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Tong Breathes New Life Into Captive Audience Bill »
Will Amazon’s Pay Hike Push Connecticut to $15 An Hour Minimum Wage? »
Business Lobby Focuses Economic Message With $600K Campaign »
Pay Equity Sails Through House »
Republicans, Democrats Divided On Malloy’s Definition of ‘Fairness’ »
Connecticut Loses Jobs In Three Out Of Last Four Months »
Budget Impasse Wears On Business Owners »
$25 Million And Counting »
OP-ED | On Equal Pay, If You Aren’t Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem »
Emotional, Politically Charged Conversation On Labor Rights »
Silver Lining in Connecticut’s Unemployment Numbers »
Diverse Stakeholders Offer Solutions »
Malloy Asks Labor To Continue To Help Solve Budget Deficit »
Board Recommends Increase In The Minimum Wage »
Independent Expenditure Groups Scored Big In Connecticut On Election Day »
Connecticut Faces Third Straight Month of Job Losses, Though Its Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall »
Senate President Files Election Complaint Against Business Lobby »
Survey Finds Businesses Are Taking A ‘Wait-And-See’ Attitude »
Business Lobby Endorses 102 Candidates »
July Job Gains Turn Into Job Losses »
Connecticut Employers Brace For New Overtime Rule »
State Reports Growth of 1,700 Jobs in July »
CBIA Targeting 15 Legislative Races With $400K »
OP-ED | Rhode Island Tweaks Connecticut Again »
Connecticut Drops 10 Spots In National Survey on Business Rankings »
Survey Finds Small Businesses Are Hiring »
Connecticut Posts First Job Loss In May »
Tax Attorneys Skeptical of Election Year Budget »
Survey Finds Business Is Holding Steady After First Quarter »
House Sends ‘Unpleasant’ Budget With Deep Spending Cuts To Malloy »

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