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Tag: “Legislation”

Murphy Seeks Protections for Students from Seclusion and Restraint »
Trick-or-Treat? »
Advocates Push For Primary Aggressor Law »
Senate Gives Final Passage To Three Bills Wednesday »
VoteTocracy Hopes to Bridge Gap Between Voters and Congress »
New England Governors Meet to Discuss Better Monitoring of Prescription Painkiller Trafficking »
Legislative Leaders Say Pace Is Typical »
Legislative Deadlines Fast Approaching »
Campus Sexual Assault Bill Gets a Public Hearing »
MMA Is Legal In Connecticut, But Now What? »
Obama to Visit Connecticut to Encourage Congress to Act Against Gun Violence »
Gun Legislation Moves Forward »
OP-ED | Plenty of Forgettable Bills in New Session »
Sportsmen’s Caucus Attracts Attention »
Lawmakers Propose A 50% Tax On Bullets »
Obama Hears CT Frustration »
Donovan Campaign Aide Indicted By Grand Jury; Idea Hatched At Waterbury Smoke Shop »
OP-ED | Sunday Sales: Cold Comfort During The Week »
OP-ED | So Much Legislation, So Little Time »
OP-ED | Reform Worth Waiting For »
High Hopes For Smooth Finish »
Bill Returning Local Control of Solid Waste Facilities Headed To Gov.‘s Desk »
Who Is The Boss Of The Watchdog Agencies? »
Jobs Bill Comes With $516M Price Tag »
$7M In Bonuses Out The Door, Fingerpointing Ensues »
OnTheHorn | Legislating Against Discrimination Based On Sexual Identity »
Judiciary Passes Paid Sick Days, Vote Count In Senate Still ‘Too Close’ »
Act Concerning Falconry Soars Through Committee »
SustiNet Clears First Hurdle »

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