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National Popular Vote Proponents Say New Poll Shows Support »
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House Tables Debate On National Popular Vote »
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Presidential Election Results Renew Call For National Popular Vote »
East Haven Rep Survives Trump Wave, Holds Onto Seat Following Recount »
One Connecticut Researcher Who Surveyed Voters Is Not Surprised It’s Trump »
One Connecticut Researcher Who Surveyed Voters Is Not Surprised It’s Trump »
Voters Stream Into Polls With Wide Range of Feelings; Some Want ‘Revolution’ and Others Temperament »
Clinton, Trump Supporters Head To Battleground States »
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Record Number of Voters Register In Connecticut; Officials Say They Are Prepared »
Professor: Continued FBI Investigation Into Clinton Emails Unlikely To Impact Connecticut Vote »
Romano: Republicans Will Support Trump’s Position On Election If Questions Are Raised About Results »
Voter Registration Tops 2 Million in Connecticut »
Trump Pays Up For Police Overtime In Bridgeport »
Boughton Takes Steps Toward 2018 With PAC Support For Republicans »
Study: Based on Personality Type, 75% of American Voters Are Wired To Lean Conservative »
OP-ED | Trump-Clinton II Was a Disaster for Democracy »
Trump Foundation Not Being Investigated in Connecticut »
OP-ED | Can State GOP Parlay ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Into A Win For Trump? »
Poll Finds Clinton Won Debate, But Didn’t Receive Much of A Bump »
OP-ED | Is Hillary’s Fire Aimed at the Wrong Candidate? »
OP-ED | Debate Highlighted A Familiar Pattern »

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