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Government Shutdown Continues »
Federal Shutdown Continues With No End in Sight »
Jahana Hayes Sworn in to 116th Congress »
OP-ED | How Safe Are Connecticut’s U.S. House Seats? »
Senate Approves Murphy/Himes ‘Innovation Coin Act’ »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Fumes Over Juuling; Himes Not Ready to Impeach Trump »
DC NEWSJUNKIE | Blumenthal, Murphy Seek Relief For Crumbling Concrete »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Senate Immigration Proposals Flounder; Florida Shooting Draws Outrage »
OP-ED | Few Risks As Connecticut Delegation Attacks GOP Over Nunes Memo »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Himes Blasts GOP Over Intel Memo Release »
SOTU: Connecticut Lawmakers See Infrastructure as Unifying Issue »
Government Shutdown Ends For Now; CT Delegates Split On Vote »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Himes Troubled by Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Taunt »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | White House Cheers Passage of Tax Bill; Connecticut Delegation United in Opposition »
CPA Says Changes To U.S. Tax Code Are A Mixed Bag »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | GOP Readies Higher Ed Overhaul; Sandy Hook Remembered; Net Neutrality Repealed »
OP-ED | State’s Congressional Delegation Got It Right on #NetNeutrality »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | GOP Seeks Tax Cut Deal; Himes Presses for Trump Jr. Subpoena; Senators Split »
OP-ED | State Congressional Delegation Deserves High Marks for Trump Takedowns »
Himes Calls For More White House Press Briefings »
OP-ED | Most State Pols Despise Trump, But Not Pious Joe »
Hundreds of Connecticut Residents Rally Against Trump’s Executive Order »
Connecticut Politicians Won’t Be Boycotting Trump Inauguration »
Himes Wants Congress To Reclaim War Power »
Republican Challenger Struggles with Fundraising In Fairfield County »
Republican Asks Democratic Incumbent For A Campaign Loan »
OP-ED | Himes Is Right On Brexit, But Can Connecticut Capitalize On It? »
Connecticut Delegation Joins Sit-In For Vote On Gun Legislation »
OP-ED | Gun Control: The ‘Silence’ Is Deafening »
OP-ED | After Orlando: Pain, Fear, and Resilience »

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