Ill »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Senate to Debate Homeland Security Funding and Immigration »
Senators Use FBI Report To Encourage Retailers To Adopt Anti-Gun Policies »
Senator Calls For End To ‘Predatory’ Lending Practices »
Congress Passes Veteran Health Care Reforms »
Blumenthal Calls On Hobby Lobby To Abide By Connecticut’s Birth Control Laws »
Blumenthal to Lead Protest of Hobby Lobby »
Connecticut’s U.S. Senators Defend Opposition to ‘Sportsmen’s Bill’ »
Transportation Secretary Finds Support In Connecticut For Highway Trust Fund »
Senators Cite Increase in Accidents, Say Limit on Truckers’ Hours Should Stand »
Connecticut Lawmakers Ask Retailers To Ban Guns In Stores »
VA Audit Didn’t Raise Red Flags In Connecticut »
Blumenthal Wants Info About State’s VA Facilities »

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