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Tag: “Mark Lauretti”

Time’s Up For Candidates To Submit Signatures »
ANALYSIS | Uncharted Territory »
Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Pushes for 10 Debates »
Lauretti, Srinivasan Request Petitions to Continue Their Gubernatorial Campaigns »
Miller, Gray Clinch Republican Party’s Endorsement »
Some Candidates Are Still Working Toward Fundraising Threshold »
Republicans Itch To Get At Fiscal Mess, Divided On Nomination Process »
Lawmakers Defend Hartford Debt Service Payments »
Republicans Take Debate Stage With Gun Control In Headlines »
Republican Candidates Debate Before Debate »
Record Number of Gubernatorial Candidates On Track To Secure Financing »
Republicans Examine Electability In Second Gubernatorial Debate »
Few Transportation Solutions Offered At Transportation Forum »
Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off In First Debate »
Political Newcomers Have Deep Pockets »
Fasano Steps Aside; Srinivasan Reaches Fundraising Goal »
OP-ED | Fundraising Race Gives Us Our First Glimpse of 2018 Field »
Connecticut’s 2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Shake The Money Tree »
Let The 2018 Race For Governor Begin! »
Merrill: Lauretti Falls Short By 1,467 Signatures »
Boughton Suspends Campaign »
Team Boughton ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Lauretti Petition Drive »
OP-ED | Republicans Fight, to Malloy’s Delight »
$2 Per Signature »
Mayor Mark Teams Up With Mayor Mark »
Lauretti Drops Down To Lieutenant Governor Race »
Candidates Launch Petition Drives »
Gubernatorial Candidates Say No Tax Hikes Despite Deficit Projections »

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