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Senate Forwards NDA Threshold Bill To House »
Senate Sends Bump Stock Ban To Malloy »
Senate Moves to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence, Sends Primary Aggressor Bill To House »
Judiciary Committee Forwards Sweeping Sexual Harassment Reforms To Senate »
Senate Rejects McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice »
Top Prosecutor, Police Chiefs Grilled About Opposition To Domestic Violence Bill »
Malloy Isn’t Considering Withdrawing McDonald’s Nomination »
Debate Over Confirmation Continues, Lawmaker Recuses Herself »
Judiciary Committee Throws McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice Into Question »
Senate Gives Thumbs Up To Tribal Casino Bill »
Drone Bill Flies Through Committee »
Advocates Try Again To Extend The Time Victims Have To Report Sexual Abuse »
Unscripted 2017 Legislative Session Begins Today in Connecticut »
Judiciary Committee Approves Two Key Juvenile Justice Reform Bills »
Republican Lawmaker Expresses Concern Over Raising The Age »
Correction Commissioner Makes Changes To Controversial Risk Reduction Program »
Lawmakers: Time Ran Out on Bill That Would Have Made Armed Drones Illegal »
Compromise to Balance Rights of Domestic Violence Victims and Gun Owners Stalls in Senate »
OP-ED | In 2015, Bad Ideas Are A Bipartisan Affair »
NRA Fails To Derail Judicial Nomination »
Senate Passes Modified ‘Knockout’ Game Bill »
Borden Makes Last-Minute Plea For Juvenile Offenders »
Senate Passes ‘Revenge Porn’ Bill, ACLU Cries Foul »
Family Court Reforms Headed To Governor’s Desk »
Advocates Mobilize Against Fracking Waste »
Drug Free Zone Bill Clears Judiciary Just Before Deadline »
Dueling FOI Bills Get Sent To Senate »
How Affordable is Connecticut’s Flagship University? »
Juvenile Sentencing Bill Gets Caught Up In Last-Minute Push »
Bill Closing Sexual Assault Loophole Moves Forward »

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